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  1. Hi. In the server ui you can change the player game management power from 1-5 but not back to 0. Only ingame you can set player game management power to 0 for yourself or outher player. But you need the wand to make this... so you have a gm wand in inventar as player which you cant delete... Two known bugs since minimum 2015. i found it in forum here (and because i needed fast a gm status)... but no fix. The wand bug is very easy to fix... Change player game management power = Check is a wand needed or in inv ? = give wand or delete wand. simple requests who can all coders ! Give wand works... they only miss the delete request when you set back to 0. Edit : I forgot... always when you change the player game management power (from 1-5 or 5-1) you become an gm wand... I was first 5. Change to 1 and have now 2 wands in inv... So 3 bugs sorry.
  2. Hi. Before someone post rightclick it and delete... The Serverui is bugged. You must set ingame yourself back to 0. In server ui it dont go... So i cant delete the wand, when i need the wand to set my gm status back to player and as player i cant delete it... I see the bug is known since minimum 2015 but nothing is fixed... I only found a thread with an dead link to a reason...
  3. WTF ? What a stupic logic bug... all here ingame will be realistic and a TAMED ! Pet will be aggro again when i am 20 km away and i must pet an outher mob ? How stupid is this ? 14 Years WO and no one sayed the devs this system is stupid ? In RL a tamed, before aggro, pet dont will be back aggro without reason... So the aggro pets are nerfed and you can only have an aggro pet or a lot of passive mobs (with an spirit guard) I really must say have fun with my 12 Euro and f.. you with this stupid system
  4. thx for all the infos, but i see a much bigger problem in this game ... Is it true when i have an tamed bear and i must tame an outher mob my own bear will be aggro again and runs around aggro in my town ? Sometimes you must run next to water (location, aggro mobs) and so a rope can torn. When this happend on foreign claimed land the mob i will bring home is gone. So its better you tame it. But when i tame it my bear at home in fence will be aggro and kills my pets and attack village member or the guard kills the bear .... is that true ?
  5. Thx a lot for all this infos... a lot of them is very helpful. I thought WO is on the same level like UO or SWG with pets, but it isnt But i worked much often as established tester too and for me is the mechanic behind the game interesting too So spawn pets on claimed land ? I never seen that. What timer have the spawns ? Once a day or more ? When more corpses are on ground and no one bury it, affects that the spawnrate/respawn too ? When i see the new pets in some areas i must say yes...
  6. Hi My english isnt very good. I give google translater a chance *smile* (and .. a female dog isnt a ###### dear google 😛 ) My problem is I love pets. In WO there is a limited selection to choose from (Ultima online or Star wars Galaxies was much better), and the even bigger problem is that we live on Harmony in the very south on the big island. Just circling around completely takes a good 1 1/2 to 2 hours. In the beginning there were lots of animals and monsters, but the more land was claimed and the more corpses lay around (it seems to me), the fewer animals there were. I finally found a dog today after about 25 hours of searching. Still I'm looking for a rooster, a sow and a couple of chickens and a male dog now. I know two places where rooster spawn ... unfortunately I only ever find the bodies there (and then bury them too), the chickens are in a claimed land and in the steppe there are some pig corpses and a male pig ... As I said, I had to look for a dog for about 25 hours. No rooster there, not enough pigs and chickens and I saw a deer for the first time today ... Oh yes and I once saw a rat from a distance ... that's it. Brown bears are now extremely rare too... For someone who loves pets and has to take care of inbreeding anyway and always needs fresh blood ... an impossible condition ... Oh yes, who thinks now, but the others will be ... nope ... I have never seen a dog in other land/fences, once a hen, rarely pigs, never deer or pheasants. So my question is that all or the respawn becomes better ? and how fast spawn new pets ? And no ist not only random... I know two spawns with roosters... so it cant be only random as everyone online always says. and why not more pets ? When i see the Ultima Online list it makes me jealous