To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. Chances are you can sail that way if noone has filled any water in for weird reasons. Don't count on roads or landmarks, aside from the mountain range to the north. Locate soul makes things easy if you have a priest with you
  2. Krampus is back at it again. Help me get rid of this menace once and for all. Dec 26th 7pm EST
  3. He's rude and naked. I'd prefer him dead. 23rd 7pm EST
  4. Come to the Kyklops slaying on November 15th 7pm EST. PS: I don't want the locals to hate me too much, so don't mess with the tundra.
  5. Fixed the timer, was 1 hour behind due to savings
  6. Kyklops Slaying

    The area is around l14 cadence, you can see sonata on the upper right. You can just relax in the tree-less field in that area if you can't find the exact deed.
  7. On Hiatus

    Lowered prices and added a fair bit of new stock.
  8. Bump. Lowered the buy price of a few rares(most notably clay) by 5c. Upped the price of a few fantastics by about a silver each.
  9. Kyklops Slaying

    They're not his cherries. November 1st 7pm EST
  10. On Hiatus

    Lowered the prices of ropes/sent at the new lower rate. Thanks for the orders
  11. Wanted: Goblin Leader

    Boss'mon the goblin leader has been put to justice. Our crops, livestock, and our lives are safe once more.