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  1. Sickle sent to Garginim, thank you and enjoy the leech powers!
  2. Start 5s Increment 50c Sniper 30 minutes Buyout 15s
  3. Above ground, not hitched to anything, 2x2 pens. AH skill 50+
  4. My test subjects did not get any help from Holy Crop either. 1 foal with 2 bad traits, and 2 foals with 1 bad trait each. 4 tiles from Fo altar (20.4ql), deep in Fo's domain.
  5. Please turn up the foggy weather a touch. With high settings it is barely noticable. Rain too, some really thick rains would add realism.
  6. In 30 minutes, get a free Genesis on your sick animals by moving them into Fo's domain.
  7. My faith is 65 and can come to you. Ingame same name.
  8. You sense that Fo is brimming with power. Attempting it August 25th, 3pm UTC (10am CDT/CST) R-10, New Beginnings One spot open, contact @Jakkuor Smidgen in game.
  9. Does Fo priest not get all the same bonuses a Fo follower has? For all other deities, the wiki says for priests "all follower abilities", but for Fo it doesn't say that. And in game, I do not get the +1 range for forestry related mouseover. My forestry skill is 21, and I am a Fo priest, but I only see the mouse hover info for the tile I am standing on, not further. Intended, or bug?
  10. That was fast, will run to search a box, thank you. Can close.
  11. Start 5s Increment 1s Snipe protection 10 minutes Buyout 20s