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  1. Yeah, once again, BANK for personal storage, rest give access to the mayor so they can organize it as they please. We already are having a lot of difficulty with 30 or so members. I cant imagine how frustratng it was for you with 80. Man... I feel for ya!!!
  2. Here is a solution: Expand the bank inventory for personal items and give all permissions to mayor on everything else. If a mayor is stealing, then the villager can leave and join mine.
  3. We have a large town. Almost 30 members so far and growing. A lot of people will come and go. When a member of our village, regardless where they build, they have all the perms. IF that person leaves, then the rights stays with them. What I am hearing is that we should shove this off deed... While that can "fix" the problem, it is a lot of work. It is VERY difficult to manage a town such as renaming forges and ovens with the current permission. If a village is NOT a democracy, all items that are created by a member should be owned by the mayor or at LEAST have the mayor gain automatic permissions (all of them) WITH the creator. Please add this feature and make life better for all of us! Thank you.
  4. This would be a GREAT time to offer a NEW features such as: Evening out the curve. Making all levels equally apart. Adding a feature like faith where you can only gain exp (x amount) times a day on each skill so we don’t have to stand at a mine for months INCREASED exp so we don’t have to be here 5 years to level a few things up to max. Have resources in regions for better trading instead of all spread out. Fix combat animations!!! Increase beginning walking speeds and lower max speeds. Especially when climbing SMALL slopes!!!!!!! Do this and you’ll see a TON of new players actually STAY! This game is incredible but these things just push people away. Sure you’ll have the die hard fans here complaining that “OH you’ll ruin the game” and so on but this is coming from a small base which a lot of them would probably agree with me. The new players now a day want more instant gratification. YES this isn’t that game... MAKE it that GAME! Compromise and let’s meet in the middle and let’s see pops soar! It would be on a new server NOT affecting the older players. It would cater to the new! If someone here says they disagree, they are selfish and do not want more players to play Wurm.
  5. Pious is located at H11 (479, 568)
  6. Make sure you look at tags for more info but come join discord and chat if you want more info. We have around 15 so far and would like to take us to 20 asap.
  7. Hi all, We have a bunch of people but we have a lot of land to work. Need another 5 more and we'll be set. Come visit us at H11 on Melody or just pop in our discord and say hi. I play most of the day as do some of the other members. We have new and vet players. You really should check us out before leaving the game. We are really enjoying this game together and working well together!!! See you soon. H Discord: https://discord.gg/SJA2gCJ
  8. I figured it out. I guess I cant go over 150% UI. The save button wont work... Problem solved but plz fix that, thanks.
  9. I can’t click on save after changing permissions. I am the mayor of the village, I can change 1 thing and it doesn’t allow me to save anything under citizens.