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  1. I came across something very strange, i had a foal called Jackpearl it was a 3+ trait male ebony black horse, after grooming it and walking away it vanished out of my sight i tried to look for it everywhere, i wrote a ticket and the next day i got a dm to help me because i expected the horse to glitched under the map or something. I use granger and granger informed me that it was still alive and growing up, with the help of the dm i found the horse it was nearby in my Fence, but it had a diffrent colour which is why i did not recognize it. Somehow it was grey i have over 100 horses about 3 of them including this one are grey i usually kill them or sort them out as soon as they are old enough because i don't like the colour, I clearly remeber the Horse beeing ebony black and granger also says the same.
  2. So how do i fix this? Improve my skill till i can't overlook any traits? Cuz i should be seeing all the worst ones already, even if the horse gets all the bad traits and then the worst one stacked on top of it, it would not be this low? why does it have a -180?
  3. Okay my second gen horses just came in which is why i wanted to use Granger to make it more easy on me, why does it look like this?? Why is the breed value of 2 none related horses with 2 and 3 traits between them a -10??
  4. so it won't properly show up in granger unless i brand all the wild breeding horses i used including the dead and burried ones? Because on our deed we have another breeder and she just manually added them it worked just fine.
  5. none of these horses are wild horses only their parents are, or is this still a issue?
  6. Im having some issues with this tool, i asked some people for help and after streaming it to them they recommended me asking for help here. I Started a Horse farm and added the horses to my herd in Granger, all of my horses are still adolescent, to prevent inbreeding i marked the wild parents with saddles with a name on it, now after adding the horses and try to see which one matches the breeding values go down to -500 and everything is red, i presumed it was because their parents are all horse, so i edited the names of the parents into their nicknames. That sadly did not help anything, one of the guys sent me his herd and it functions perfectly fine on my granger. I also went into advisor options and turned off the age exclude options to no avail, I also deleted my whole herd and tried to readd them and it did still not work. i did not add all my horses all over again but it looks something like this. (for this screenshot i removed all age exlude options in the advisor options)
  7. Map marker Bug

    Im playing on Defiance and only defiance, in a big group and all of us have issues with the Map markers. Whenever i log out there is a chance when i come back online that none of my private, kingdom and alliance markers are present. Sometimes logging in and out works sometimes it does not. Please fix this.