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  1. Game Dev rookie mistake never talk in set dates if you don't want to go trought a crunch. Exapt when you allredy finished with it and just delay it ot get a good headstart of the week for the bugfixes. General nice to get more news, how about a short 30s-60s Viedeo on releas day that show a bit more how it works? Like a short section at the start with all the activetys that lead to a map. Then how to notice that you get a map (is it a rare roll like drum roll?) Then a short exploration part that can showcase the lands of Wurm a bit and after wards how to uncover the tressure. Short mechanic introduction viedeos like this can realy help as later referance for diffrent mechanics. They are not as good as in depth tutorials but are great to peak curriosety for diffrent parts of Wurm. As some one wo plays the second time on a PvP server you shuld not wast time with this. Not that I would not like to improve PvP but the problems are so fundemental that you would need to redesinge a good chunk of the expiriance to get it some waht exepteble state. PvP need: A clear balanced combat system with clear advantage and disatvantage state so not one "build" emerges as the go to way and to reduce a pure stat check driven combat aproche. Clear information so you can lern out of mistakes and defeats (wepon dmg handling or dmg absorbtions are hidden its hard to say if you were unlucky, used your skills wronge or if its the enemy build that counters you in case you loose or even if you win and you don't realy know why) Short term to no real looses. If ther are huge time sinks in PvP looses people start to play save don't try new stuff or avoid PvP at all waht lead to less PvP engagments and ther for less of a reason to even play PvP. (One of the main reasons Hardcoe loot don't work in the long run for good PvP since you allways force a Win more and loose more senarios that let people fear PvP encounter) All this are fundamental problems Wurm have in its PvP and ther is not a lot you can do short term to fix that. We allways see it in the PvP szene were one group emerge that is good at the game but bad at PvP so they win a lot drive out other players and then quit after ther are no PvP left, leaving a empty server until the population slowly refreshes and the same or another group with the same problems emerge.
  2. Well not if you ask the Knivemakers and the Swordmakers. Somthing was sold as knive totaly based on the hilt not the blade length in the law in the now Germany. This is what lead to the "Messer" a "Knive" with a supprisingly long blade.
  3. Lets give them at least another Week until its half of May be and you realy can't call it early May anymore. I mean we all expactet that it will get delayed right?
  4. If I remember right a mine entrance sraight out based on the lower corner. This way it can be faster to open a mine and then close it with the Strongwall Spell of a Magranon priest. its in spacial usefull if you have not a hight mining skill+good Stonestrik pickaxe. The Favor cost and time for the cast are some what problematic. If you want to employ a Mag prist for this make sure you have a Alter nerby and something to sacrefie for him.
  5. Tile have the hightes colaps chance if its surrunedt by not reinforcd stone. Best way to creat a ore farm is strips with checkerbord pattern in between. Its not likely that you get the ore you want so for anithing that is efficient you need a realy larg scale. We atampt this with liike 10 people and it never realy worked. I think we got 1/500 that was a iron vine. Its way more efficient to look for natual spawns.
  6. Ther are allredy 3 Masons well looks like I am not needed as a 4th. I Will look into provide some hight Ql clay at least for you guys since I like Impalongs even if I am normaly activ on Defiance.
  7. Something I have think of is maybe use a bit more of this static NPCs in starter towns (yes, yes Wurm don't need NPCs but in spacial for this they can be helpful) with short quest that require some items that are easy to get with a bit of time and don't really give high rewards that have basically no market value but maybe help you as a fresh player. Something like this: Coock: Ask for a new pan and some forageable/botanziable irradiance. They point you to the smith and explain how where you maybe can forage and botanize. As a reward you get some meat and the pan back with a new quest that ask for a meal and a pan and explain how to use the cooking system in Wurm (put stuff in the pan and use lore on the oven). He will give you a second meal with like 30QL and your meal back while keeping the pan. Smith explain how to make items with an anvil, for example a Pan (for some weird reason a lot of people ask for this, so this is now his standard example :P) and have a quest how his iron stock is running low and need 5 lumbs with at least 1kg wight. He will point to a explorer/survivalist to help you with this. He rewards you with a hammer a pelt and a Whetstone all QL10 so you can improve your own smiting items. Survivalist will explain how to make crude tools and how to use prospecting to find your iron out in the wild. Also have a short script that look for the next iron vine that is not on a deed and point you in this direction. Maybe a Fisher and a Carpenter and a Vyn priest that ask for saccing material and will cast CoC as a reward, with fix 10 or 15 Power on an item you choose. Its not a lot but alone with like this 5 or 6 NPCs you can create a relatively nice narrative tutorial without doing to much handholding. The rewards are REALLY bad in terms of time investment, but this is somthing you only know when you have more game experience and skill. It helps the loners to get going and figure stuff out until he feel a bit more confortable with the game.
  8. Well I understand both sides of this argument. While personal likeing the idea of the "realistic" hardcore approche I can see why it not work in a persistend desinged world and is only ever successfull in round base games. With the new graves we got on Defiance mabybe somthing like a partial loot system could be implementent. Graves can't be open for 24h from some one else then the player who owns it but you now drop 30% of random items in your inventory and one equiped item. Its still a loost but its minimized. Its hard to keep the full loot idea in the game without give up on the more "casual" players (well casual for Wurm is still pretty hardcore I guess :P) PvP is in my opinion just not fixable with the fundamentla problems in the combat system, the week balance, the general full loot designe problems and low information state to correct and adjust for mistakes you can't be aware of.
  9. This was how it worked in WU. But it looks like WO had a overhaul to creature spawning since then (following a few patch notes and observations). So the question remain is this a shift in wight distribution for spawns or the max number of specific animal type.
  10. @Keenan Just pure curiosity dose Spawncount describe a second cap or to the wight ratio in the spawn attampt for you guys (I would interpret it as second cap)? I think WU did not have a direct count/creature just a general count so I was wondering if ther was a change in this regard since then. Also first would mean its more efficient to just kill Donkys for more horsess, second would mean still every animal that is not a horse for more horses. So its maybe a usfull information to get anyway.
  11. With a word Doc for mod ideas for WU on my desctop that are mostly gamesystem related I would like to ad a System and Gameplay suggestion section to the list.
  12. Well technicly no. But its bad if you work with a limited resource. BoTD have the same effect as CoC but its a combinatio of CoC and WoA so your action timer will be shorted. This will make your ticks look smaller but since its all a linear multiplyer the skill/time will be the same even if the skill/action will be smaller. The main reason for only using CoC and not CoC+WoA or BoTD is to use less resources (like hight Ql metal or wood during imping) since you need less actions for skill gain.
  13. Well exploration is a really brode term. But I think "get your butt out of your deed from time to time updated" is a bit long. Second part of the exploration update include randomly spawned camps. The first half have the goal to get you out in the wild while the second part adds a POI to stumble over it. It's not perfect but if they add more exploration driven stuff they would need to add more not player generated content not sure of this is something we want and fit Wurm.
  14. Yeah I see this similare. Maybe ther could be like 1/5 or 1/10 maps that a re a bit harder but they shuld state it right away so you don't go to its end alone just to see its one for a team and maps like this shuld only exist if they are tradable since you maybe a general solo player and have no problem to switch it with some one who have a few people in ther deed to do this together. It is ok if its a solo aktivety in the long run. Question is do we take the same massuments to the camps from the second part? Shuld they be soloable? Or shuld ther be camps of diffrent sizes? Small ones solo able, medium better tackel in a small group or real good gear, larg one close to uniq level of people? Not to discuss now without more information but somthing we shuld think about to form a opinion when more info drop.
  15. Its actually really hard to design something like this outside of combat. If it's crafting related, you need artificial scarsetie (like games only allow a few professions). The moment you only make it time gated, it will always be "solo" able. On top the reward need to multiply in a way that it's an accomplishment for both players. PvP servers do this to some degree, since you need to focus together to stand a chance against other focused groups. I can't think of a good way to soft force players into grouping satisfyingly. Well theire is some way of resource sink mechanics you could try on top of complex multi profession items.