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  1. Hi Guys, Want to buy panfiling service (on Cadence)
  2. Any news on the linux support? tried using wine but no success so far. What excatly does "cd /d %0\" do? in your stable-windows.bat?
  3. Overall nice and welcomed changes. But here is some additional feedback: this Why not make the SB one way? only pvp SB can be consumed on pvp. Additionally pls increase skillgain on creation only craftmenships. I get it that creation skillgain should be reduced but not the same amount for creation only craftmenships Furthermore, some add to favourites would be nice for the creation menu of craftmenships. Like the existing feature for cooking
  4. 1. First of all i understand that creation skillgain is reduced to 33% on most jobs. But why also on creation only? Like Lock Smithing? Is already pure chance. Why not give creation only jobs more skillgain? 2. praying: we do priest get punished for praying in a faith zone? The current process kinda annoying. If you want to make a journal hard why not change it to channeling 70? at least the priest would grind something useful which doenst fell more and more as a punishment 3. I love the cooking recept book. The mark as favorit feature is awesome. Could we also get something similar for creation crafting? Like small amboss + iron and i can filter out by only mark my favorits (locks, lock picks and so on?) 4. If the concern is that ppl on pvp still not use SB on pvp after the SB merge, a one sided merge would be a nice solution. So one can only use pve SB on pvp but not pvp gained SB on pve.
  5. Hello, So somehow i can not get the benefits of the spell "forest giant strenght" buff but still get the buff icon. No skill stick, no increase in the characterstics, no hiden increase (cannt pick up things). We tested it twice and its kinda annoying
  6. If people will use SB from pvp on pve, when SB is linked why not make the "joining" one way? Like you can only use pve SB on pvp but not pvp SB on pve.
  7. as we speaking of the 10h sleep bonus, is it known when we get it? or how many day ahead we will get notified?
  8. How do one load a specific skill tracker? i tried loadskilltracker "Mining" and loadskilltracker 3 but none of those worked
  9. Map marker Bug

    Same for me (Linux (Manjaro)). Very annoying. After the today 01/08/2020 server restart the annotation are not working at all for me. Not even after relogging 5+ times