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  1. Sorry if I've missed this but I couldn't find the total number of citizens on the deed. If it's really not mentioned anywhere, add it The Citizen Management window is just bare bones experiment at best, right? Remove the "range of citizens" filtering, add sorting options (name, role, status, last online, maybe even the server name) and move the "1202" option to management settings. If you're worried about the number of citizens being too high, use pagination/limit number of results by number and such.
  2. Warning messages that you won't be able to mine out a tile should come with the first action, not some of the last ones.
  3. "Destroy door" action on a mine door has "Destroy wall" action linked to it on the repeat menu. Keybinds are not working either.
  4. Keep priest links alive through relogs, priest batteries are often afk for long periods of time and when you crash you lose all your links without any chance on getting them back anytime soon. Sorry if this was posted already.
  5. Let us mass transfer items from mass storage containers into non-mass storage containers like smelters, forges and such. Any tips on how to make this less painful atm are welcome, I'm doing drag, wait for pop up, enter. I've heard about shift dragging but that just adds 1 extra pop up for me and doesn't help at all. Sorry if this was posted already.
  6. Stand far away from a bridge/structure/animals with all render distances on "Extreme", switch "Tree Render Dist." to "Very Short", bridge goes away. Affects fences, animals, other structures, only fires remain.
  7. As someone who was stuck in a smelly cave with a bunch of sweaty man for the past 2 months I can't agree more. You either feel shacklede or crazy for running back and forth every 30 minutes. Deed wide sermons or higher yield ones with a longer cooldown would make more sense.
  8. Hello, I'd like to offer my leatherworking and masonry service. You can expect very fast CoD and good deals on anything that you might need. # Leatherworking # +---------------------------+------+----+-------+------+-------+-------+ | Qualities | 50 | 60 | 70 | 80 | 85 | 90 | +---------------------------+------+----+-------+------+-------+-------+ | Saddle | 1s | 2s | 4s | 6s | 8s | ask | +---------------------------+------+----+-------+------+-------+-------+ | Toolbelt | 0.5s | 1s | 2s | 3s | - | ask | +---------------------------+------+----+-------+------+-------+-------+ | Leather/Studded armor set | 2s | 3s | 5.5s | 8s | 10.5s | ask | +---------------------------+------+----+-------+------+-------+-------+ | Brown bear helm | 0.6s | 1s | 1.4s | 1.6s | 2.2s | ask | +---------------------------+------+----+-------+------+-------+-------+ | Almanac | 0.5s | 1s | 1.75s | 2.5s | - | ask | +---------------------------+------+----+-------+------+-------+-------+ Backpacks / Saddle bags / Quivers / Water skins - price: 0.10s per each item Almanac care package - contains everything you need to create 10 reports - price: 1s per package - contents: almanac, 10 x paper, pen, pottery bowl with 1 kg of dye all packed in a backpack Animal rugs - price 0.5s per each - Black Wolf, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Lion - images: # Masonry # +------------+----+----+----+ | Qualities | 40 | 50 | 60 | +------------+----+----+----+ | Smelter | 4s | 5s | 7s | +------------+----+----+----+ | Forge/Oven | 2s | 3s | 4s | +------------+----+----+----+ Pickup possible at Verdant Bay (N19) or Harmony Bay. 9/20/2020 16:16:00 Leatherworking increased by 0.0007 to 90.0006 You have just received the title 'Master Tanner'! In-game name: LillyIsAwesome
  9. I've got a few ideas/complaints Animal spawns are lacking (at least Harmony) I've seen the streams where people asked about it and Retro showed his spawn graph claiming everything is fine... it's not. It has never been. Maybe one of the reasons you actually attempted to fix it with one of the last patches, somehow. Still, there are huge forests, steppes, mountains devoid of any animals and anyone who's just starting of trying to up their fighting skill is struggling. Do penned animals count towards the numbers on that graph you've shown us on the streams? 'cause it sure feels like it. Way less horses, cows and bulls in the wild. - why is the spawning system based on the whole server, not per map grid? - why is there no hunting server with limited (or none) deeding options? - why are there hundreds of hunter mobs in the north? - where do newbies find horses when they start? - if you count animals on deeds towards the total animal count in regards to spawning, then, well... why? Boost the spawns, especially for neutral mobs.Prevent mob overcrowding (deserts with hundreds of mobs). Make them grid based, not server based. No point in having 50 horses stuck in the NW corner of the map while the whole area around HB is devoid of any animals. (disclaimer: I hunt a lot, sometimes going for 16+ hrs hunting sessions so I somewhat know where to go to get what I need but I still feel like the spawning system is not finished and could use a lot of work) My cart still goes invisible Why is that still a thing? Happens when going over mine doors or in general moving around cave entrances. Can't control tamed animals while in combat I cannot issue orders to my combat pet while I'm fighting something. Overall controlling tamed animals is not fun and combat pets are more of an annoyance rather than a thing. The lack of control when in combat in general is very frustrating. Footing and distance in autofight mode Is footing and distance a thing in autofight mode? If so, then why can't we see it? Multitarget combat Why can't we see that we're being attacked by multiple things? Trees in the view Why is the world designed in such a way that you have hard time seeing anything while hunting in the forests? I often get ambushed by champ trolls especially when I'm in a fruit forest. That shouldn't be a thing. Those things should be seen from miles away. It also makes navigation quite a pain as all the trees and grass use similar textures so it's just a generic forest. Transfering 1 item out of crates That shouldn't require confirmation. Doesn't make sense to fill out how many I want when it's just one. Map annotations being reset Personal annotations get reset, why? I'm not the only one who's experienced this. Only village annotations stayed on, personal ones got deleted. Map quality and ideas Why is the map so blurred and low def? Retro claimed it's not. It is. I'm looking at it Everything in the game is sharp and easily readable and then the map looks like something went wrong. click this, zoom in and you can count the pixels. Truth be told, I'd expect a cartography skill and no map to start with. Let players discover the map, let them draw things onto their maps and share them with others via copying. - high q map image + let players draw on it with pens and dyes Regular map updates Why are you making map dumps only once in a long time? Why not every day? A background process can be running the whole day to save processing power (if need be) and slowly render the map. Why are they not part of the game itself but players have to use sources outside of the game for navigation? Surface mining doesn't have the "level" option you get in caves I understand that the idea behind this is to limit the amount of terraforming. What I don't really understand is why? I feel like the 20-50 % chance to succeed a digging action is punishment enough. Butchering corpses gives the same skill as filleting I feel like butchering corpses should give way more skill than filleting to help hunters deal with the fail rates. I'm 72 FS but only 22 butchering as I don't feel like standing still surrounded by meat (not yet anyway). Doesn't make much sense. I do butcher all the corpses. Paths are unbalanced The different paths could use more love Knowledge seems to be a one trick pony - 25 % skill gain with the first 2 skills being almost useless. Insanity is a joke at best. The first skill get info in the path of knowledge should at least give us the exact age of the animal (useful for hell horses to determine when they're going to unhitch and leave you stranded). Deities are unbalanced I'm going to guess here but I'd say most of the Harmony server are Vyn and then far behind are Fo and after them are Mag and Lib followers/priests. Why? Maybe move the most used spells between them a little bit? Or better yet revies the buffs they give as they don't really seem balanced. Seals and other neutral monsters don't go after you when aggroed Can't pull seals out of the water, should work for all animals - aggro, move back and they follow you. Clubbing seals while swimming is not fun and doesn't justify hauling a boat when hunting. Some animal spawns make no sense Why are there bulls and cows in the desert? Why are there seals in the desert?! That's torture, right? Why can't we craft from the ground/crate/cart? What's the point of making bricks and such one by one and having to transfer the materials every single time? Why can't we just drop a whole bunch of mats on the ground, dive into them and emerge victorius with all the crafting done without having to move little bits of things back and forth? Why is cotton so rare? Foraging for random things hoping to get cotton is and always was painful. I understand that there's some sort of a boost to the chance of finding cotton when you're missing more than 15 % of your life but the odds of finding cotton always felt incredibly low compared to the consumption (until you get LT weapons). Why can't we forage directly for cotton? Why can't we forage directly for the things we're looking for? Would be nice to see those things on the tiles and then our foraging skill would be used to roll a chance for successful foraging action. Mobs get stuck on cave entrances And you can't fight them from the outside. Let us zoom away further Set max camera distance higher Let us hide the helmet It's already been said but to make sure... I've got more ideas but this already is a wall of text so I'm calling it here. The only reason I'm posting this is that the Steam launch might've brought some more incentive to get some updates done, at least I hope so and there are plenty of things that should've been updated long time ago but the time wasn't just right I assume. If I've offended anyone or my post came across rude or whatever... it's not meant to. It's just a list of things I came up with while travelling for hours to find a few spawns that I could across the map. And sorry for any typos and such
  10. I can easily outrun mobs during European peak time but I can't outrun them during European morning. Is that intentional? Last time I played Wurm I was always able to outrun mobs so that's why I'm posting this. I've been hunting for 12 hours stragith so I got really used to being able to outrun things and this got me killed. The mobs chasing me were able to hit me from far away every once in a while so after a 30 minute chase I couldn't outregen the hits. When I went to search for my body on a saddle horse with horse shoes I ended up dying the same way and I've noticed a hell hound hitting me from 4 tiles away. Why can mobs hit the player when they are so far away? Is this part of the lag fix? Some sort of an artificial speed boost to mobs? Why mobs follow the player indefinitely? Shouldn't they just give up after a while? E: not sure if it's relevant but I play on Harmony, and I've just tested, that 17 km/h is not enough to outrun a troll when the server doesn't lag and I'm getting hit and killed from 3 tiles away while I can easily outrun a troll when it lags and I'm only doing 10 km/h E2: doesn't seem to be related to lag, just tested with lower pop and I can outrun anything easily, bug?
  11. Nomad Haven is recruiting. We're located straight north of the Harmony Bay (just follow the road) and we welcome anyone who's interested in socializing, working on group or solo projects or just want to chill in a friendly environment. Are you new? No problem, we can teach you the ropes. Do you have premium? Good, but not a necessity. Contacts: LillyIsAwesome Niclis