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  1. The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy!
  2. [21:16:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy!
  3. Sure thing mate - it'll be on the way in just a few minutes!
  4. Hi there! Unfortunately we don't do mailbox enchants anymore - it was a service we offered early on in the game to help hook everyone up to a postal system, but not one we currently offer. I'm not sure which server you're on, but perhaps contact Mareidt - I know at one point they were doing enchants. Take care and happy wurming!
  5. Bison have now been updated and will be updating the horses ages and new arrivals over the weekend / early next week.
  6. Bunbunn, you're doing awesome! This is a lovely thing to do for folks in Wurm who are trying to find horses and can't find any out their front door as easily as some. Keep it up!
  7. I have reserved these for you and will get in touch when you're next online!
  8. Horses now updated and price reduction on 4 speeds!
  9. This is an absolutely gorgeous deed - anyone would be happy to own it. I'm sorry to hear that you're moving, but congratz on the lil bundle coming in to your life
  10. Ritual of the Sun

    Have a mag priest on deed that would be interested in getting the journal update - please let me know if needing a 62 faith priest for link
  11. Have reserved these and they will be ready for pickup whenever is convenient for you!
  12. Hey there! Have reserved your horses and will send you a tell in game shortly when I log in
  13. Hey guys! I'm about 10-20mins from logging in now - I usually am available from about 12:30pm (GMT+8) and would be happy to see more avoid the executioner's axe!
  14. Heya! Check the spoiler for a full list of the horses that are available - I keep it as up to date as possible.
  15. Absolutely! I'll have them set aside for your collection
  16. Added 2 speed horses in to the free list - grab them while you can! No limits, just let me know you're rocking up!
  17. 5 Speed Horses now updated and an "At A Glance" part added to the horse section with the best selects for each Speed tier. The spoilers for each colour, of course, still contain all available horses. Please note, only rare colours of 0 and 1 speed horses will be kept, the rest will be housed in a give-away pen for a short duration.
  18. The last of the horses are heading for the chopping block this weekend! If you need free 0spd / 1spd horses - come and get them while they are here!
  19. I would say that given Wurm allows you to link 5 accounts to 1 email account, the devs absolutely intended alt play. That being said, good luck with your idea here. I don't know how it would work - if you are asking folk to buy items from outside the deed even if they have an alt capable of making it (in your example, buy enchanted goods). None the less, I wish you the best.
  20. Not a problem at all! There will be someone on deed available to get horses out for most of the day - no limits, I just feel really bad killing off any of them!
  21. Hi there! There should be someone online now - Saturday morning for us and I assure you, we ALL need our beauty sleep here
  22. As the title says, free horses for pickup only on Harmony at E/F-21. The 0 and 1 speed horses have been given a stay of execution due to the 2 speed horses being added in. They will now be available until November 22nd! All base colours are available, minus grey which has proven to be as rare as chestnut! Piebald is also available. Please see the spoiler below for a complete list, sorted by colour. Please note - we are Aussies here in +8 GMT. For other horses and items - please visit our merchant page at Dystopian Bazaar!
  23. Hi there! This should have been mailed out last night - enjoy!
  24. Hell Horses finally updated - hopefully as I have more breeding pairs now the cycles will produce better offspring in upcoming births!
  25. Great service - can't recommend this guy enough! Forget the rest doing enchants, this is your go-to guy!