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  1. All sent ♥ Thank you so much, and thats so kind Dainya! Welcome back
  2. Sure thing guys! Sorry for the little delay, real life is somewhat busy today haha Will get it done asap later today!
  3. Nice! I called him myself for a nice Black hood too Hahahah glad it worked out fine!
  4. Hey Vedalkin! These Items require Tannin to be made, I unfortunately dont work with Dyes/Alchemy, maaybe if you send me them I can make it - Also you could try messaging Arno ingame, he is also a Tailor and he does work with dyes Let me know your choice
  5. Thank you guys! Just for the register - Everything has been sent! There your sheets go, and welcome Borinvyn! Sent 6 Cotton sheets Welcome back Screams, enjoy the sail! Sent a Small square sail
  6. Meditationnnnnn rugs to Lolafreebear Sent 2 Meditation rugs There you go defic! Sent a Corbita kit Meditation time for Saahriv Sent 2 Meditation rugs Also a kit for Rodentsofunusualsize Sent a Corbita kit Thank you again Theinnkeeper! Sent 6 Cotton sheets Thank you guys ♥
  7. Sure thing guys, sorry for being somewhat late, work kept me really busy yesterday, now Im back on track!
  8. Sails 20% Need 1 set for korbit,I have 52 quality cotton, we can cooperate

  9. There you go guys, I'll take a little break for a few hours because its soooooooo hot in here, my god! Thanks a lot for the orders ♥ Let me know if you need anything else Welcome and enjoy the Knarr, Valkrr! Sent a Knarr kit Happy meditations Mortanius! Welcome! Sent 4 Meditation rugs Welcome back Craft ♥ Sent 10 Meditation rugs Good luck on the beds/wagon Throkan! Sent 4 Cotton sheets And finally Kellen is starting to sail too, thank you so much ♥ Sent a Square sail
  10. There you go guys! Managed to make everything, time to chill hahaha Thank you for the orders and welcome back to everybody! Let me know if you need anything else I can help with ♥ Welcome back Craft! Sent 2 Cotton Sheets Lots of ships incoming to Ismira! Sent 3 Small square and a Corbita kit The wagon man is real, thanks Theinnkeeper! Sent 4 Cotton sheets There you go Thassadar, thank you so much! Sent a fine Meditation rug and 4 Square clothes Screams also got his sail, nice! Sent a Small square Sail One triangular beauty to Andrewmw Sent a Triangular Sail And another one to Spellsell ♥ thank you and remember to have fun, huh? Sent a Triangular Sail