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  1. Can I please order an 80ql carving knife (iron). Same name ingame.
  2. People may not specifically list dragons as the reason they quit, but I know several people who quit because they felt Wurm had little endgame content for them. If the unique system worked better, it could be that endgame content.
  3. Can I please request these with 70+ CoC Zinc lump Oak mallet Leather knife Awl Kindling Same name ingame
  4. I have 2 available, are you still looking?
  5. At the Harmony rift, the ground hidden by corpses while an Ogre menaces in the background.
  6. I'm reading in chat that the rifts on North Freedom have apparently already opened, with no notice? Seems very unfair for people who didn't happen to be online at the time?
  7. Hello, I'm looking for some tips on getting the most storage from my large magic chest. Mainly using it to store fragments, affinity foods and assorted rares. What containers and sub containers will give me the most storage space in the chest?
  8. Can I please request the following with 70+ CoC: chisel metal brush cotton hammer needle scissors string of cloth
  9. 1280,550 Laughing Frog Lookout
  10. A small text bug. The message when hitching horses to a cart ignores capitalisation of the horse and cart names: [12:14:59] You stop leading the mature fat Pearlbrisk 'M +LM,SPK'. [12:14:59] You hitch the mature fat pearlbrisk 'm +lm,spk' to the "a cart for all seasons". [12:15:00] You ride on the "A Cart For All Seasons" as the driver.
  11. Sounds like a fun event, I may come by as a spectator
  12. It doesn't make sense to discourage new players from coming to Harmony when the population looks like this: Cadence: [15:43:03] 339 other players are online. You are on Cadence (1070 totally in Wurm). Harmony: [15:44:18] 213 other players are online. You are on Harmony (1068 totally in Wurm).