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  1. I think you all are overestimating how many players regularly switch religions for rites. This will only affect a handful of power grinders and will cut out a source of toxicity that exists with the current system. It's a good change imo.
  2. can close

    I would like one of the pickaxe heads please. Same name ingame.
  3. You're pedantically focusing on the "third party" wording, it's clear they were talking about the use of tools outside of the game client. It doesn't matter whether they're first or third party. It's bad design when the player has to consult something external to make progress.
  4. If you have adblock installed, you can also individually block an avatar with right-click > block element.
  5. I would like this pelt please. Same name ingame. mountain lion pelt, 100ql, 97coc - 1,0s
  6. I noticed the journal changes are live on the test server, has anyone progressed enough to see what benediction looks like?
  7. Don't stress about it. Power grinders addicted to sleep bonus will always find something to complain about, you didn't do anything wrong.
  8. This seems to be affecting all of my hell horses. [15:53:01] You can breed her again in 817 hours. [15:53:10] You can breed her again in 2572 hours. [15:53:23] You can breed her again in 3007 hours.
  9. Thank you very much to all the bidders. Hat has been sent 🤠
  10. Looks like I'll be in bed by the time sniper protection wears off, so I will send the hat to the winner first thing tomorrow. Good luck 🤠
  11. Auction for a rare 70ql adventurer hat with the Seafarer skin applied. This skin is fairly hard to find now, so it's doubly rare! Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
  12. Holy Crop is up, is anyone planning a cast? I don't need the journal but I can contribute favor if needed.
  13. Can I please have a 80ql iron sickle? Cod to same name ingame.
  14. Can I please order an 80ql carving knife (iron). Same name ingame.