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  1. The Temple Of Fo [1932, 2044]
  2. Sprinting to 100 is only useful if you plan to make money in game. I think that enforcing an alt free city would be hard, but other than that there are plenty of deeds and adhoc groups that play like you described. Because they are just playing for fun. Like I main my Fo priest and don't care too much for channelling because everything is high enough to grow trees with my powers. I have an alt to build thing on my deed though and do what I can't, like cut down trees that grow in the wrong place.
  3. Holy crop

    I'm only 40 faith and am close to sonata so I can't make it in time this time. I'll try to watch the forums better so I can make it next time though.
  4. Public Market- LF

    How does a public market work. Is it a deed that has open rights? And what happens to the merchants and goods if the deed isn't paid up?
  5. I installed the Wagoner at the Temple of Fo. on the paved highway leaving Sonata to the West. It still requires Catseyes to be a highway, but the Wagoner is available for everyone to use. So anyone that wishes to send bulk items need only be connected to the same highwey as us. For now that means helping catseye the highwey between the two starter cities and be connected to either of them. Then you can build a https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Wagoner_container and send bulk items to any other waystone on the same highway network that has also built one. I'm hoping this will help motivate some players that have the resources to help, so feel free to share this info.
  6. How do we feel about clear cutting a forrest to make plains where some didn't exist before?
  7. I've been hearing that animal spawns are moving in consistant directions. In cryptography there is a common mistake that could be simillar here and is hard to notice. So I thought I would through it out there in case it helps. Not truly knowing the code base, I fully admit that things are probably working different then I assume, so only the devs will know if this suggestion is helpful at all. Also, I have seen incredibly smart developpers make this mistake and not notice it, so I just wanted to mention it in case it helps. Assumptions There is an array of possible directions (probably wrong, but issue is in how random is applied to any finite set) Each tick an animal pulls a random number n. The direction is determined by grabbbing directions[n%len(directions)] maxN is the maximum random number Issue maxN%len(directions) != 0 therfore the lower indexed directions will be called slightly more often than higher indexed directions. This difference is incredibly small, however every maxN times an animal moves, it would statisticly move those lower directions directions one more time than the rest. So over enough time they would migrate in that direction.
  8. This is from month ago, so I assume you settled down already, but I dont mind neighbors if your still looking or anyone else reads this. I'm at "The Temple of Fo" along the road that leaves Sonata to the west. We've got a mailbox, trader, Fo altar, and soon a caravan that should be setup so our neighbors can use them if they please. I'm a priest of Fo so I can convert and take confessions of you need as well.
  9. How do I get coordinates in game. Or do I just approximately click on your map?
  10. The Temple of Fo will be putting in a Wagoner. We are on the highway that cheezeofthecake menioned on the Sonata side. We were formerly Brakebills.
  11. The highway going west from Sonata is paved all the way to the southern city. It just needs catseyes. I'm the mayor of The temple of Fo which the highway runs through and I nearly have the catseyes done for the part in our borders. So if anyone wants to help make or place catseyes the waystone should start allowing directions between the two starter cities once those are eyed. Along the highway you'll see signs indicating how far to the village that actually put in all the work paving the highway. If you ever pass through make sure to tell them thank you. I only have been building the tiny part within our border so I'm not blocking progress. For everyone mentioning that they don't have olive oil. If you want to go old-school without a compass, you can use your starter compass to try make a waystone.
  12. We could also pick areas already trapped in by highways or planned highways. Drop a sand border along them because that's already a normal look along highways. And then clear out the forrests that exist inside that border. It may be less natural looking, but it would be easier to maintain. Edit: We could also extend the sand border as necessary to find the jump distance of sprouts.
  13. I'm making my deed into a bit of a temple to Fo. But only just getting done with the terraformimg so it may still be a bit.
  14. Steam requires games to Opt in to be added to GeForce Now. Nvidia still has to add the game I think, but could you opt in so we can ask Nvidia to enable it. This would allow Wurm Online to be played on chrome books and Android which I would enjoy. Steam's instructions on how to opt in are listed on https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/cloudgaming. This may also get you on the "featured" or "new" section of GeForce Now so it may provide some free publicity for the game.
  15. For some reason, when I start the second one, the first one crashes. So I figured out how to run it from terminal and saw the error I listed. It's very reproducable for me. But I just can't figure out how to fix it.