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  1. Wanted to know if a Pillar that has been made in a cave off deed, can still get missions to it, if the Pillar is pushed ON deed? or pushed out of the mine it was made in? or both. Thanks
  2. Bump... this is still an issue on Melody as well. Reported here as well
  3. There are currently two missions on Melody. One to slay 113 Blue Whales, one to slay 8 Champ whales. I, and many others have gone sailing around this small island and there are no whales to be seen. Now this being a small island, it would be pretty hard to hide all those whales. They simply are not spawning when the mission comes up. Could we have those missions removed so other missions can take their place? Please and thank you.
  4. I live next to the spawn town of Overture on Melody. Yesterday while on my deed, I saw about a half dozen brand new player show up looking for help. I would contribute this influx of new players, to this advertising campaign. I hope it's a sign of things to come.
  5. Unfortunately, the hamsters were imbued and are running at a much lower efficiency now.
  6. There should be no harm in asking question and getting answers. Those harassing people asking the questions for knowledge, should be punished. It shows their lack of intelligence.
  7. Wanting to see if they meet the requirements and what is involved in meeting the requirements, so I can decide if I want to participate should be a welcomed thing. Don't you think?
  8. It's my opinion that this matter has already been looked at multiple times over the years. The people still pushing for the removal of the Fatigue system are once again beating a dead horse and wasting the staffs time and resources.
  9. You seem to be afraid of transparency and a little oversight. If you have nothing to hide, then you should welcome the interest.
  10. I would like to know what the requirements are to get and continue to receive this deed stipend + give-a-ways perks. Also a list of the streamer players and their deed names, as well as a link to their stream page so we can judge for ourselves if they are keeping up with the requirements needed to continue to get their stipend and give-a-way perks. Thank you.
  11. I am talking about using in game items and materials to create events that other players participate in (groups of 2 - 6 approx.). No dev. involvement needed, at least for the first big idea that I have been mulling over. The event would take two or three hours to complete, depending mostly on the attention span of the players coming to participate. There is no clock running, so pauses are not a big problem. Booking groups is the drawback to delays. No, this is not some trivia game played on the chat. It would be held on a deed, in either Local Chat for spectators to watch, or could also be done in private Team Chat window if the participants preferred. Access for streams is a definite possibilty. This first idea would require a deed approximately 30x30 to set it up and run it. Yes it's all respectable, and public safe. I've not been after silvers, but I can easily turn this event into a "pay to play" operation. That being said, there is nothing that would stop others from copying it and undercutting prices. This is why I've wanted to go with staff backing. Make it free for players that wish to participate. I don't want to foot the bill. My thoughts on a reward are that anything would be better than the NOTHING they currently offer. I wanted to avoid a pay to play operation and thought staff here would be interested in funding such things. I have been proved wrong on that, they don't even want to listen. It should not be up to me to determine the what the reward for content creators is, that should be up to the staff. Being paid silvers has never been part of my thoughts. As for good content and bad content.. it's my understanding that some streamers get their deeds compensated for, if they do X amount of streams in a given amount of time. Who decides if that content is good or bad? Is one bad show enough to cancel the deed stipends? Do they only have to stream themselves making bricks for 5 hours a month to get a free deed? There should obviously be some sort of oversight on the content creators, just as there should be for the streams getting comped. Not just getting 10 friends to watch you for a couple of shows and you're good to go. I don't know I don't watch the streamers, I'm here to play this game. Obviously staff here are familiar with that kind of thing, they set up the streamer network. I have good ideas on how to improve retention with events. But having to deal with creepy forum trolls and or staff who don't wish to listen, has put a large damper on my thoughts. There seems to be a clique here and if you're not in it, you don't get any attention. Suppressing creativity being offered, doesn't sound like a very good business plan to me. It's how do they say... very short-sighted. Thank you for your time and questions. It is appreciated.
  12. So here is someone who happens to have some agreement with me on the topic. Funny how I don't see CistaCista, Oblivionncreeper, et al calling out and attacking this person / post. Wonder why that is?