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  1. I clearly remember you doing that a couple of weeks ago with Xayah when you had MR at your deed. We did not complain about that.
  2. @platinumteefTime to grind some body stam?
  3. Not sure what you mean with "a safe space" it's several safe spaces. If you dont understand the difference between the "VK" deed and the "Aggresive Expansion" one beeing far more advantageous then your to ignorant for your own good. If MR wanted to put down a deed on that location or a location nearby they would already of done it after they bashed the towers. But some people dont feel the need to have a deeded minehop or wait. "A safe place". And yes "A safe place" like that is actully killing PvP/Roaming. People dont wanna go in to JK anymore and i understand them it's a struggle. 3 deeds smacked in a small cluster+several guard towers. Like you could see this morning/evening And yes "Village" is the Capitol of JK but the purpose of that location was to push BL back with "a safe place" beacuse we couldn't keep up with BL in open fights.
  4. Should implement an advanced PvP journal with some rewards PvE players actully want to have.
  5. Can we add the function to mail bows on NFI without using a rift rune? We can literally mail almost all pvp related items without bows.
  6. I have no problem buying bricks/mortars from enemy kingdom. But the work needs to be done on your side
  7. Hello! Im in need of an some assistance. We are in big need of Dirt, Stone Bricks, Mortars. I can supply with food, water, tools. The work needs to be done on Defiance server so a PvP portal is needed. You can go back n forth trough the portal so you are never stuck on Defiance if you want to go back. The rate im wiilling to pay is 1.5s per 1000 actions. If you have any question hit me up in PM's.
  8. Hey! Wanna sell Rare Pickaxe, PM me IGM with an offer
  9. Obiouvsly you dont know HotS rebirth spell, so taming skill is irrelevant here. Making your comment complete irrelevant. You should not be able to embark and disembark to lose the swing timers of enemy players repeatedly.
  10. LFV

    Hi! Looking for a village to join, can help out with farming and other stuff. Would be great if the village has an blacksmith. Questions? Shoot or just PM on the forum or message me in game.