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  1. hi, do you have a size rune? a zinc rune of mag please let me know if you do and how much you would like for it
  2. my first 4 draft traits horsey!
  3. I have the same error page as others here stated in the past... still giving the error after a few hours
  4. Hey Tim, I would like to order 2 sets of Studed leather aromor ql60 and 2 sets pf 8 slot belts please send them to Rowina CoD thanks bud Row
  5. I keep being disembarked off my cog ( i dont have it happen on my knarr). i am from indy but i crossed to xanadu with my cog and it kept dropping me off the ship 6 or 7 times within 10 mins. each time i hit an arrow key to change direction i ended up in the water. it actually happens on all servers now that i checked on indy as well. its the changing of direction that does that.
  6. Welcome To Rowina's Self Service Horse market at The Valyrian Estates!!! ** Updated : 04/03/2021 ** Hello to you all wurmians and Independence settlers in particular, I am here to offer you first class pure 5 speed horses no extra traits! You can find my self service horse market at The Valyrian Estates at Q20 ingame map and 44X 51Y on the Albia Roads Independence map. If you would like to pick horses up while I am around or order specific color horses you can find me online usually from 7:30am until around 11pm CET (Central European Time) (or 10:30PM until 2PM US Pacific time) , Pls do PM me in game when I am onilne. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 5 speed HORSES some of which are still foals: Prices: Ebony Black 5sp= 55c Appalooza 5sp=1s Other horses=25c Ebony Black: 1x male adult 2x male adolescent 2x female young Black: 1x female adult 2x male adult 2x male adolescent 2x male young White: 2x female adult 4x male adolescent 1x female young Gold: 1x male adult Appalooza: 1x male adolescent;
  7. Hello, I am not sure if its a bug or not but i was trying to "make lawn" on the perimiter of my neighnor - building a monument made of dirt and decorating it. The tile i was working on was the last time of the perimiter of the deed near me. When trying to trim the short grass i got a message that that is not allowed on the deed near me (of which that tile was the perimiter). I asked my neighbor to add "make lawn" access for my character and then it worked. I was able to do almost every other thing on their perimiter such as packing paving and terraforming on that perimiter and that was no problem so i figured that might be some bug?
  8. WTB Dioptra QL 70+
  9. Hello, Please add my deed to the map: Server - Independence (Freedom) Deed name is The Village of Valyria Mayor is me - Rowina Location - 44x by 51y
  10. thank you very much for your great service and wonderful tools Asheram!!
  11. Hello again bought 3 sickles from you yesterday. i would like to have the following list too : butchering knife, iron: BOTD 90: 60c butchering knife, iron: BOTD 76: 16c carving knife, iron: BOTD 82: 25c clay shaper, oakenwood: BOTD 79: 21c file, iron: BOTD 82: 25c fork, iron: BOTD 76: 16c grooming brush, oakenwood: BOTD 80: 22c hatchet, iron: BOTD 77: 18c knife, iron: BOTD 82: 25c needle, iron: BOTD 76: 16c scissors, iron: BOTD 81: 24c trowel, iron: BOTD 76: 16c Would love to get all these for 2s since its 15 tools (inc sickles) that i buy from you within 24 hours let me know if its ok and please send them to Rowina thanks and have a great weekend Row
  12. hi i would like the following 3 sickles please sickle, iron: BOTD 79: 21c sickle, iron: BOTD 81: 24c sickle, iron: BOTD 86: 36c name in game is Rowina thanks