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  1. Sorry for the delays everyone, apparently I have not been getting notifications anymore! I'll catch up on all these orders asap!
  2. [18:12:51] You cast 'Rite of Death' on an altar of Libila. Thanks to everyone who helped out!
  3. Summons are starting now. PM Bungii on Cad and ill summon you over!
  4. Yes it will be cast today. 6pm ADT
  5. I only have 67 channeling, and would love to be the caster but if we need someone higher so that people can get bene i'll gladly let someone else go ahead
  6. Oh my I didn't see the cast on Mel, I'll switch it to next weekend!
  7. [00:05:51] You sense that Libila is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow? Followers of the dark, we have done it. Libila is ready to show us her true power and give us all the beautiful sleep bonus we need. Planning on Casting RoD on Sunday the 12th at 6pm ADT, it's a few days away but I want people to be able to use their SB first. I can host and do the cast, I am at D13 on the edge of the steppe in Cornner Norwich ( we are on the highway ). Don't worry if it's far, I can summon as many people as we need. Just PM Bungii and addfriend so I know who to summon. Hopefully you all can get that journal entry for benediction (and some SB). Send me a dm on the forums or reply down here if you're going to be a part of it just so I know we can accommodate everyone! PM Bungii if you have any questions or want to do it somewhere else
  8. Hi all, I currently have above 93 leatherworking and am offering imps to 90ql. I can do a bit higher, but please pm in advance if you want to work something out. Prices Below Studded \ Leather Sets (Full Set) | Saddles | Toolbelts (For every 10ql they get an extra slot) | Drake Hide Imps (Full Set) | Drake Hide Imps (1 piece) Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price 60 ql 1s | 60ql 30c | 60ql 30c | 75ql 3s | 75ql 50c 70 ql 2s | 70ql 50c | 70ql 50c | 80ql 4s | 80ql 60c 75ql 2.5s | 75ql 70c | 80ql 80c | 85ql 6s | 85ql 90c 80 ql 3s | 80ql 1.25c | 90ql 2.25s | 90ql 9.5s | 90ql 1.5s 85ql 5s | 85ql 2s | | 91ql 12s | 91ql 2.25s 90ql 8s | 90ql 3.75s | | 92ql 15s | 92ql 2.75s Please PM for barding Any armour with my signature will be 50% off for future imps. Any Drake Hide armour with my signature will get a free imp from 5 ql below what it was initially brought to. So if you paid me for a 85ql imp, so long as it's above 80ql I'll imp it for free back to 85! Anything below 85 ql I can likely make or imp the same day it's sent in, for armour sets at 90+ please remember I have to imp 9 items to 90 . I usually give updates on how progress is, so that you know I'm hard at work! Reply to this forum for service or rename your items to the character name you want them mailed back to, and the quality you want the item brought to. If you are not comfortable with sending the items before talking to me please PM me or send me a woodscrap renamed to your name and I'll PM you when I'm online. Send all items to Bungii in-game
  9. Friendly bump, always super fast on my imps. Rared and imped my large anvil to 95ql in less than a day. Always great work from Achillis!
  10. Buying all drake hide, ql and colour doesn't matter! CoD to Bungii ingame. I'll take as much as you have! Paying 1.3s per 0.01kg!!!
  11. Buyout reached by Nitrofied, thanks to all for this short auction!
  12. Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: 30 s No Sniper Protection Private Bids: Not Accept Please Bid Here Saddle will be sent Via CoD in NFI mail
  13. This should be closed, even if we had the whole server join the fight we wouldn't be able to take it on.