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  1. 1161, 694 Dreamville Thanks!
  2. Any news on more optimization to the server side to eliminate the lag even further?
  3. DREAMVILLE - RECRUITMENT New and old players are very much welcome to join! In need of active folk in order to create a fun environment! Dreamville is located on Harmony at M21 on the map near the coast Brand new deed with plenty of space (13x13), with more room for expansion I hope to answer any questions a new player may have Hoping to create a friendly atmosphere for all type of players Premium account is not required but recommended before joining EU TIME ZONE REQUIRED As we expand, basic tools, weapons, armour, fast horses, will be provided to citizen once we have a stable on-deed economy We have basic materials nearby - clay, iron, water, sand, moss, tar Contact me through the forums or in-game by, /tell Nosus Looking forward to seeing you in-game! o/ Active players on deed: 4