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  1. Another mission today at the same Shrine. This time for Clay Beer Stein. Same thing occured. I was first there, completed the Ritual. There was no pop up to confirm I completed the Mission and no personal progress bar on my Mission menu. The main mission advanced by 15%.
  2. WTS - To the Devs, a Million dollar revolutionary ingame idea that would promote player retention. Multiple player run events, for other players to participate in. Entertaining Streams for those wishing to watch as well. Contact me via PM here or in game on this account if interested. Thank you
  3. I heard a rumour that the OP has small hands :D
  4. Big grats ! Atlantean - Conan the Barbarian sword name
  5. The mission completed and I was awarded the sleep bonus due.
  6. Have performed Ritual of Fog at a Shrine called Lucks Sacrarium on Melody with a mallet head. The main mission progressed to 15% completed (first person to do was me), but there is not personal mission progress bar confirming that it was me who did it. There was no pop up either. Relogged, still did not appear.
  7. The auction has ended... Grats to Wineisfinebutwhiskey wins. Pls let me know who to send your Rare Haxe to. Thx Edit: Haxe mailed... Auction can be locked
  8. Auction extened by 1 hour from time of Wineisfinebutwhiskey bid.
  9. Sniper protection take effect if someone bids (this auction) in the final 30 minutes before deadline. If they place a bid with 25 minutes left.. the auction is extened by 5 minutes, unless another bid is placed. If so, the auction is extended by 30 minutes from that last bid, and every subsequent bid, until no-one bids for 30 minutes. Then who ever placed that last bid.. wins
  10. still 38 minutes to go in the auction
  11. 1 hour sniper protection is now in effect from the time of the last bid made by Toxa. Any subsequent bids from here on out extend the auction by 1 hour.
  12. I should add that I was the one who killed it. About half a day before. This person was not involved in the kill at all. I was leaving it for a 'decoration', something others could marvel over. If this was a Unique corpse, well that could be a disaster.
  13. [02:03:26] Lunesca starts to bury the corpse of aged champion troll. [02:03:38] Lunesca buries the corpse of aged champion troll. Deed settings have zero rights for non-citizens. Yet somehow this player was able to bury a corpse on my deed just a few tiles away from me. Don't know this player, or how they were able to do it.
  14. Auctioning a Rare Iron Huge Axe of 50ql. [02:37:04] A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. 15s start bid 1 silver increments 1 hour sniper protection No Buy Out SNIPER PROTECTION IN EFFECT
  15. Forest Giant Slay

    Looking forward to gathering up. Thanks all for hosting the event. :)