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  1. Wanted a 70QL Whetstone with 70-ish CoC and Woa. Got one really fast. Great service.
  2. I noticed yesterday that your deed shows up proper now on the list. So all good!
  3. @chyshanthyJust an FYI. I came to check out your setup for the Wagoner. The waystone at the junction further up the road (the one that also points to Shiloh) says "Unknown", and not the name of your deed, which threw me off a bit. In fact, your deed is not listed in the network. I think there is a way to link it properly at the waystone (meaning, to make it point where you want it). This seems to be because of the Wangoner container waystone, which is the culprit for listing your deed as "Unknown". I hope this is something easy to fix, because I want my deed showing up when I place a Wagoner and the container.
  4. Holy moly, that's great. Thanks for your efforts!
  5. I followed this flat raising guide - Flatraising - Digging Guide - Game Guides - Wurm Online Forum. Rather than necro and old post that may or may not get responses, I wanted to ask some advice from the expert engineers I've seen of late. My situation: I am shifting over a highway so that it links up with the corner of my deed. The old highway is all dirt, and it took a lot of effort, but it's hideous because when I join it up with a perpendicular road it becomes wonky as joining two perpendicular 20 slope highways is bad. The "corner" on my deed that I want to make the new highway on is on a plateau and the highway (obviously) will be two-wide flat on that, eventually joining up with that other road which at that point is also flat. The slopes going down to where I want to build, however, are 180/170/170, respectively. I plan to make 3 sections of bridges, two 14x2 and one 11x2 in order to link up with the land portion of the highway further on down. In order to make this work, I snagged the idea to make "pillars". I plan these to be 2x2, which I can then use to join sections of the bridge. My problem: Because the land itself after the 180/170/170 slopes are also sloped, I'll have to make a pretty tall pillar to start the first section. Taking the middle starting slope of 170, and adding the next 13 slopes down, the total slope going down is 451. I've already started the 2x2 pillar, but I have two questions. Question 1: Would the following calculation of the pillar height be correct (again, using the middle 170 starting slope and continuing down). A 14 tile long bridge at max 20 slope = 280 total slope. 451-280=171. At the bottom portion of the first section, I calculate that my pillar has to be 171 slope high. Is this right? Question 2: A 171 slope tile is, well, high. I am concerned about getting up or down. Any thoughts on how I might do that? My first thought is to just put some BSB's with the amount of dirt I think I need (171 x 9 = 1,539; 9 being the amount of dirt necessary to flat raise a 2x2 area by 1 dirt; basically 2 BSB's full of dirt) and then just stay there until complete; then try to "climb" down. I'm just concerned I would die (not sure if at ~30 body I would have enough stamina). Another thought, and one which I think would defeat the purpose, is to just make a ramp up one side to traverse up as it goes higher. First, that's a lot of extra work. Second, it would almost bring the slope up to base of the 180/170/170 plateau I have (albeit in the opposite direction); the whole purpose of the project was me wanting eliminate this huge dirt road going up at 20 slope - plus I'd have to dig it out after I am done (more work). Hopefully I've made some sense of what I am after. I appreciate any help. Thanks for reading.
  6. Awesome. Read my comment on your other post re: Almus, et al.
  7. I'm going to bump this topic and hope we can all work together to get the highways around P16/P17 and surrounding map tiles linked toward HB. I am the deed owner of Spirit's Rest and Spirit's Haven (which is south of Spirit's Rest). I had some unsolicited help (forgot the player's name, began with an "R", Rahn or some such?) linking Spirit's Haven to Spirit's Rest. Caduryn helped to build the road Spirit's Haven and the road and links to Spirit's Rest from Templerhof Canal (which leads north to Templerhof proper); Taraniss owns Caledonia, which is between Spirit's Rest and Spirit's Haven, and he helped with some road work as well. Some notes: The road by Sprit's Haven leads all the way south to places like Shiloh (S17). Currently, at the foot of the hill leading up to Spirit's Rest from Spirit's Haven there is a road heading East to Ballarat (not currently a highway). I spoke with Krucia last night who is building that road. He is linking up to another road that leads toward another deed which heads toward Moenia (P19) - although the road to Moenia is not built. Closer up the hill to Spirit's Rest is a junction that leads to Templerhof Canal. The road that goes into Spirit's Rest is a highway that then turns east. My plan is to wrap this around my main area in the deed to keep going north. At this point I will be on the NE side of that mountain (Almus is roughly NW). Essentially, the plan is to wrap the mountain in highways for access from all around without the need of literally circumventing the mountain if you don't want to (the road from Templerhof Canal, near Balarat and coming from Spirit's Haven would eventually allow you to basically go through my deed to get to the other side). This NE road heading toward Almus and the former Yeet Station (now a new deed owned by Toxa; sorry, Toxa, I forgot the name) is not yet complete, and is something I'd like to get done in the coming weeks to help link up all around. Currently, I am planning to shift the road from Templerhof Canal to Spirit's Rest a few tiles over with planned bridges. This is what I am currently working on. So, if you are building around this are and want help, or need something else, please don't hesitate to ask. Same name in-game. My alt Sinoc is the mayor of Spirit's Haven. Balthazor is just a bum, and also my other alt. I'll update this later with some pictures, because I butchered my explanations with edits.
  8. Curios as to why you don't make mention of server events? On Harmony, for example, someone has hosted three boat races and one horse race (same person, just about once a week or so for the last month plus). Also on Harmony, there were two Rifts in the past few weeks and another one that already took place today, or is currently happening. I mention these types of things because sometimes you have to seek out socializing. The alternative, and something you didn't mention as well, was creating your own event and having people come to you for some socializing.
  9. Advertising is always going to be necessary despite the state of the game and what active players feel. It's the easiest way (if you have the budget) to increase revenue without having to devote a budget to bugfixing or developing new features, which would potentially lead to more revenue. The theory would be that increasing revenue by advertising would then allow for bugfixing/developing. Yes, it's just a theory.
  10. I wouldn't totally discount it as useless to aim at the MMORPG community. One could argue that each year the community gets new "members"; and especially in this last year of lockdowns, there are a lot more people playing games.
  11. sold

    What is this, and how do i get it?
  12. These are somewhat at odds, because keeping it within a set number of tiles is akin to penning the creature, albeit in a larger area (although I think 50x50 is really not large). I'd advocate letting it roam free, and maybe faster. This makes hunting it more prevalent. Think of Godzilla. You don't pen Godzilla. Godzilla goes wherever he pleases. It's up to people to hunt him down and stop him, if they can (to date, People: 0, Godzilla: 100+). Let the creatures roam, hard and fast. First, this would cause a scare. Second, people would have to chase it down, and likely you'll get a lot of scouts saying where it is. Of course, once engaged the creature "stops" to fight, but it can continue on it's rampage through the map if it is not killed.
  13. Awwh, sorry to hear that. But thanks for making the effort to get back. Get better!!!
  14. Is anyone out there updating this? Or are we stuck in limbo?
  15. Rewarding content creators for using the game to create content for others? You cannot be serious? Is this what you are literally suggesting - to reward content creators? I'm sorry, but this is a video game. And in real life content creators are "rewarded" with ad revenue, ad placement opportunities, or outright direct payment for "shilling" a product. You should not have to be rewarded as a content creator. The reward is in creating content that people participate in. Could I see developers consider giving out items to people who, say, won a race that was "created" by someone? Sure, but not as a given, a requirement, an absolute. It's at the developer's discretion simply because it is the developer's game. I cannot go into someone's house/business who invites me in (or even charges me and admission fee to enter), then create content and expect the owner to pay me for doing so. That is just...not right.