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  1. Yes I did both, it just says Error opening connection to patch server.
  2. Please post orders here not through pm for the warranty. Thnx
  3. Yeh fixed by gm. There's no problem really in the set up
  4. It is not problem. My deed has three gates and the first one i linoed is the wouth gate. My co-mayor in shilloh Volladol both of us set-up but to our surprise the sign says its unknown. We thought it is just need for the server restart to register it properly but til now, it is still unlnown. The wagoner was juat set-up lately. The easy gate also registered as unknown too for a reason I cannot say.
  5. We were able to connect already Harmony Bay to Templerhof by taking a little detour tile away from Almus. South deeds all the way from Shiloh to Harmony Bay including those who are connected to it can now access the highway system by the wagoner. Special thanks to all those who help completing this project Blueskies, Krucia and the mayor of Templerhof.
  6. Thank you for replying in this thread. I would really like to connect my deed at r17 to harmony bay and with the rest of my alliance mates so that we could have the full service of the wagoner I set up publicly. Fortunately we found somewhere to link but unfortunately the Almus mayir is not replying and doubt will be cooperating. My plan for now is to construct a road adjacent to his outside his perimeter so that I can lay down cayseyes and finally connect it to HB. My deepest gratitude to the mayor of Templerhof who immediately without hesitation to assist us and reapond to our request. I will start making and finishing the alternate road once I have all materials ready probably this or next week.
  7. Hiya fellow mayors. If you are reading this, we would like to connect your roads to harmony bay, unfortunately there is no permisson in your perimeter to lay down catseyes. Please contact xerxzie or blueskies if you are on so that we can talk about this. Thank you
  8. Hello fellow Harmonians! I set up a Wagoner Lex at r17 at deed Pilipinas Kong Mahal. I have set this up for public use so that anyone can use it connected to this area. This will save us time by not disturbing us with inland delivery. I would greatly appreciate if this service will extend to a farther reach in harmony. Farthest connection so far north is at p16 at Templerhof. Be looking forward you guys to connect in this are to use this service. Happy wurming. Note: To all those who will using it, please do not ask for a delivery fee and just let it at 1c/crate since I am allowing you to use if for free.
  9. Pilipinas Kong Mahal will be happy to have you. Please pm xerxzie or chryshanthy ingame