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  1. The combat update is now a while in place. Are there any plans for more adjustment? It's an improvement but in spacial in swing timer handling and dual wilding I see a lot of improvement potential for balancing and game flow.
  2. Ah the combat update balance patch hit the server. And we get new visuel effects that is great. But over all I feel more disapointment then excitment for this. It was promotet as one of the "big updates this year" and now its waht? the patch notes don´t even contain 20 small points that direclty invove the combat. Its not that I am not happy that things are moving alonge but over all it feels like a glacial past on atacking a big subject or a lack of direction waht you even wan´t to archive so you go back and forth and change nothing in the end.
  3. I have to say I am a bit sad how minor the changes seam to be (can´t say if its really the case since we as players cant see the code and its hard to say how much work it really was so fare. I talk about what we as players can see). I don´t expect a exceptional combat with real-time elements. Wurm combat is more turn based and this make it work well for a game like Wurm but over all we could really need more depth and remodeling some of the features. In the current system I would joke that all weapons are not more distinct than in Skyrim where every weapon is basically a baseball bat in different skins. And in Wurm that you swing in metronome like intervals this bats For PvP one change I would like to see is the removing of the windup time for the first "combat" round. Currently the fastest horse win because the one with the faster horse will catch up and are the one that can manipulate the swing timer by breaking combat more easy. On top its some time problematic with server lag that one party can already hit while the other is not close enough for combat. At the moment its like you Target an enemy, run to it and then draw your weapon and get read to fight. This don´t feel natural or like a good combat opening flow for PvE to. Some love for Dual wielding and a more direction for the weapon types would be great.
  4. Low FS I would say its the 2H Sword not the Axe. Because the additional parry chance keep you alive in the early stages while you still hit nearly as hard as with the axe and get your FS skill fast. On top, you mix piercing and slashing and have fewer problems with glancing on Scorpions. With enchants I would say its still the 2H Axe because most enchants do is "just" a % increase in DMG so the higher the base DMG the more you will notice the increase. And ATK speed have a cap on how low the swing timer can be so WoA is on some 1H weapons not full effective. (These are points I would like to see improved with more diversity and difference in the enchantment effects)
  5. Well we got now plans for the combat update and like 3 months after the Steam release there was a post with some information (but not well-structured). You can sort players in more or less 3 groups: First that are just testing the game out because the over all structure looks like they could have fun with it maybe drop the small amount of money for the 2 month premium+deed and find that the game is in its core not what they want. (Probably the largest group) Second we have the players that like the game and systems and would stay but are a bit lost because the content without connections to other players is relatively stale, and they look for more and want to know where the game is going and if its worth to invest more time in it. Third the people that fall in Love with Wurm and understand how to get fun and enjoyment out of it for them self. (Probably the smallest group) The second group is the one that was lost during all the bad communication of the Steam lunch. And I think this is the sad part. Wurm feels in a lot of ways Alpha or Beta like with lots of features are tagged on, not well-balanced and a really flat basic core loop without fluff around to make it more interesting (bearable). If you start to develop an interest for the game and want to know what will happen next you just read that their are already features ready on other servers that will activate over time and that on the old servers were this features are already in place will probably not get anything new for month. And you maybe get the feeling that the game will not make progress and that there nothing to work for. I know this is not true since Wurm "endgame" is not like other games with a big bad PVE encounter but for most people the lack of direction and the fact of near to nothing of new content planed or even spoken of from the official side did give a feel the game is not worth to invest more time in it when you already at this "lost" point. And then this players slowly drop out over time when their deeds and premiums running out I hope that the communication get better now and we can at least retain more of the people that drip slowly in over steam or other ways and their interest in the game don´t hit a wall of silence that kill their enthusiasm.
  6. Well you could make it funny and do an auction with In game items. "Currency for this auction will be metal forks out of other material than iron. Moonmetal count double min QL 30! The Next one will be Royal thrones!" "10 Silver Fork and a gold one for good measurement to use Retro as a test dummy for the new Combat update!" " I Increase with 5 Bronze ones on top!" Damn this would be funny and chaotic.
  7. Only thing that makes me sad about this patch notse is that ther is no singe of a fix for the Defiance seacreature spawn. Great patch.
  8. Well not really. The most consuming part in coding is figuring it out. Rewrite something you have already done is most of the time quite fast. The biggest problem would be a new engine. The closest thing would probably realize it with Unity, but I am not sure if It would bring much improvement in the network regards (well it will probably make at least the RAM use of the client better) Java will always have a big problem with high amount of data changes in a short time. So it is maybe not the wrong idea. To make the Jump to something else. A Wurm 2 if you want so that is basically Wurm but realized in a much more efficient way and another engine that make implementation and bug hunting more easy. But this will stay dreams I guess. But over all it sounds like a problem with the throughput and/or handling of the amount of data sets given to the player and received by the server. We have to wait until they have to look into it when it happens again.
  9. I think we derail a bit with the meditation discussion now. @RetrogradeI think its great that we get a info about a important change around a week erlyer, so we can raise concerns and thoughts about it and in spacial that we get some basic directions (not like just "we make prayer grind a bit easier" but some solid information even without exact numbers) for this change. Will the communication be keep at this level with a bit more frequency in it? The current mix of silence for nerly month and out of nowhere updates or sparse pre information were no one really can discuss if the changes are good or bad until they happen, dosen´t feel good. How about monthly/quarterly updates? Not for the game but on the information side of things. With content like this: Mayor feature the dev team is currently working on (the Combat update atm) Some minor tweeks that are in the making/balance phase (this would be something like the prayer or imbued changes just maybe not to late) Open discussion points. (priest gameplay and restriction is something that is always in the discussion for this I suppose, but you find enough forum threads that talk about minor balance points that feel off for them) And of curse fun stuff the community have done or is planing to do like the Regattas or large scale projects that are noteworthy from the official side. Stuff like this on a more schedule bases, so we stop speculation about things and the conspiracy that resources and time are not allocated for the game may stop in the community would be great.
  10. Well is this not an argument for it? Why make it hard if it doesn´t matter in the first place? This argument is a one that is only perspective wise a good one. And like already pointed out creation skills are giving early high output but only if you use high material, so you need to have a good supplier or be self suppliant. Both make it incredibly harder to grind in the pure time investment+reward. A smith need a few high QL tools and high QL lumps and be happy a long time with it. While you have constantly shoved more material in your grind and get often mediocre stuff out that you trow away because they are so low they are not usable (or not needed in the amount you produce them). So yeah the gratification is also not there as elentari pointed out since your most of the time will level these skills for your own entertainment or character vision not for their huge benefits.
  11. Look if I read this correctly they normalize Prayer grind. And to be fair it is a rather arbitrary skill even for a priest. The benefits are more or less small and the normalization of this is welcome. Things like global spell and other benediction goals are fare more in line with the actual priest gameplay. I understand that you feel some what devalued but see it this way you have the 5+ Bonus for longer then the rest thanks to the grind so you have done. The rest will now just catch faster up then you expected but is this really bad? Does it effect YOUR gameplay in any way? Well it will devalue the market probably don't know I play on Defiance we don't have a market in our Kingdom :P But cheaper stuff is good for the consumer I guess ;)
  12. While I agree on the statement the 1/3 Skill gain is not a good solution. All the creation skills more or less can be offset by high material. Want a 90QL lock? Use 90Ql iron and pray for luck. Same for Metallurgy. So would it be too big of an issue if there would be more of this skill in game, so people don't feel like they need to wast material to get good results to much? On top the 1/3 is a double down in "difficulty". You need to gather more material for these jobs, so you have already a bigger time sink for your skill gain. On top the Difficulty manipulation is near impossible for creation jobs. Or at lest way harder than for Imping. In my opinion there is just no good explanation for a extra reduction on creation only jobs. For Weaponsmithing the 1/2 gain is for example something I understand even if I dislike it it's from a design perspective way more reasonable.
  13. See even you have a wish for more communication. While I think most of this thread is a bit to aggressive in tone and too much conspiracy about the money we can agree that the way Wurm is updating us on content and development is not right for modern standards. In a lot of Devtalks for Indi games there is always the point of talking to as much people as possible during feature development. It's not about getting critique it's about finding things that maybe looks obvious to you but are really strange concepts for a larger player base. I think good relative fresh examples for this are the current Diablo 4 Development and the GGG people from Path of Exile. After all the critique with D3 they see they need to get more feedback during the development cycle and have settled on a Quarter year update. The people know that they come and keep quiet (well except after 10 weeks they there is this small window where people ask where it is but that is way better than a "pls update us on things" every week) And the communication from the PoE people are top. Of course a lot of players maybe don't read about it and ignore it and the same will go for the Wurm Dev blogs probably. But you reach the people that care that will spend part of their day thinking about it to find flaws in your argument and plans. Ask questions like how the new Y will interact with old feature X and you are maybe go like "oh yeah there is a small interaction I did forget about I was focusing on Z what is way heavier influenced by Y" There is a reason we want more updates on current things. It Its not that we doom say the game. I am sure Wurm will "survive" another 10 Years until someone manage to get a better thing out there then the other copy attempts. But we don't want this game that would be awesome with a large community to be just keep being enjoyed by 2-3k people if ther are millions of gamers out there that maybe would find Wurm great if it would feel more polished. Wurm is one of these games that feel forever alpha/beta and this is a problem that will hinder its growth. It was ok in a time of this was more or less a single person developed game and progress could be slow. But Wurm is out of the phase where we should accept as a community glacial progress without reasoning. Or bugs that are in forever and still don't get resolved (bug hunting can be hard so on this front is always a up and down but the current thing looks more like minimal effort and random finds that get fixed along the way not intentional bug hunting). I currently not really excited for the game and I log in for my Village and the people there at the moment not because the game give me anything. Its more the act of being there for the people that still have fun with it and be happy that Wurm give me a framework to interact with them. But I would have the same fun in every other game with the same people it's not a unique Wurm feature that keeps me here.
  14. On of our guys in the village have checked the WU code a while back for this and if it don´t have changed (waht is unlikly) a Cavetile periodicly run a check and choose one random tile around it. If this tile is a cave wall that is not reinforced it have a chacne to collaps. So less walls aroudn a tile = less chacne of colapsing.
  15. Well I guess the problem for most people is it look like the Dvs don't do ther job. I know this is probably wrong but if you look at the time line since the steam release it is really quiet. We get a few new servers, the server hosting migrated, and we get a favor change and they tweek the spawn algorithm? What else? Rifts I will not count since its basically "old" content that should be copy and paste + minor tweeks. I will not say there are no development, but currently we don't know what the plan beside the combat update is. And the combat update was already pre Steam lunch in the working and they even say that they were thinking about delaying the lunch until its ready (sound like its quite fare in the making?) I know that more people not mean faster developing (The Mythical Man-Month :) )in spacial in the first 6 months were people need to get knowledge of the codebase and working process together with Covid home office its probably not the best time to efficiently working people in. But still, we have a lot of bugs open. Defiance still don't spawn sea creatures is something that bothers me for mission hunting like crazy in the last month (well not the last week my PC is down and I wait for parts :( ) and over all the radio silence for a real roadmap to see what is even the plan with the game. I think most people are quite verbal about this because it feels like with the current direction the game will go stale. Not dying the are to many whales that are enough to keep the servers running but probably not enough to get new content in a good rate to keep the game fresh and interesting in the current market. My Prem will run out March this is the time frame I give the game to give news about waht the next goals are otherwise I am not sure if I will renew it in the current situation since PvP have to many issues to keep me interssted (I realy hope combat update fix a few of this things and I will have a reason to play at lest another 6 month ).