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  1. Well as some one who have played a Fo Monk on epic all the way back my answere is obvius :P If only buffs would be easyer to maintain....
  2. So meteoric metal that can be found in Ritual Meteors to? Would be a bit confusing if not with this name. And the PvP thing is scarry since one Kingdome on Defiance currently envelop 60% of the server landmass and thanks to the 3 people that are good at the game but horrible on pvp (MR injoke sorry) will probably not change in the next yea they basicly rack even more bonuses. Wurm get even more "win more" mechanics will not help the PvP szene at all. Pls just let them have no Kingdom effect and only the same expire benefits then PvE
  3. This look some what resonable. Basicly a auto cry for help the moment you enter combat. If you not totally new to Wurm your autofight + 2 Guards shuld be more then enough to survive. I mean yes you could propably troll some one then with leading like 2 or 3 Scorpions to the spot but for the normal Wurm AI it shuld be not realy a problem. From the perspectiv of gameplay interaction this shuld be relativly save.
  4. Grats to one of the mor eniche skills at 100. Waht shuld come after Beastmaster i wonder. Beastmaster allways sounded like the perfekt 100 title but tis the 90 so I am curiose how to top it.
  5. I think this is the right pace for Wurm development. Try to drop 1 or 2 bigger new things (or thema) like exploration, take a few month to polish and fix or rework older content (like Archeology a few weeks ago) and focus the rest of the time of QoL and Bugfixes. I am hyped for the rest of the exploration update. Mapping is a nice suprise addition even if its not realy for me (propably).
  6. Since we get now more Runes on items do they even stack if they have a similare effect? And If yes, additiv or multiplicativ? On a lot of them its hard to realy determin the value thanks to a need of a big sample size.
  7. Hm not a fan waht if you just resize a few times and the mine just get Undeed and redeeded again? On top ther are maybe some short term projects with tunnels that need a deed. You would basicly have to reinforce it again or don't do it during the project waht sound realy cumbersom. If I remamber right ther is some form of tracking when a player was last on a tile (close to it) so maybe with this you could increes the dice chance of a reinforcment to drop when the game try to generate a new tile.
  8. While I think its good taht Wurm is not the fastest game Horses with ther 40km/h allredy crash travletime a lot. So I would not see realy harm in somthing that increes walkspeed. Main problem is PvP in this regard. General speaking its would only work on PvE or with haevy restrictions if you realy want them on PvP (to be fair even on PvP I think it would be ok PvP is brocken anyway why not just give it up to balance and introduce more chaos into it?)
  9. Well it is diffrent. A Reinforced tile is propably handled as a tile variant so is basicly nothing more then change one tile type to another while cats eyes most likely handeld like planted items. Its a bit like you want to know who changed a tile from dirt to sand. There is most likely no storage into the database. you could maybe add a fake item into the wall when ever you reinforce a tile but other then this I do not see a easy way to implement this even with being in favor of it.
  10. While I have posted it on the patch notes I think I mirror it here since its probably a better place. Since the hidden point value is really important and to my memory is not only bound to QL of the fragment (high Ql indicate a good get her check but not factor in gather location) it would be nice if a examine would at least give some indicator if its on the top or bottom end. Not in full numbers of course but more in like brackets similar to distance. @jaytoo You think something like this would be a line with the design philosophy behind Archeology?
  11. This is something I understand and also is kind of confusing. You only Identifie fragments when using a shovel, but using a shovel has a higher difficulty so on average the fragments will be lower in value right? I would love some clarifications here if it’s just to basically counter this when it happen. Then to 1. I am really torn on one side I love having all the numbers on the other side I do not think it fit Wurm. So the compromise would be similar to distance maybe some brackets during examine like "This old Fragment from the Wilderness/a Outpost(deed, not deed) looks quite poor/of average Value/quite Valuable/like contain mystery and wealth" At least something like this would be good since to my knowledge the point value is not proportional to the QL of the fragments.
  12. I am not sure about the metal types (if its the last one or the first one or random in the end) but for rune value its a combination of all fragments. Basicly you get a fragment out of the ground with a hidden set value and when you restor it you change this value. When combining fragments the overall points/number of fragments is used to roll on the rune table. So when the Dev say that it have a highter rune chacne I guess it means his overall hidden value is higher.
  13. Well I would counter offer a suggestion that gems maybe shuld be possible to hold buffs (Willowspine, Frantic Charge etc.) to keep it some what simpler insted of bring a whole new system into the game. The Buffing syste in Wurm is kind of meh because of the relativly short durations for huting and the problemsw with inconstent uptimes if you want to buff your troups for PvP. So to increes the useabilety we could use the Gems as a mobil buff system. I would suggest somthing like this: - Every Buff can instead of a Player also cast on a Gem for double the favor cost. - If the Gem is used the corosponding Buff will be cast on the using player (with timer?) - Gems take dmg equal to (Power/eQl)*10 (so it breaks after a few usses with hight power buffs) I think this would give gems a similar aditional purpose from ther current use on top of making buffs more avaible for things like Uniqe fights or solo hunting.
  14. Waht have triggerd this? I mean I am happy for more reason to do archeology but I did not expact it to be a area that the devs working on or did I hear any complains about to little reward from it. But I am inspacialy happy that its now importent waht tool you use since it normaly don`t feelt to rewarding to switch them.
  15. Well its a nice idea but a bit to flawd on a few levels. First is the mangemnet. Geting used to a code base is a week or two on its own. So you basicly allways have half a month of sallery just to put in so someone can be familiarize them self with the code. So huge usless mony sink on this part. Then the way to decide what to implemnt. While it would be nice to have a option to get a more focused development on certent parts of the game the communety is a bit to divers to really get a good conclusion. A lot of PVE players would be happy with a thousend new decoration items. A task that you can propably realy tackel with just more money and external people. But when it comes to mechanic improvments or development its realy tricky since who shuld decide what to focus on ther? Money as a idicator only go so fare. Then ther is the problem of testing and bugfixing. What you do when the scope is bigger then expactet? Take bridges and how long Rolf had to tinker with it to get them functional. How to resolve this issue if the money runs out? When do you say "ok this is good for the game we stop here"? I mean we can't build under Bridges because the redo of code to make this work would need some fundamental changes with the layering system for the world. Propably possible but time intensiv for a small addon to a feature. So no I like the spirit of the idea but I would say its not possible to do this. -1