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  1. 3.89QL meditation rug, cotton CoC73 - 2.17 silver ~8QL rake blade, iron CoC68 - 1.5 silver Please Cod to Leaflife.
  2. The Pointer title is missing from the wiki. I believe it's from spending 50k marks in the mark store. [19:11:04] Thank you for your order! The items have appeared in your inventory. [19:11:04] You have just received the title 'Pointer'! https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Titles
  3. Me again 8.69QL needle, iron CoC47 - 43 copper ~1ql scissors, iron CoC56 - 75 copper 100QL water CoC49 - 47 copper 8.8QL string of cloth, cotton CoC49 - 47 copper Please cod to Leaflife.
  4. New priests are still at a disadvantage in channeling skillgain due to the linking changes. This update doesn't seem to address that, is there more coming?
  5. Can I please request these, same name ingame. 4.91QL clay shaper, oak CoC52 - 59 copper 19.57QL clay CoC49 - 47 copper 4.99QL spatula, oak CoC46 - 41 copper 8.41QL metal brush, iron CoC46 - 41 copper
  6. Can I please request: QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c72 (2.4s) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron c46 (42c) Also looking for a CoC metal brush if you have one (50-60c price range).
  7. I would like the 30ql 60coc knife please (50c). Same name ingame.
  8. Can I please request these. Same name ingame. Carving knife 40QL - 61CoC - 1.10S(free imp to 70) Shovel blade 16QL - 36CoC - 0.20S
  9. Can I please request these (same name ingame) 19.06QL fruit press, oak CoC38 - 26 copper 47QL lump, iron CoC43 - 35 copper 31.33QL mallet, oak CoC40 - 29 copper 66.76QL mountain lion pelt CoC45 - 39 copper 10.33QL spindle, oak CoC34 - 22 copper
  10. Nice promotion Can I please order these 4: QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c48 (80c) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c49 (85c) QL 45 File, Iron c49 (85c) QL 86 Whetstone c42 (90c) Same name ingame.
  11. I would like to suggest adding small notches to the favor bar to make it easier to see how much you have at a glance. Each notch shows 20 favor and would scale with faith - at max faith you would have a notch at 20, 40, 60 and 80. At 50 faith you would have a notch at 20 and 40, etc. Like this:
  12. This batch has been sold. I'll be working on more!