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  1. Harbor of Wholesome Hoarder (located: Melody g15 on the shore of Melody lake) is finally connected to ocean by 2 Canals: 1) Northern Lake Canal (g,f 15 + e13, all ships) and 2) Eastern Lake Canal (g17, all ships) WTS stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 3000 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 900 ql 20+, price 66c/300, in storage 1200 ql 30+, price 69c/300, in storage 300 if you do not have your own crates, add to price 25c per large crate (free load on your ship or vehicle) delivery possible to coastal areas if you order goods for 10s and more, delivery fee is based on distance
  2. ad Loggy There was no rules. ad 3 yes and then Pherikfox stole them again so 1st theft then 1 compensation and then 2nd theft So you are lying again. (I was talking about bsbs not about crates) You just wanted confiscate all my stuff. ad 4 you never told me your rules beforehand you only gave me ultimatum after I locked my bsbs after your first theft so I decided to leave your deed with all my stuff. And you moved my stuff back twice once on your deed and once on deed where was KoS on me so I could not have access to my things. Was it yours? No. So why did you touch it? Only another griefing and harassment from your side. You just wanted my stuff. Dont hide your greediness, griefing and harassment. You behaved like little Stalin. And you had that audacity after this to call GM and you lied to him that I harassed you? I have no words I could describe your despicable behaviour. Dont hide yourself behind your disgusting lies. If this is way how you treat new players then I dont wonder why so many people left this game for good. This and similar toxic behaviour made this game less healthy and must be stopped. WO is very good game but rather than have conflicts with people like you is better to play another games. Toxic community will kill this game. I hope GMs will do something about this and similar behaviour because otherwise I do not see future for this game positively.
  3. ad: Callinden Nothing what you wrote cleans you from sins of stealing. You can rationalize your actions how you want but theft is theft.. ad 1 yes but then you changed your policy,you wanted from me to unlock all my bsbs so that was end of private ownership for me at that point so you changed rules after I move all that stuff inside if I knew that you forbid private ownership for me I would move somewhere else. If I knew that you forbid me private ownership I would never join your deed and we would not have this problem. Interesting that you was nice to me until you discovered I locked my things after that you became passive agressive and all ended in committing of crime of theft by you.
  4. ad Radics: I was never on alliance discord so I could not trolled him there. Message sent to Chancellor was written in roleplay spirit. If you cant see difference between roleplaying and trolling that is not my fault.
  5. Yeah it was solved partially 2 months ago but not perfectly if you still have stuff which you stole from me. Do not lie again. Problem is in greediness and attempts to take advantages of new players (on PvE and on PvP). What have these 2 cases common? 1) I managed to gather a lot stuff in short time. 2) I didnt want share all my stuff (i shared food (butchered in second case) in both cases and foraged/botanized items in first case) because that ruines all joy from hoarding. 3) Others wanted full acccess to my stuff so they can take my stuff. 4) After I refused i was harassed and kicked out from deed eventually. Only because I wanted that part of my items stays only mine. So I could sell them later. I can hardly make a trade if I cant be 100% sure that item will be in bsb after i promise that item to customer for a coin. If private property is crime i am guilty. 5) Oversharing doesnt work. History of communisms in 20th century is enough to see how it ends when is shared 100% or almost 100% property. They have full mouth of sharing. If they try to recreate communist utopias in game they should leave me out of it. And tell me about that beforehand before I joined their deed. It leads only to conflicts. We are all equals but mayors are more equals than others. That leads to attemps to use that power to make private property common. But it is only common by name because the highest control of common stuff have always mayor. So animals are equal but some are more equal than others. It is conflict of 2 principles common versus private property. If I was fully informed beforehand about rules on their deeds i would never join their deed and all these conficts could be avoided. 6) Private ownership lead to more activity (that is why I managed to gather in short time much more than they) than common ownership. That leads to envy. Envy leads to greediness. Greediness leads to kicking me out from village, harassment and theft. Mayors behave like little Stalins in the end.
  6. ad Loggy: I didnt have to make this topic if you had enough honour and gave me my +-450 logs and small crates back.
  7. ad: Loggy That was not griefing that was attempt to have place near my stuff where I could build a harbour so I could leave proximity of your deed with all my stuff. Do not lie again. You cant build on anyone┬┤s perimeter so I built that 1x1 house on free land so nobody will deed place where I needed place for harbour, place where I could build a ship locked inside a building so nobody could steal it before finishing. If that is crime I am guilty.
  8. ad: Ukash Thanks for that post. That shows that she refused to give my stuff back. That is exactly what I said. If you mistreat people from the same kingdom it is only natural that they become less willing to cooperate with you. I did inform Callinden about potencial enemy and for reward i was kicked out from village.
  9. ad Loggy: You even lied to GM so you get free bsbs without work. So pathetic. What hole did i dug? Dont lie again. I was trying to make a harbour so I could move all my stuff by a ship after I left your deed. But GM teleported me with majority of my stuff so I didnt need a harbour and ship. You both stole me my logs. Do not lie again. Yes pherik made new crates after you both stole mine. You gave me new instead stoled ones. And then you stole them again. I should called out all your harassment of me much sooner. My mistake. Then all would see your true character.
  10. ad Loggy: You harrassed me. How did I harassed you? Dont lie. How did I griefed neighbors? Do not lie again. You helped me to make 1 cart. Others I made alone. So do not lie again. No you didnt make my bsbs I made them all myself. So do not lie again. Yes pherik created some small crates which he stole before so I complained about it. And after I left deed you or him stole them again. So do not say half truths.
  11. ad pherik: You are lying. What Your resources did I took? Yes i pushed them out of the deed after you gave me ultimatum to unlocked them. And so I decided to leave your village. I have to locked them all after your first theft of +- 450 logs. You yourself stole me my small crates so do not lie again. You did stole my logs. Period. You even told me that you took it. So do not lie again.
  12. This isnt about breaking rules, this is about breaking standard norms of decent behavior. Calling out thefts (defined by common moral norms) publicly aims to prevent repeating of this behaviour in future, so others will not be harmed like me. If reputation loss will be bigger than gain in items it should lead to abandoning of such behaviour in future or to not committing such or similar behaviour by other players. At least in theory it could work. If shaming is only weapon I can use in restoring some justice I will use it. So should others if they became victims of such or similar behaviour.
  13. ad Caduryn: theft is taking an item (or items) which is not yours, he took item which wasnt his, so he stole it, i expect some common decency from people who have access to same deed
  14. ad Radircs: yes she have right kick from her village whoever she want, she have NO right to deny me access to my stuff, if there was good will on her side she could: a) give me temporary access so I can take my stuff or b) put my stuff outside her deed so I can pick them up, so it is a case of greediness and theft. PS: If they give me enough time I would move my stuff away and problem would be solved for both sides.
  15. It is difference between PvP and griefing. The PvP there is predominatly realm vs realm vs realm. So stealing from member of the same kingdom is not PvP imho.