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  1. I definitely agree with this on the terms that it doesn't ruin QoL: The caveat would be - ensure this only limits PVP engagements, and not the PVE content (even on the PVP server). For example, in battle, engage the cool down/tile limit or whatever but only against other players. Don't let this exist if I'm trying to mine, or fish, or kill mobs, etc. Then I would find this completely agreeable!! Good call here. EDIT - I think the tile limit is my preferred, cooldowns sound nasty in general Just my 2 cents
  2. Curious to bring this up, but if the devs are quite intent on keeping the system the same, maybe it would be worth finding a way to massively buff fish so that they're more worthwhile? By this point after posting this, I've means to meat with ease! Though here I am, still dreaming of what Minnie mentioned above - relaxing on a boat or dock, getting some fish and enjoying the views!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm a newer player with the Steam launch, generally enjoying my time a LOT! I think this game is excellent and was hidden under my nose for too many years! In going through the mass amount of content to traverse the relatively steep learning curve of this game, I stumbled upon many fishing guides, to which I was sad to learn are outdated. Fishing used to be a much simpler mechanic, and my wife and I were very disappointed to learn we can't enjoy a relatively time-killing experience fishing and enjoying the peace with poles in hand and dreams of fish on the way. Is this a popular change in the community? Everyone I ask that's a veteran considers the change to be somewhat negative, overly complicated, and generally hinders the beginner experience. Don't get me wrong, I respect and enjoy the many other extremely complicated and involved systems in Wurm Online - otherwise I wouldn't be playing. I'd prefer a more relaxing, easy experience with fishing, as it used to be, and hope to find a sort of in game 'break with benefits' that I would generally consider fishing in other games. Feel free to discuss below, or if possible, agree - maybe with enough support we can revert the changes and all the new players can enjoy fishing together again. Thanks for reading! GucciusMaximus (ign GucciusStaximus)