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  1. While I think skill transfare alone would not be a saving grace for Epic it would help to give the Freedomplayers a PvP escape every now and then without the big flag of need new character. On top people maybe join and not realising that Epic is a PvP server with a diffrent curve start ther don´t liek the PvP but allredy investet 10-20h and are more likely to quit then thinking about joining freedom with a new character Same the otwer way around for peopel that feel to restrictet by the freedomrules. 20h don´t look mutch for us veterans but its a lot of commitment and faced with "do it again" maybe drive people away. Like I say the missing skill transfare is not the biggest problem but it defintly not help that its missing. So with the Jackel thing you say you have code that allredy proven to work based on tehoretical skill ticks insted of raw value. And in the NFI we allredy have two seperated data sets that need checks so ther is code allredy to. So can you not revers the Jackel function for a "theoretical tick amount for this skill level" data point? And then just make a simpel comparison check? Like "Server you go old value+(server you come from theoreticle tick size - theoretical tick size of server you go)" ? But ok we still need a good Epic solution in the long run but geting it conectet to the freedom server is defintly a good first step in my opinion.
  2. Well I would have to look if Foals get their roles when they pop out or when they conceived. In first case it would be mean that the update maybe has less impact then we hoped for. We could ask the PvP server people where the timers for new horses is just one day if they notice any difference they should have in the evening of this days the first horses that are complete under the new changes.
  3. Depth of course. But the challenge with depth is how it is presented and layered. Terraforming is a relativ simple system for example but the explanation in the tutorial is a so shallow one that most people miss a few things about it. Cooking is a deep layers but not complex system that is easy to execute but have really low in-game explanation and there fore look really hard. I think most people looking for deep and complex system in there games. But also one that don't present it self with over information or hard to use just because of bad execute game mechanics. Back to cooking, you throw things in the pan and press lore. Over all esay but the micro management for bulk is annoying thanks to the inventory system of Wurm. You don't need to change the system and kill it's depth to make it more appealing you need to change the access to this system to be less obscure and hard to use. Semi-automation like dragging a known recepie over the right container and fill it with the right ingredients out of your inventory to archive at least the right base outcome would be a good start. OK quick edit after reading some of the other responses. I think we need more NPCs in the main Citys of each server. Make the introduction to something more Singleplayer friendly (I know it's a mmo) so they don't have to feel like a noob even if they are when start interacting with other players. Like have a tavern with a master Chef who you can ask about cooking he gives a basic explanation and if you don't understand ask him for a deeper explanation and he give you a task for your mission window that last 1 week to get her some stuff over foraging/gather and ask to organize a pen (and hint you to the Smith if you don't know how to get one). I know NPCs in Wurm are a not liked idea because everything should be player driven but I think with a some waht quest system that act as additional optional tutorial without rewards( so you can repeat them without economic break) around the starter areas we can get if it's used well even deep systems into Wurm without overdo it.
  4. Since larg shild is Held the line (stationary) I would suggest Moving Fort(tress) to show taht you a bit lighter on the way then the Larg metal shilds :P And grats shild is one of the realy annoing things to train. How hight is your shildbashing now? Did you even wast time in using it since it kill one of your block attempts?
  5. Since I am not a breeder and our breeder not cry a lot since PvP Server we can cycle trought one Generations/day I can´t say I have a problem wit the animal update so I paciently waiting for the exploration one. But to Wurm VR I have to say I am a bit pessimistic I'm just a dabbling beginner with programming and gameplay work so I probably fall in the classic dunning kruger trap, but is VR not super hard to do right? I know a few people that work on their small game projects or smaller game companies. While the whole atmosphere of Wurm is fitting for VR in my opinion, I sadly have high doubts that the experience will be delivered in a way that will do its justice. New UI elements since you don´t have a screen input the same way, new input methods, controlschema, FPS need to be stable to reduce eye stress, object interaction have probably to be rewritten for that since a VR control is more than just a mouse click etc. It's not just slap the current first person screen on the headset and the moment on the Joystick and call it done. It is a massive thing to do and in the current team I don't think you have the resources set to pull it of in a way that will make you happy and feels good for the game. I hope the Devteam get in contact with someone outside the team with experience in VR to counter check and iterate on their works in this regard.
  6. I don't look to close on the forum for 4 days and the whole thing have caught enough fire and flame that we get more staff response than in the last 2 month? Damn to late for popcorn I guess. But good to hear from you, personal life of course come first, and I hope you all do well. But with this massage, can we anticipate that things are getting back on track now? How does the current schedule look? I guess fixing the problems with the AH update is top prio but is there a timeframe for this or is it so complex that it's hard to pin down what have going wrong that it's not to say when it is possible to implement a fix? For the improvement of communication, how about a monthly/quarterly Dev report? A lot of Indi Devs do something like this since they can't produce updates in a fast pace to show off some of the working processes, getting early feedback of a few things and calm their communities by showing that there is at least slow progress towards the next thing.
  7. Fun thing from a long-running standpoint, this would be the best. I don't talk about a real 2.0 with a separate game (this would be easier to do but would not survive since the reliable Wurm player base is already bound in Wurm and will most likely not migrate fast enough to keep separated games running) more like Path of Exile is doing currently were they rework game code entirely, to give them self a better work environment. The speed of current development hints of a bad workflow. And if it's not the peoples fault then its probably because they use archaic tools and program environment since some of this code is now over a decade old. And maybe a more modern approaches of some things would help to speed things up and maybe fix a few bugs along the way. But this would need a lot (compare to the current Dev count out of what feels like 2 part-timers) manpower for only this project.
  8. I tried to organise it with the other officers in my deed (short after the steam lunch we have like 70 activ people on deed for like 4 weeks and discord is nice but the response time from the current playing were in-game better for small stuff) like a auto join after the start of the client but it's really tricky to set up properly and never catch on. But the system could be nice for friend groups on different deeds who don't want to spam alliance chat with there bantering.
  9. In a weeker form somthing like this? But this would need new code so unlikely. But I like you list becous it feels like it fit better in Wurm
  10. The combat update is now a while in place. Are there any plans for more adjustment? It's an improvement but in spacial in swing timer handling and dual wilding I see a lot of improvement potential for balancing and game flow.
  11. Ah the combat update balance patch hit the server. And we get new visuel effects that is great. But over all I feel more disapointment then excitment for this. It was promotet as one of the "big updates this year" and now its waht? the patch notes don´t even contain 20 small points that direclty invove the combat. Its not that I am not happy that things are moving alonge but over all it feels like a glacial past on atacking a big subject or a lack of direction waht you even wan´t to archive so you go back and forth and change nothing in the end.
  12. I have to say I am a bit sad how minor the changes seam to be (can´t say if its really the case since we as players cant see the code and its hard to say how much work it really was so fare. I talk about what we as players can see). I don´t expect a exceptional combat with real-time elements. Wurm combat is more turn based and this make it work well for a game like Wurm but over all we could really need more depth and remodeling some of the features. In the current system I would joke that all weapons are not more distinct than in Skyrim where every weapon is basically a baseball bat in different skins. And in Wurm that you swing in metronome like intervals this bats For PvP one change I would like to see is the removing of the windup time for the first "combat" round. Currently the fastest horse win because the one with the faster horse will catch up and are the one that can manipulate the swing timer by breaking combat more easy. On top its some time problematic with server lag that one party can already hit while the other is not close enough for combat. At the moment its like you Target an enemy, run to it and then draw your weapon and get read to fight. This don´t feel natural or like a good combat opening flow for PvE to. Some love for Dual wielding and a more direction for the weapon types would be great.
  13. Low FS I would say its the 2H Sword not the Axe. Because the additional parry chance keep you alive in the early stages while you still hit nearly as hard as with the axe and get your FS skill fast. On top, you mix piercing and slashing and have fewer problems with glancing on Scorpions. With enchants I would say its still the 2H Axe because most enchants do is "just" a % increase in DMG so the higher the base DMG the more you will notice the increase. And ATK speed have a cap on how low the swing timer can be so WoA is on some 1H weapons not full effective. (These are points I would like to see improved with more diversity and difference in the enchantment effects)
  14. Well we got now plans for the combat update and like 3 months after the Steam release there was a post with some information (but not well-structured). You can sort players in more or less 3 groups: First that are just testing the game out because the over all structure looks like they could have fun with it maybe drop the small amount of money for the 2 month premium+deed and find that the game is in its core not what they want. (Probably the largest group) Second we have the players that like the game and systems and would stay but are a bit lost because the content without connections to other players is relatively stale, and they look for more and want to know where the game is going and if its worth to invest more time in it. Third the people that fall in Love with Wurm and understand how to get fun and enjoyment out of it for them self. (Probably the smallest group) The second group is the one that was lost during all the bad communication of the Steam lunch. And I think this is the sad part. Wurm feels in a lot of ways Alpha or Beta like with lots of features are tagged on, not well-balanced and a really flat basic core loop without fluff around to make it more interesting (bearable). If you start to develop an interest for the game and want to know what will happen next you just read that their are already features ready on other servers that will activate over time and that on the old servers were this features are already in place will probably not get anything new for month. And you maybe get the feeling that the game will not make progress and that there nothing to work for. I know this is not true since Wurm "endgame" is not like other games with a big bad PVE encounter but for most people the lack of direction and the fact of near to nothing of new content planed or even spoken of from the official side did give a feel the game is not worth to invest more time in it when you already at this "lost" point. And then this players slowly drop out over time when their deeds and premiums running out I hope that the communication get better now and we can at least retain more of the people that drip slowly in over steam or other ways and their interest in the game don´t hit a wall of silence that kill their enthusiasm.
  15. Well you could make it funny and do an auction with In game items. "Currency for this auction will be metal forks out of other material than iron. Moonmetal count double min QL 30! The Next one will be Royal thrones!" "10 Silver Fork and a gold one for good measurement to use Retro as a test dummy for the new Combat update!" " I Increase with 5 Bronze ones on top!" Damn this would be funny and chaotic.