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  1. The Mission reward pool is quite underwhelming for the effort some missions will be. Is ther a chacne to add runes (as long Rifts are deaktivatet) and Strange bones to the pool? I think they would be for most people more valuble then a shaker orb (at lesat for the WL side) or Sysrill in a amount that waht ever you make out of it you will not take to PvP becous you fear of loosing it in the amount you can acces it. More rares would maybe lead to more rares in fights and more happy people on looting. I am unsure about the Weapondrops on Creatures. Will have to test it how hight the QL realy is. If it comes close to our top smith currently its realy concerning becous its devalue a allredy hard to level craft. On top it conterdicts a core value of wurm were stuff is player craftet. Well today ther will be a few 100 Trolls dieing lets see if i get one.
  2. The Caches you can find have the Ql of the reports so hight Ql Paper is a good start (HQl reed from a good farmer or HQl woodscrap from a good woodcutter who cut down a sapling instantly are a good start for this one). On top Wiki say a shovel give better fragments on avrage then the trowel so maybe you shuld look for one of this. A rare one would be best of course. Then the abondend deeds give highter QL on avrage as well then the wild fragments.
  3. So first this are the compleat notes: https://www.wurmonline.com/2020/10/23/ (the bot to push it to the forum is a bit slow :P) The main problem is that thanks to you don´t need to be a follower from anything but Vynora (so esay time to reach the 20 faith becous you dont shift to often) you have the meditation path lvl 11 from Knolage (currently no one will have it but it will be a option for the first one soon) On top you can do some free romin no fear of geting ganked if you are in the smaller Kingdoms were you are a affinety farm for the other Players. So Playing PvP have a more dangerus edge to it AND is behind in skill gain. So currently the incentive is on PvE therfore. I think PvP servers as a option have a highter reward in form of skill gain or Progress in some form becous its more dangerus to do stuff outside of your deed. I dont think it shuld be huge but it shuld exist so peopel are more drawn to give it a try and be more willing to risk ther gear and some skill in PvP. Its ok if the bonus is not big compare to PvE but it shuld be on the PvP side in my opinion not on the PvE side like its currently.
  4. I am still unsure if people just complaing becous ther are not 100 Hiorses right in front of ther gate. I remember wehn we sattl out for Cadence befor the spawn fix were we was just making a grindingoutpose for our Prists from PVP. and during the look out phase for a good point we were on a mpounin full of monsters and Horses and every one in the kingdom chat was like cring that its allredy hard to find some on cadence and we as a 6 man group are like "damn so many horses we cant ride and laed them all let kill them so we have meat to start" on one point becous no one bother to go to the less esay accesable parts of the land. I don´t want to defie this argument but with the better spawn it shuld be mutch better allredy. Maybe break into some fanced in areas without deed were clerly no on is plaing anymore and do a bit of a rampage to distribute the spawn a bit out? I know a lot of peopel have hording problem with neutral Animals. But on the other side maybe I shudl start go on some hunting on PvE and look if it is realy that bad.
  5. Ok at last now we have a reason beside of MS to kill Trolls or Hellscorpions. Normaly we ignor them after FS70 becous they need to long and give way significant less weaponskill/time then killing sheeps and other small enemys. Would it be bad to request a highter weponskill gain based on the CR of the enemy? Beside they are harder to hit they also often have more armor and give ther for less skill/hit since the healthpool is basicly the same for all creatures and your ticksize depends on how many health dmg you have done.
  6. 100 Scythe

    Oh ther are still some lvl 100 Titles left to name? Do a list exist? And Congratulation must be hard to skill. Hm would be Grim Reaper not be better? Or to make it more punny the "Not so grim Reaper"? But your title your decition :)
  7. Yeah I was hope that you can shift your vote afterwards. Multiple will defy the purpose of this becous all the points are some waht Valid in my eyes but not all of them can be the one that is the most importent.... Well ty to only cross the one you realy think you want to change sooner then later.
  8. The upfront cost of a deed (3 month upkeep+ small start fee) let it look more expensiv then it is. A Deed minimum size cost around 1 Silver/Month. You can start it everywere ther with enough space. (but you shuld chose a location that don't requiere a abbsurd amount of terraforming if your playtime is realy that limed.) Withou a Deed ther is still the posibilety of a House. A House you own you can make rules similar to a deed and people can't get stuff out of it. Same for chests you have looked. You own them and you can set them in a way no one can access them without your permission no metter were they are placed. And I would suggest you continiue looking for a village if you still have intersst in joining one and don't want to paly as a hermit. Its uncommen that people ask for a hight play time. Wurm is a slow game and it shuld not be a problem if you can't be extreamly activ. Just don't get mad on people who have more time and make more progress in this time. Focus one one thing you found enjoyable aninvest a part of your playtime in this skill so you can keep up with them and have the feeling you don't lie the others on the pocked (you never do, people enjoy having more people around them that are frindly, but we humans are quite strange in our selfview somtimes)
  9. I have left Combat out becous it is allredy anounced that the next bigger update revolve around a rewrite of the system to make it more aktiv. Otherwise I would have set it on the list to even if I personal dont have a huge problem with how combat work.
  10. Hi @Sinduskany more insight about the bonus titels give you?At least the Wiki state that some tiles give minor bonus? I allways have feeld a bit frustratet that I have to switch them so often in hope for some minor bonus it feel like unnaccesery micro manegment.
  11. @RainRain psst dont tell the PvE folks taht ther is plenty of unclaimend land and animals to find on the PVP server. Don't give them a insantive to overcome ther fear taht we will crush them all the time (somthing we definitl not do but that they don't need to know)
  12. I like this. I often have this choice overload. Of cours I can do everything but waht I do?. I just run up and down in the Village and try to figur it out. A optional goal would be great. Build a small fast decaying shrin in the woods. Sail 1k tiles and slay a few Seacreatures. Hunt donw a tree taht will only drop rare logs with 5 increesd QL for you. Also you could give some bonus skill that is not fix but use a similar sytem then the skill boost from Rituals but a smaller one of course.
  13. @Retrogradecould you next time include some informations were to finde more from the current lore canon? The Wiki is general not bad but I was sure the was a bigger backstory to the 3 WL and the one BL godees but I can´t finde this things anymore. I know this shuld be fanfiction but I think people need a bit more background for the start.
  14. Well if you would say it to us beforhand the Kingdom you choose could try to protect you. And I can promis a large JK or MR group will attract BL so you would even be a visitor of some larg scale PVP. If ther realy some trolls that want to kill you without reason is this not a situation were it is ok to use some of your GM powers to toggle at lest invurnabilety? No killing just a option to move witout fear trought the server and showcase some stuff. Its sad that people fear us so mutch becous they think that we raid noobs to the ground (no we don´t sorry we have no reason to hunt you down for some QL 30 tools or mediocor material. We maybe just kill you once to steal your affinety but the Kingdoms will try to protect ther noobs in general becouse they want them to become better and join ther forces later for the real PVP).
  15. Other way for quick equip is pullting it over the regdoll in the character window. Yes its not as neat as a quick swap option but on the other side you comlplain about to fast armor swap so yeah. One suggestion cancel the other out or not? You can also equip over rightclick in your toolbelt somthing I use in PVP to swap from my bow to my meele equip without open my inventory. Groups in Inventory help a lot to to hide stuff you don´t need a lot. The Armor have diffrent glancechance and the pure dmg reduction sclaes with QL diffrently but reach a point were its quite minimal in diffrence so its more a weaponcounter massurment at this point (or was befor they changes to steam relaes and with excaption of cloth, don´t know if its still the same but it looks like its quite close to this). The unequip fast to run more speeder is well a bit cheesy you right but you also have the problem of the "hurt" debuff that slows you down if you get dehorsed befor the enmy it will not help you to get safe away. On top Bardings allredy make your horse slower a reason in PVP Barding will not be used on non 5 Speed trait horses, on top you need to stay under your 100% speed wight so more Armor and equip then neccesery is allredy a no go since overburding lower your CR and slows your horse down so you suggest somthing that is allredy in game in some form. Cart give the small hight advantage (ther is a stonger one) but no direkt CR bonus like horse and the CR bonus from hight is lower so its a advatage but a weeker on then from a horse back. Carts are also slower then horse with the same equipment overall "battlecarts" are quite weak they are good for players that dont have the BC to ride but allredy the ML to drive a cart or for hunting partys were you want to butcher a lot. But a troll can allredy be faster then a cart without equipt horses so I not fully understand about waht you talk. The dog idea is quite nice but would need a lot of work since the current petsystem is quite awfull (somthing I shuld add to my poll waht people want to be reworked as next) So as intersting as this suggestion is I would say not gona happen becous of not implementable in a good way sadly. oh and /snipe Darnok from suggestion forum