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  1. I was thinking about water on land for a while know and how to maybe implemnt it in Wurm. The only real idea that came to mind would use a similare system then the current split between dirt and stone. Basicly generate a "layer" of water that is above the dirt. Dirt have a "flow" model if you raise it to steep you could do the same with watter just use 1 dirt hight difference instad of 40 for it to start flowing and you shuld have somthing like a natural downhil movment. Question is how intensiv this flow would be on the Server needs since it would need way more frequent updates then the Dirt flow model that is only checkt when a corner is changed.
  2. I like the challenge server idea. Making the PvP server more of a metagame about the kingdomes with less individual hardcore PvP (still more pvp then a PvE server) and the challeng server one that is like the current PvP with constetn resets to even out the playing fild. I wonder if its possible to explore this idea. I personal love the freedom the PvP server gives compare to the PvE one. On the other side when ever I play on it it feels like it would only work if every side had like 200-300 aktiv players and a lot of the mechaniks and balancing break down with low population.
  3. Caping QL on anything can't be the answere. MR is currently more or less pined to starter every deed that that was createt outside is basicly camped down in a month. Caped QL will leed to QL diffrence in gear and ther fore solidefies advantages. Current PvP balance is allredy strongly favored for a win more aditude. The only way of fixing PvP is compleatly overhaul combat, sige and inventory drop. But then is it still Wurm?
  4. With spell gems for enchantment noted in the Roadmap maybe is time to collect some ideas around this, for dev inspiration, from the community. Since I had something like this in my priest mod (that I never started) notes I do not think I am the only one with ideas how this feature should look in their opinion. Here are my ideas for this feel free to add yours here or discuss the ones that have been posted before we make like 20 threads in the forum for similar ideas when we have more details about his feature is out and everyone starts to form stronger opinions about it. (I use the spoiler feature so it’s less to scroll with more answers and to distinguish between the general purpose of this thread and my personal opinion)
  5. 2023 Roadmap

    Well this one will be challanging. One one side the current clicking a lot on lists as a system is some what outdatetd but it works for the slow context of Wurm. Reworking aspects of it toutches on a fundamental gameplay feeling of Wurm. This will require a lot of A/B Testing and iterations to find a solution and in the end even then maybe need to be trowen out. I am sure it is possible but currently I can see how without makign Wurm feels TO diffrent then befor. This is somthing where I hope we all can agree to better keep the current system even if its mediocer then if we get one that have eaten a lot of Dev time but is bad.
  6. Did you have tryed to utelise the underling IRC system in Wurm? You can let the game start a sepereate chatroom and auto join a chat room. When we had at start of the Steam releas like 70 people in our Village I did somthing like this for the "offciers" to have a seperatet group chat in game.
  7. Well then make it a time specific drop. Like the goblin leader drop a slip of paper with a "strange" number. And exemine read "maybe a higher authority can understand this?" Basicly you can open a ticket with the number that represent a item and a GM will trade it for the paper and remove the number out of the draw pool. After a few weeks you remove the timed paper droops out of the leader loot pool. This raffle way could be used later on to so it would be a great test for a system like this and leaders should not be killed so fast that the number of tickets is over whelming (at least I hope)
  8. That is sad, a bit more sorted suggestion then currently the Forum was something I really adore and is probably helpful to find problems and wishes of the community. The Voting system in the forum is kind of ok but not as functional. As long as we don't revive a better suggestion site like the one we just lost I would say we should maybe optimize the way we can use the forum for it. First maybe a yearly feature vote of a few selected features that the dev team has in mind and thinks is possible to add in a reasonable amount of time. (Idealistic with a link to the suggestion that spark it to show it really came out of the community) Second maybe change the forum code slightly to automatically generate a pole in the suggestion sup section on new posts or at least to slightly adjust Retros guide to add one. This simple pole is there to make it easier to get a general idea of the feelings from the community towards an idea (sometimes there is heated discussions over minor things that can look like the idea is more controversial then it really is). As voting options I would suggest something like: Like the idea, Like but minor tweaks necessary, Like the direction but not this specific idea, Dislike but can't really voice why, dislike/don't think it fit Wurm, indifferent. I would still like to have the site back but not if it require heavy time investment from the dev team.
  9. Well as some one who have played a Fo Monk on epic all the way back my answere is obvius :P If only buffs would be easyer to maintain....
  10. So meteoric metal that can be found in Ritual Meteors to? Would be a bit confusing if not with this name. And the PvP thing is scarry since one Kingdome on Defiance currently envelop 60% of the server landmass and thanks to the 3 people that are good at the game but horrible on pvp (MR injoke sorry) will probably not change in the next yea they basicly rack even more bonuses. Wurm get even more "win more" mechanics will not help the PvP szene at all. Pls just let them have no Kingdom effect and only the same expire benefits then PvE
  11. This look some what resonable. Basicly a auto cry for help the moment you enter combat. If you not totally new to Wurm your autofight + 2 Guards shuld be more then enough to survive. I mean yes you could propably troll some one then with leading like 2 or 3 Scorpions to the spot but for the normal Wurm AI it shuld be not realy a problem. From the perspectiv of gameplay interaction this shuld be relativly save.
  12. Grats to one of the mor eniche skills at 100. Waht shuld come after Beastmaster i wonder. Beastmaster allways sounded like the perfekt 100 title but tis the 90 so I am curiose how to top it.
  13. I think this is the right pace for Wurm development. Try to drop 1 or 2 bigger new things (or thema) like exploration, take a few month to polish and fix or rework older content (like Archeology a few weeks ago) and focus the rest of the time of QoL and Bugfixes. I am hyped for the rest of the exploration update. Mapping is a nice suprise addition even if its not realy for me (propably).
  14. Since we get now more Runes on items do they even stack if they have a similare effect? And If yes, additiv or multiplicativ? On a lot of them its hard to realy determin the value thanks to a need of a big sample size.
  15. Hm not a fan waht if you just resize a few times and the mine just get Undeed and redeeded again? On top ther are maybe some short term projects with tunnels that need a deed. You would basicly have to reinforce it again or don't do it during the project waht sound realy cumbersom. If I remamber right ther is some form of tracking when a player was last on a tile (close to it) so maybe with this you could increes the dice chance of a reinforcment to drop when the game try to generate a new tile.