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  1. This would bring a change to those cold wurming days of winter.
  2. Per a GM Response I am reporting a glitch at boat mine entrances, while leading Bison and Sheep (other creatures I am not sure about) when stepping on the first tile outside of the entrance they glitch and sink halfway into the ground visually and stop being led. When trying to lead them again while standing right next to them I receive the msg that they are too far away. Within minutes they will drown and die leaving a corpse in the same position where they were standing. We have two water entrances that do this each of them are very shallow and the animals easily travel across them except on this tile. While driving Carts and Wagons there are no issues. Thank you
  3. Thorne's Retreat will be there.
  4. Wanting to purchase 2x Drake Jackets or Hide to make them. Please contact with prices. Rhydricia in game as well.