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  1. If you look at the upcoming changes, the exploration update thats due sometime this summer is supposed to also alter the way uniques work. No idea if it will improve the situation though For what it's worth, I agree with Rhystan's point though.
  2. Also agree. It was put there as a temporary measure. Almost a year is enough. If you want to even out distribution, put one way portals from Cadence to Harmony on Cadence
  3. What Shydow said, sorry for the wording. However, this does not change the basic fact. Placed, but not secured trellises DO grow, the DO give the immature hops message, then go straight to picked clean. Nowhere does it give a warning that only secured trellises will give hops. But only secured do, placed is not enough. So, my point stands: either clarify that in game (not even the wiki knows) or change behaviour. Or set people up for frustration like happened to me. It should be obvious that causing people frustration because of misleading in game behaviour of objects is bad game design. Tristanc, thanks for the pointer, but the trelises are all way above 10 ql. Concerning the wiki entry: the wiki says "It must be planted/secured in order to actually begin growth and reach eventual harvestability." this is however, not true. Placing is enough for it to grow and reach mature / old / etc. stages. And also to gain "immature hops". It is true that you cannot harvest them. What's more, even securing them will not let you harvest them when in season when they weren't secured before the season started.
  4. Planted, but not secured hops trellises grow, give the "bears a couple of immature hops" message, but then, when harvest time comes around, go to "has been picked clean" immediately, effectively making them non harvestable. Secured seems to work fine. I would classify it as a bug since they grow and give the other fruit related messages when planted, but not secured. Either make them harvestable planted but not secured or change the message to say something like "will only work when secured". Since hops cannot be found in the wild and securing is kind of useless on single player deeds, this is a major disappointment.
  5. Does anyone still need it for their Mag prieset benediction? It is ready to cast and we could set something up. Update: has been cast now
  6. It's not that far for me, feel free to contact me in game when you've got time. I might not be on all that much the next few days, but just give it a shot a few times and you'll hopefully reach me. Name's the same as here on the forums
  7. It's going to be at least 20 days I'd assume, it's not at the halfway mark yet. Depending on the number of bad traits you need to get rid of, Fo priests can simply cast Genesis on your foals. That's easily doable for numbers like 10 to 20 (depending on the priest, available sac material, battery alts, etc.). Any more, and it may make sense to wait for Holy Crop.
  8. While you're at it, you would totally make my day if you added chickens to the grazer category. I mean, they don't "graze" per se, but they eat worms etc. from the ground.
  9. On top of that, we're missing out on the Halloween hunting...
  10. Simple, the injury is that there is no mobs to hunt and there haven't been for weeks. The insult is saying that it is OUR fault for not looking far enough when it's clear it is a bug that has been acknowledged by the devs. I'll of course grant that you only wanted to help and didn't mean it that way, but for many Harmony players, this situation is really severe and a huge let down. I've more or less quit playing till it is fixed e.g. That's why even well meaning comments are very likely to be received badly right now.
  11. Seriously? Please take a look at this: and also this: https://harmony.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/creatures.html And then please stop adding insult to injury. Thank you.
  12. As any one who works in communication will be happy to confirm, there is no such thing as "communication not happening". When you do not reply to a topic for weeks, it is also a form of communication, meaning it does send a message. Even posting something like "we are still working on it; bear with us". "we know this is hard for you, please be patient, we are very sorry" etc. does help. Of course the information content is low, but it does tell us as a playerbase that you do care about us. On the other hand, posting something only when there is new information is bad communication policy.
  13. What about creature spawns on Harmony? We are really desperate for at least news on the situation, but nobody tells us anything...
  14. WMADD LatLng(266.970614, 428.819824)=Vanguard ; Mailbox Wagoner Can get a teleport (message Faerian)
  15. If you look at the announcement forum, they'll have an update next Friday. It IS ridiculous.