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  1. Good point, didn't consider this.
  2. Main issue is sleep powder existing, how cheap it is. This item shouldn't have ever been introduced but Id guess it was crucial to keep the game afloat. Can't really nerf it. If people are chasing skillgains then adding skillgain benefits onto PvP is prob the way to do it. Personally I don't like all the skillgain boosts but that's because I'm an old timer and enjoyed the slower Grindy ways but maybe I'm not with the times. Could introduce a scaling passive skillgain buffs to villages/alliances on PvP servers which you could tie raiding into. The longer villages are unraided, the more the skillgain bonus you get. If you do it by alliance you can prevent player stacking deeds. Could encourage raiding by letting you gain more bonus for your alliance by raiding enemy towns and "stealing" or reducing theirs to encourage defending all allied deeds. I can see ways how it can abused just on paper cut you guys are the geniuses, I'm sure you could iron it out. I did think that bonuses should be maintained but in the event of a dead server, it may be impossible. Some negatives, toxic alliance mentality, forcing players within alliance to meet need build requirements. Winning Kingdom stacking, maybe be able to add ratios in but then can encourage other toxic behaviour. Someone else suggested a skillgain bonus for playing on PvP for long periods of time, I could agree with this if global spells covered all servers. This may discourage freedomers travelling to other servers though. Maybe all freedom spells affect defiance? That'll prevent the need to go over and lose the passive.
  3. OP has a section about priest balancing and spells, this is a suggestion relating that topic. This change would also have to affect archery too. Also agree timers for equipping and unequiping sounds horrible which i think it should be an action cancel. There's no real point to the debuff if you can negate it entirely. As mentioned before, you can unequip and re-equip within a second so you'd need to be already fighting the caster to make use of that "vulnerable to damage" opportunity which anyone with half a brain would just not take the armor off. The whole point is, if you want to prevent the casting penalty, you need to be unarmoured for the whole cast duration, or you wear the lighter armor which doesn't provide the penalty. Oblivion suggested some spells are not covered under the penalty, if thats the case that should be amended too. I also agree flat failure rate sucks and difficulty scaling is better. However the fact that the 30 second hurting status is more valuable than the <1 damage wound, I'm ok with the flat failure penalty. Edit: i just realised you can get a 30% bonus for casting without armor. That's a potential 60% difference to spell casts. Of course you shouldn't be able to just "negate the debuff and activate the spell buff" like that.
  4. Or don't allow players to negate a debuff intended to reduce the effectiveness of priest spam?
  5. Sorry for font sizes, editing quotes on mobile is not good.
  6. Rewarded for waiting for the timer to reach 1 second, click unequip all and then click first item at your armor stack, hold shift, click bottom of your armor stack, then drag onto your character? Takes like a second if you know what you're doing. 1 second isn't enough time to make use of you being vulnerable. Sorry to cherry pick on Ciray, first clip I could see. At 1:44 he unequips his armor with 3 seconds left. At 2 seconds left he has his armor already selected and ready to requip again. He's vulnerable for 3 seconds and that's only because he didn't time it optimally (or tried to consider potential lag). Regardless, the vulnerability window is so small doing this trick, you have no time to react and land a swing/arrow.
  7. Make unequiping armor interrupt in progress spell casts
  8. While it's unrealistic, I don't mind people taking armor off on foot for speed bonuses as walking is slow AF, that said, getting caught unarmoured can be catastrophic. Priests casting 95% of their spells timer and just throwing armor off to finish the cast and place it back on immediately after negates the point of armor/casting penalties.
  9. Sorry, My argument is mostly for hurting status is mostly for players (on foot) and not their mounts. Archery I can aim my shield in the direction to stop it. I can't do that with spells. Arguable that someone on horse will catch me up anyway but that's the point. If I have a distance lead, I don't think other people on foot should have a guaranteed method of catching up just by tagging people with a ~5 second timer. Sometimes players *should* be able to get away, even in foot. Obviously this is more of a niche situation change. I still think 30 second hurting status baseline means you can't add other things in the game that applys movement speed slows as it's intention because they wouldn't be as good.
  10. A personal peeve of mine is that fast long range spells across most priests can inflict hurting status from a distance. Hurting status is one of the most op things in pvp. Ranged abilities should have a way for the players to be able to block rather than relying on the fail chance of the enemy or your soul stats (I forget which, or if it's actually a thing) I feel these faster spells shouldn't inflict hurting or hurting status should scale rather than being 30 seconds flat.
  11. If you want pvpers to stop living on freedom, remove sleep powder, unlikely to happen due to being the core money sink now and make a ROS cast share cooldowns across all servers so there's no potential to collect 15 hours of ROS and spend all that time grinding there (cross portal shared sleep bonuses addresses this some,) Adding SB incentives means people just gonna spend more time grinding anyway.. and with the upcoming sleep bonus pool being shared, it would be a bigger problem later just because POK11 and the fact mediation paths are split. Probably something that gets fixed after a meditation rework, a longer term goal. Would adding an option to offer 4x skillgain at the cost of 4.5x (adjust rate as needed) the sleep bonus rate be healthy? Allows people to drain their sleep bonus quickly and focus on other things. Some abusable things to consider (med ticks).
  12. Was fortunate enough to see it in time and recharge window was in my favor, but definitely scared me and meant I had to have a late night lmao. I didn't see a bug report so wasn't sure if it was intended. Thank you.
  13. Artifacts in the safezone will lose 1 charge every hour till they go back into the ground even when on players. @Darklordsis this RL hours or Wurm hours? I had the rod artifact go from "enormous amount power" down to 0 in 2 hours RL on the starter island. Does this artifact lose charges while hunting ? I thought this one lost charges from the "use" function or time.
  14. There's a 4 second minimum timer with skill. pretty much the same amount of time for a swing. I was told actions on a embarking player also reset (I think the timer still goes through but nothing happens) so wouldn't have helped anyway.
  15. The issue isn't the fact he can ride the mount. The issue is it resets all combat. Meaning if he does this every 2-3 seconds no one can land a swing timer. There is also the added annoyance of he can teleport around in a 3x3 without punishment. He can get 2 tiles of distance in under a second, where you need spend time RELOCATING him and then catching up. It's disorientating. If combat stayed active you could just sit on the centre tile and wait for the string timer to land providing you have a weapon with range. We had one of our players throw their weapon because it was the only "instant" damage we could use.