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  1. Hey hey! Any restrictions on # of characters to bring? Was considering moving my sermon group there a bit beforehand to get some blood and good faith gains
  2. Cadence Sermons

    Heya Bekador, love to have ya! Connect with me in-game and I'll shoot you the link to the discord Dok - There are currently 12 active characters that are my own there. I am in the MST timezone. I will try to keep at a minimum 7 online 24/7 so that a sermon will always be valid, though I may be caught offguard by random server patches, downtimes etc and won't get them back online until ~9/10AM MST the next morning if I've already gone to bed.
  3. Cadence Sermons

    Heya folks! I'm now hosting a (whitelight) sermon group in Northern Coastal Cadence. I will do my best to have at minimum 7 alts logged in 24/7 for you to utilize as faith generators, while I will up that to 12 Monday to Friday from 10AM - 6PM MST as I can to maximize faith gains while I'm at work. If you want to take part in this please let me know so I can send you the exact location and a discord link to the server we have to keep track of sermons Thank you kindly, and happy preaching!
  4. Ordered 3, 4-speed horses from Selenne, very happy with the service (and horses). Thanks so much
  5. Hi Kookii, I have a supreme pottery forge
  6. Hiya, can you mail the rare Rounded Stone from booop to Annuile please? Thank you!
  7. Hi Erowynn. So when you buy Silver, you get 20 marks. This is not the main way that you are meant to obtain them. For every Month of Premium you buy, you get 4500 marks. If you buy 6 months at once, you get an additional 3000 Marks, and if you buy 12 months at once time, you get an additional 6000 Marks. This is why they are called "Loyalty" marks. They are a reward for you subscribing. They added an additional 20 marks to give us for purchasing silver to be nice, it is a bonus that you get those, which you should only really be getting from buying Premium time.