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  1. I have had this issue since starting Wurm. It happens on my PC with the ROG Swift monitor with a high refresh rate. I posted crash logs and bumped my thread but nobody ever cared to help. I spent months tweaking video settings in game to no avail. I've mostly moved on to other games at this point.
  2. What about there were no fixes or patch notes on June 10th? What about the claims of fixes pending that came and went? A trident skin is not a fix, sleep bonus is not a fix. I'm not demanding an immediate fix per se, but when you imply fixes are coming on June 10th, and then we're on June 15th and there's no fixes and no communication on when they will be coming, or what is going on, the community which has been patient becomes increasingly frustrated. We don't know what's going on and are left to assume the worst. Is this intentional? Does anyone even care? Is everyone just watching cat videos on YouTube all day? Are there technical issues which are causing problems? We're not asking anyone to bare their soul, but a little communication would go a long way. A bandaid fix such as just adding a temporary base speed adjustment to carts would be well received by the community.
  3. I'm not sure which thread to post in, since it doesn't seem there was a patch notes for June 10th, which was supposed to help with the slow cart speeds. I posted in the older thread. I'll link it here: But the tl;dr is... besides the fact that AH is pretty much... well a little broken, I don't even care about that as so much the fact that my cart is still slow as all get out and the patch breaking it was 20 days ago. Can we please get some relief here?
  4. Hey Wurm team... I've been biting my tongue for a while now, but.. I felt from this reply that we were being made aware that carts would be getting much needed fixes, as they've been going much slower since the May 26th patch. This is now coming up on 3 WEEKS of being reduced from over 20km/h to barely 15. And that's having to make myself a new cart that's low ql, because my existing 80 ql cart is slower than this one. The June 10th patch came and as best I can tell, my cart is no faster. My bison are packing tiles on a daily basis now just about. There have been 2 rifts I have missed because I am not crossing the map on my cart at 15 km/h. We got the apology sleep bonus, but how about some apology cart fixes? I am trying to be very kind in my phrasing here but my frustration level is very high and I really do not feel we are being communicated with or these issues addressed with any urgency.
  5. I really do appreciate the thought.. I have been going nuts here for two days wanting to know if my cart which is how I move my characters around the world will work or not, and there is NO information and no response whatsoever, except "Wait and see, and hope". Speed traits don't help me, I don't even ride around on a horse with just one character...
  6. My concerns are 100% about cart/wagon speed. My cart is down from 20 to 15.8 and my wagon is down from 18 to 13.7. Both 80ql. It would be very easy for someone at Wurm to simply say "Yes, when you max out your animals, you'll be back to where you were" or "No, this is a vehicle rebalancing as part of the animal patch and your speeds will be staying as they are now". This is not rocket science. There should be someone who knows this and could take 30 seconds out of their life to answer a lot of community concerns. The lack of an answer makes me feel like the answer is "This is a vehicle nerf as part of the animal patch and we're hoping that by the time you invest 3 more months in the game trying to see if things get better, the sunken cost fallacy will continue to keep you here". Can't you just literally have someone answer us? Please?
  7. My large cart is QL 80, I have two 5 speed horses (3sp/2dr), 8 80QL horseshoes, 4 have low 60s qoa and 4 have 80s woa. Everyone keeps saying it's your cart QL. It's not my cart QL. It's 80. Everything is ql 80. And my horses previously had 3 of 5 traits applied to pulling the cart, now it's 2 of 5 traits apply to pulling the cart and my speed went from 20 to 15.8. This is a huge nerf and I'm really worried about investing 2-3 months in breeding and grinding to find out if I'm still going to be in the same position at the end of it.
  8. I'm late to the party here but I have to say I am feeling hurt and disappointed right now. My cart has slowed down from 20km/h to about 15.8. I tried with both 1 and 2 draft trait horses and my 80ql empty cart still goes the same speed. I am really feeling like this is a big nerf. My old horses had 3 traits that "worked" on carts, my new ones have 2. Why is it so slow? Why do I have to be back to where I was 5 months ago? I have 80ql shoes with enchants (4 with 60, 4 with 80) WoA. I feel like this is really a heavy nerf. I have 4 paid premium characters and I live in the far SW corner of the map. I like to try to join my friends doing things in other areas and I'd like to bring the characters I've paid good money for. Why is it suddenly so much slower now? This really takes the wind out of my sails. Isn't there anything you can do to help?
  9. So my question is: Those of us who use carts: 1) Will we be able to at least keep the speeds we have now? 2) Will we actually get any improvements in speed/capacity? 3) If yes to at least 1 or 2, how much work is it going to be to get back to what we have today? I'm concerned this patch is exactly what I was afraid of, a nerf that basically is going to make people grind a bunch of AH to get back to where we are today.
  10. The only FUD I've seen so far is you and Oblivion's post which you liked trying to change the subject. This isn't about me. This is about fixing a broken system that people have railed against for years and have been ignored by the powers that be as well as the players currently reaping the benefits of the current broken system.
  11. Location: wherever the uniques are I am advocating for a better system than what we have now.
  12. There is an epidemic of private slayings going on. People saying that they have to do it or they can never get a suit of armor. And then, of course, that it's also a business, and so after they get their suits of armor, they will continue to do it because it's profitable. The core issue here is not just that uniques are very valuable and sought after, but in my opinion one of the core issues is that the spawning is not random. The people that hunt them know exactly where to find them. They spawn in the same handful of areas every time. Many of them have alts on 24/7 to watch. There are rumors of a packet sniffer program that can tell the mob locations, but I simply can't comment on that. What I can say is, the system needs a rework. I'd like to start by suggesting that the spawning mechanic needs to be looked at, and given better randomization, similar to the mission system. When a unique is going to spawn, it needs to have a chance to spawn in various parts of the map, such as the SW, NW, NE, SE, center, similar to missions. Right now on Harmony all of the dragons spawn in the center regions near the "capital" cities, and it allows group of "unique hunters" to camp out and get the spawns. But they can't be everywhere. If the dragons spawned ALL OVER THE MAP, those of us who live in those places would have a fair chance at finding them before the people with alts camped out in key areas. I really feel that these unique camping/spawning mechanics are killing the community. Everyone deserves a chance to play with these creatures. It should not be restricted to a few group of elitists who have memorized the spawn locations and can't give it up, because first "They need a full suit of dragon scale armor!" and then after they do "Why would we give up our business?". It's a business to them. It's about money. Everyone knows that silver = real life money. These mechanics really need a rework so that the rest of us can play too. These things only have value as long as there is a community to play with, and the way things are now, is very bad for morale and in my opinion is going to lead to a further drop in population, which is something none of us want. Can someone please actually look into this issue? If you're not willing to work on making these mechanics better for the masses in terms of uniques, can you at least spread them around better so those of us who don't live (or camp out on alts) in the center of harmony can get some too? Thank you for reading. Rhystan
  13. I feel like missions right now are not working that fairly in terms of rewards for contribution. Right now, we have an epidemic of people who will throw in 1 item out of 500, or 1 kill out of 50, and hope that the rest of the server will carry them to get their reward. And then the way the mission works, is the sleep bonus gets split EVENLY amongst everyone, regardless of how much work they did. This would be akin to people going to dinner and splitting the check evenly, when some people had steaks and drinks, and others had a side salad. You do get karma for doing individual portion, but karma has no value. I have tens of thousands of karma and I've never used any of it. At some point I may summon a corpse if I ever lose one, but karma is simply not useful. What I want, and what everyone wants, is the sleep bonus. What we need is a system where the mission incentive is flat rate for participation (doing something), but the sleep bonus pool or other benefits are given by participation. So if the bonus pool is 300 minutes and someone does 1% of the work, they should get no more than 1% of 300 minutes of sleep bonus. I am fine with the cap being 30 minutes or whatever is deemed acceptable. But I have been doing a lot of work on carrying missions, and it's not right to have to do 50%+ of a mission, and then get 24 minutes of sleep bonus, when the default is 20, because everyone did one item and then ignored it and waited for someone to do all the work. The alternative of course is to stop doing carries on missions, but then nobody gets anything. Why not instead incentivize people to do the actual work of the mission, by rewarding the sleep bonus appropriately by contribution?
  14. It would also be nice to remove the "New Server!" thing on Cadence that new players see. Why is Cadence pushed over Harmony and Melody? Do we not deserve new players too?
  15. I want you to know I do appreciate the effort on trying to do a nice thing for us for April Fools, but this has honestly been a little difficult to work around. I almost died because a miniature enemy I could not see in the grass was killing me, and despite backing up I could not find it. I really appreciate you guys trying to put out a fun surprise for us, but untargetable enemies and people constantly logging on and freaking out someone killed their animals hasn't been a great time for us. Please allow us to turn it off? Thank you.