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  1. Congratulations @Nordlys for winning the auction I will contact you in game for delivery or pick up
  2. Congratulations @Reflekted! you won Auction is closed
  3. oh sorry Crimson.. didnt see your post here. i am glad you came to pick it up
  4. Hellies Restocked- Dont miss the ones with cool names!
  5. Going to be restocking tomorrow and when more 4 Drafties pop into the world follow this post. The table is updated regularely!
  6. delivery is 1s @Reflekted so that would be 1s+ whatever you bid above Adog. let me know if you want to edit your post or cancel your bid. i will make delivery fees clearer
  7. I am very Happy to finally post this official sale post for The Valyrian Estates Horse market This market specializes in Horses and Hell Horses I am very proud to be selling a lot of 4 Draft horses andworking on combination of Draft and Speed Horses and Hellies~! The market is located at The Valyrian Estates Deed on Independence The deed is on the highway system and located at the southern bank of the Crystal lake right to the east of the Avocano Mines bridge. You can arrive and purchase horses at our Self Service Merchant or Get them delivered to you for a fee of 1s Across server to a coastal location Map to Deed: How it looks like when you approach the deed: The Self Service pens layout (located in the middle of the deed across from the merchant and deed token): Check out our Horses that are for sale at the self service pens: November 28 Hellies restocked. don't miss the ones with cool names! Please leave your orders here if you want me to reserve horses or if you want a horse delivered I will be restocking tomorrow 28/11 and when more draft horses become available Honored to do business with you Rowina
  8. Hello Hugh and Sky, Could you please add the following changes to the Albia map: 1. Please change the name of my deed to the current name which is "The Valyrian Estates" at 43-44x. 51y 2. Please add my second deed belonging to my alt Ashthoret to the map called "Peak View" at 45x, 51-52y Thank you! Rowina
  9. Finally on Auction! The Valyrian Estates horse market is happy to auction a rare 4 speed male piebald pinto breeding horse with IMMORTAL trait It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It seems immortal. It has been bred in captivity. Don't miss this 4sp immortal specimen! Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 50c Sniper protection: 1 hour Private bids: None Buyout: None Reserve: None Auction will be closing in 4 days Don't miss our special rare horse and other animal auctions!!
  10. This Male calf is looking for a home where he can award its proud owner with 4 fantastic Output Traits. I would like to auction this bull It gives more resources. It seems prize winning. It looks plump and ready to butcher. It has a slow metabolism. It seems vibrant. It looks stationary. Starting bid: 40c Increment (minimum): 20c Sniper protection: 1 hour Private bids: None Buyout: Possible Reserve: None Cross Server Coastal Deliveries available 1s (Independence deliveries 50c-70c depending on location) Auction will be closing in 4 days
  11. what a lovely update! thanks Demonanightshade :) Its always much more fun to see the update notes come to life with some atmosphere pics :) Rowina
  12. Since a couple of days my 3rd client keeps crashing. i have never had problems before. I updated the java to version 8 and it still happens here is my console:
  13. Fill dye with a certain dye - like with imp - actions that are in the dye group for each sub action to take the same key like with imping