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  1. My apologies I did not realize there were 2 different crabs. I told someone from CA Help and was advised to come here.
  2. Saw something on the creature page that was odd. There was a ? about if a crab can swim. My wife just charmed one and lead it into the ocean. It swam. She left it there. It swam away. So they can be charmed and they can swim.
  3. Trait Speed Tests

    The ages are varied as what is available to me at the time of the test.
  4. Trait Speed Tests

    My apologies for my misunderstanding of the trait. However in typical situations (on land), it is ineffectual. In the shallow waters we have, and on horses that are not hell horses, I have not noticed the increase. Again my apologies.
  5. Trait Speed Tests

    Yes it is accurate according to my tests. If you read further in the post it explains why and what the water trait actually is. Please test for your self.
  6. I have been testing speeds with the new and old traits. The tests are far from complete as I do not have all the animals to do it yet, but as I get them I will update the post. I am only using my results as others might have different quality or have runes on wagons as mine. So I am keeping it as strictly my results. All tests are done with zero gear on the animal. So far my results are; As a rider: The old trait system 5 Speed horses can reach up to 28.08km/h. The new 4 Speed horses can reach up to 28.08 km/h The new 3 Speed horses (without the water trait) can reach up to 28.08km/h. The new 3 Speed horses (with the water trait) can reach up to 25.93km/h. The 3 Speed mules (with the water trait) can reach up to 20.89km/h. I have been asked what is the water trait and why the difference. The accustomed to water trait does not actually add speed that I have seen with regular horses. I have seen it keep your speed from slowing down in shallow water. As a hauler: My empty wagon is 73ql with a 5% speed rune. The old trait system a full team of 5s bison can reach up to 18.01kmh. The old trait system a full team of 5 Speed horses can reach up to 14.40km/h. A team of hell horses with zero traits can reach up to 15.84km/h. The new trait system a team of 4 Speed horses can reach up to 11.54km/h. Once I have draft animals and other animals to test, I will post those results. I hope this is a help.
  7. I am thinking of the same basic design with simply adding a flow of something (say blood) coming from the top of the sail. It could be done like the cloth barding have the design one color and the sail the other color. Just something simple.
  8. Is there a way to allow personal simple designs on things such as sails and wagons. I know if I go to PVP I can get a different kingdom design for wagons, but is there a way that could be implemented for simple designs for sails, or even different designs made available when making them?
  9. I have noticed that many people after becoming premium do not use the small carts for hardly anything and mainly just wait on them to decay. Instead of having a seemingly useless item, why not make it useful. Allow a donkey or mule to be lead while pulling it. This would make the smaller cart more beneficial for farming and for non premium players to be able to haul things back and forth. This is not intended to allow someone to ride it, nor is it intended for animals to be able to be lead while pulling other vehicles. This is simply to make the small carts more useful all around. Thank you for considering this.
  10. This is a great addition. However, I would love to see the donkey or mule be able to be hitched to a small cart to be lead. It does not need to be ridden, but leading would make it better for new players to carry logs, shards, etc.
  11. Last night I unhitched my bison from a wagon. All started walking (which I expected), but one went through the enclosed area. It walked right through a fence gate. The gate has a lock on it. I was able to capture it and thought it was a flook. Then someone today was asking about it in CA Help.
  12. How long r we going to be down this time?
  13. There was talk yesterday of setting one up on Deliverance @ T-11 Cavalier Harbor. Contact Leilue (IG). She was the one mentioning it.
  14. So the horses that are saddled walking off, is that going to be the way from now on, or will it be changed back?
  15. You can name the Bison yourself once you brand them to prevent the inbreeding, but I do understand where your coming from with your question.