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  1. Sold to Ahsesino! COD is on the way!
  2. Rare Strange Bone Starting bid: 16 Silver Minimum Increases: 1s 1 Hour Sniper Protection
  3. It's not so much a matter of "privileged information" but rather the inherent nature of games releasing on a platform almost always witnessing a rush of new players and a slow decline before leveling out which we can watch play out just from the server status page. My basis for the statement that deeds have been abandoned to decay stems from visually watching tokens vanish outwards from overture and watching buildings rot. I did not say "most" because I'm not insinuating that it leans one way or the other. I said "Much" because it IS happening, it is perceptible, and I believe its an important factor in deciding to open up more servers. If players are planning on playing the game for free for awhile, which I'm sure many understandably are, I also don't fully understand how that factors in to a demand for more deed space? Free players are pretty much able to find any area off deed (or in between the gaps of deeds which cant expand due to overlap). Players looking to hermit can. Players looking to hermit within their own 20x20 deed...unlikely, again a new 8x8 server for more of those folks I can understand. This game though I love it, is absolutely an acquired taste, I'm not going to insinuate that your average newcomer trying out the game is going to last for x amount of time but to think that there isn't going to be a high turnover rate on new players is misguided, if this wasn't the case the active population between ALL of the legacy servers wouldn't have been totaling in the low hundreds prior to the steam launch. I don't believe that new player turnover rate is going to be attributed to not being able to spend their money on a deed, in a significant enough capacity to warrant another 16x16 server. I absolutely want new players to come into the game and stay. I'm concerned that spreading players too thin will create an artificial feeling of emptiness when a new player joins the game.
  4. I understand the desire to provide more land for new players to deed however much of the currently deeded land on melody also appears to be opening up shortly due to the influx of players who purchased the bundled premium and silver who have already abandoned their deeds to decay. I'd argue that Harmony having more settlements than Xanadu is more indicative that Xanadu should have 4x the activity of Harmony to facilitate its size and feel like an active region, rather than an indicator that Harmony needs to have players spread elsewhere. Which again is a role I still think should be supported by Melody. Or at most just make another 8x8 server if you absolutely must acquire new player deed space. In the long run however its going to be beneficial to maintain population so that new players don't feel as though they're joining a ghost town at the cost of short term deed space to support the initial player surge.
  5. The purpose of Melody was to direct bloat away from Harmony, seeing as Melody is no where near full and deeds are decaying daily, all this is going to do is spread the new active player base thin.
  6. You are not a Wurmian. You are a survivor! After the much anticipated launch of Melody, your friends have all but deserted you, left to fend for yourself in the wilderness. You want to level, craft, farm, have a place for yourself and prosper while having a fun time doing it with like-minded people. Northern Rivia is a diplomatic, resourceful and cooperative village of 16 daily active players looking for those who want to continue their journey to end-game and beyond. Located NE of Overture at the inner coastline of grid I-20, you are welcome to check out our progress, tour our large 60x deed complex and get a discord invite before you decide to commit. We have access to a rich mine, tar, clay, and sand pits and enough standing forest to source a toilet paper factory. We are currently focused terraforming to be a main trade hub location with housing and farming districts, while leveling up skill proficiency and gathering resources for the big build. We have a friendly alliance with our village neighbors. We’ll be preparing for refined crafting, farming and shipping goods soon after. Be warned, we are competent but a little weird. Contacts: Vilgrith Discord: Pride@7093