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  1. Hey I'm interested in joining, I'm at r13 (Roshar on the community map). Planning on eventually building a highway to the north! IGN is Blameping
  2. There's a large grassland behind my deed (r13) and I'll do my best to cut trees around the edges to preserve it, need to grind woodcutting anyways
  3. Ign is blameping, might not be on for a few days but will receive in a few days
  4. Selling my deed located at M23 as I'm moving to Cadence. Fairly small deed but a good starter home, terraformed with clay on deed and a source of peat very close (~50 tiles away). Also very friendly neighbours. Comes with 4 grey (MMMF), 2 blood bay (FF), one black (M) horses and 3 animal pens as well as 2 sets (8 total) QL 30 horseshoes. Also included is a 3-story 2x4 tile house (no roof so can be expanded) with 2 beds, a large and small cart, a mine with mine door + reinforced walls, forge, oven , 2xBSB and FSB with whatever I don't take with me (currently ~100 dirt, 100 logs,, 200 stone, 24 hides and a bunch of animal parts in the BSB and around 400 meat + 200 veggies in the FSB). Perfect for a new player starting out! Veins found so far: Silver (utmost) Iron (very good) Copper (very good) Sandstone (acceptable) Location: Some screenshots: Looking to sell for at least 10s or best offer. I also have a sail boat I could throw in for a higher price or I could sell it separately if you don't want it. Message me in game (Blameping) or reply, won't move out until Friday or Saturday but I will take offers whenever.
  5. This may be how some people prefer but it is likely the minority opinion. Otherwise a significant amount of new players would be joining the old servers, not the new ones. And while it looks like some are, it seems to be less than 5% based on player counts.
  6. The Devs aren't forcing people to play on the new servers. Have you guys maybe thought that it's a terrible experience for new players to join a server where everyone has high skills? What's the point of playing in the southern freedom isles and spending hours and hours grinding blacksmithing to 50 when you can just buy 70ql enchanted tools for copper? The only opportunity for new players to earn money on the old servers is by bulk making bricks etc. And even that can be done faster by veterans using alts with higher skills and WoA tools. Even though there's tons of "available" space on old servers it's all been terraformed already. Just because the deed expired doesn't mean the land is unsettled. Why would people want to play in the ruins of someone else's deed instead of carving out a section of the wilderness to make their own? The way the game works, the gap between veterans and new players is just too large for any noobs to feel like they are contributing to the game in any meaningful way. How could the devs fix this?
  7. Where will the new server connect by boat? West/north of harmony?