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  1. ROS Cast 9/15

    Thanks for the heads up! Whoever cast this; it'd be nice if there was a forum post or something at least a day or two in advance to give people time to burn their SB, just a bit of courtesy.
  2. I see in the patch notes there's mention of failed payments being reimbursed, if the payment looks ok in PayPal should I still expect to receive my premium time soon rather than the payment being refunded?
  3. Thanks for the update Taufiq! The PayPal issue has had an impact where I work so can appreciate
  4. I sent an e-mail last night before seeing this so just ignore it until the issue is resolved (Character: Chez) I know you're kind of at PayPal's mercy at the moment so it's all good!
  5. Agreed, reading this extract from the Unique Etiquette guide it sounds like the unique must always be able to escape. "The first course of action is to attempt to contain the creature so that it will go un-bothered until such time as you have fattened it up for slaughter. This is by no means the best option as any unique creature can escape any confinement you build at any time of its own choosing."
  6. I've heard stories of the attempted fix, something about lakes full of dogs?
  7. Countdown timer if anybody needs it I'll be coming down with my priest!
  8. I think you might have missed my post, sorry I know you'll be super busy!! It's "Serenia" at 999,468
  9. "Serenia" @ 999,468 Thanks a lot for doing this!