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  1. Doesn't seem to be all of them mine is fine now
  2. Completely understandable, and I think this is something that would best be handled with tracking and continued update until it reaches a healthy level. The ability to get 100ql lumps of **any type** from the site is already very powerful in my mind, and being able to get MM at the rate I was is pretty obscene. That being said, I very likely had very good RNG and I did have a couple characters at the site so that will skew it a bit. I've got hundreds of 100ql lumps now spread out across multiple types. That's pretty amazing loot from a holy site in return for praying and purifying. I will continue to attend these sites religiously (heh) and stockpile this up even with reduced MM rates for sure. Edit: I also wholeheartedly agree that buffing the others to make them on par with how Mag was before would have been an amazing fix as well - But that's definitely more work and things to consider balancing for the team. I feel like the other are fairly "meh" overall, and would love to see them get some attention too!
  3. After getting over 20kg of 95-100ql MM from a site I'd say this is pretty warranted lol.
  4. Hello! I created an Open Helm out of Empyrean iron and applied the Winged Helm skin to it. [16:59:19] An open-faced round-top helm. The open helm needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. It has the Winged Helm skin applied to it. The model shows up with the skin applied when you drop it on the ground or have it activated and do an action such as sacrificing (Your character model holds it). When you put on the open helm, it shows the regular open helm model without the skin applied. This persists across multiple clients (Steam and native launcher) from both my alts and other people's toons who I mailed it to in order to test. I believe it may happen to other Empyrean items as well when skinned. Thank you!
  5. This is honestly one of the most inane things I've ever read though. If it's this much of a big deal to you I will gladly transfer you the funds you have "lost" over this **typo**. Imagine turning a thread which was an incredibly positive and upfront thing for a company to do into this self gratifying result. Thank you for your effort to do the right thing Keenan. As someone who has purchased well over 50 of these packages over various alts this is an incredible gesture and I appreciate the work that went into addressing this.
  6. Hello Lovelie! Thank you so much I am gone on vacation again (oops!) but will be back mid-next week! I will make these for free when I'm back if you are okay with waiting!
  7. I don't think I've been this excited for Wurm since I started playing. Thank you for the updates, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this unfold in whatever final form it comes to!
  8. Incredible work, highly recommend for any pottery needs. I have ordered many many items from Kupferlisa, and each and every time the service and speed have been perfect!
  9. Eh, I'll just withdraw, My fault for not opening the post earlier, congrats Sinn