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  1. As long as this was a toggleable option. I personally don't have issues with it, but people that have framerate problems in fights may want a toggle since the skeletal horse model is more complex.
  2. Hi, I'm not in anyone's group here, I'm just here because it's absurd that you think this plan had any sort of headway in the community since it was only posted yesterday. There's nothing to stop anyone that has the ability from casting a rite, and if you wanted this to be more out there in the community then it should have been announced earlier. You know, like every other rite post. It isn't like it's a surprise as to when a rite is going to be available. If it makes you feel better to believe there's a secret wurm cabal pulling the strings and punishing these wrongdoers then sure I guess? People are going into the caster's merchant thread and leaving bad reviews because people took the high road and linked it in this thread.
  3. I get that you want to burn sleep powder and not waste it, but you went in and immediately started browbeating him because you wanted to cast it. You come off looking like this:
  4. Can quality lock be changed to actually be useful? Why does it scale off of the quality of the lock instead of just being a toggleable option based off permissions? Most people I know don't even use it because of how odd the feature is, and when you tell them how it works, they sit there wondering why it's set up that way. Not to mention that having it tied to lock quality makes this feature functionally useless on PvP since having low quality locks on anything means you may as well hang a "steal me" sign on it. If anything, it should be a number or range of numbers you define. Imagine walking up to a BSU with each shelf configured, dragging a stack of items onto each shelf, and watching as the items drop into each spot based off their quality.
  5. Both of you are swinging and missing hard at the point trying to be made here. If you want to come to the PvP server you're more than welcome to, but the changes we're pushing for are meant to make staying on the PvP server have benefits. This is aimed at the portion of the Defiance playerbase that skills on PvE and then migrates over to fight, since as it is now, skilling on PvE is faster no matter what way you slice it. Having the PvP players live primarily on Defiance is the end goal, and that's a goal that can only be reached if they close the gap when it comes to skilling speed.
  6. I'd like it so that when tangleweave is cast it blocks all spells across the northern cluster for (power/10) hours
  7. No one is complaining about it, the main issue is that there would just be a lot of work needed for rebalancing if everyone can cast spells. You can contribute to the thread without dragging nonsense into here.
  8. Wagoners sit in their lavish camps, filling the nearby chat with pointless dribble about eating and sleeping, only bothering to "transport" goods if their absurd prices and safety demands are met. Think about how much copper you're robbing from a player with no skills under his belt but 20.1 Mind Logic, one who would gladly drive his cart into the 30 slope forest with no armor or lantern for a fraction of the cost.
  9. A fair point, but you're forgetting one key difference here. Most other games don't take the sheer time investment Wurm does. You can get to max level and be ready to experience current/endgame content in most mainstream MMOs in a week or two, which is partially the reason they're so successful. You can join and contribute without necessarily being at full power, and you have fun doing it. That means it's very easy to pitch to friends, as you benefit from having higher level players show you the ropes and they can assist with speeding things along much more than if you were on your own. Now take Wurm. While you can grind faster with tools provided by high level players, the key difference is that on an older server nothing you make on that grind to the higher levels is particularly useful. Your tools, materials, enchants - all of them have little to no value when decades old eldritch skiller beings are wandering around a few decimal points from 100 in everything. Being on a newer server where lower quality items actually have a use breaks up a lot of the monotony, since people skilling up can actually be making useful items for their village or friends instead of making their 40th rope tool to imp while they tab out to play something else. Couple that with the time gap, which is something unlike most MMOs out there. This isn't the normal "Oh this person is a high level but someday I will be there" sort of comparison that you're making, you cannot catch up to these people. Their skills are the result of years poured into the game, and I can honestly say that most players will take one look at "You could be this if you dedicate a few years to the game!", laugh, and download something else. If you want new player retention, you need to focus on keeping them with similarly leveled players. You might have a few people travel to SFI, but the majority aren't interested.
  10. This is the argument I always see ignored when it comes to these discussions. New players are utterly outclassed and useless compared to any established player that has years of playtime under their belt, and to be completely honest, being nothing but a burden isn't fun. They can't carry as much, they can't queue as many actions, they can't work as long before running out of stamina, they can't craft quality materials. The pitch of "oh there's nowhere to settle that's why people don't go to the southern islands" is naïve at best. If people knew enough about the southern servers to assume they was nowhere to settle, they would also know that starting fresh on a server that's been up for a few years is not going to offer the same experience as starting fresh on servers with a newer group of people.
  11. You didn't spent 5 months making the dye, you spent 5 minutes buying it. Nothing is ruined, you either need to buy 1,1,1 dye at the actual price that it is worth or grind natural substances and make your own. You're mildly inconvenienced at best. But judging from your posts, it seems like you're less concerned with painting the knarr black and more concerned with painting yourself as a victim.
  12. You mean you did it countless times before they fixed the exploit. You know, the exploit that let you stretch 1,1,1 dye and copy the RGB values where you normally would have had it shift to grey? The one you said you didn't do? That exploit?
  13. Just because you don't agree with the answer doesn't mean you can keep demanding more responses. This isn't a department store.
  14. This is you just refusing to read what multiple people have explained to you because it doesn't align with your perceptions of how this works. No one is saying you exploited, we're telling you how QL factors in when it comes to mixing dye and that vast differences between your two batches cause the entire thing to shift towards grey. You purchased dye and you want to dye your boats, however you have two different QL batches of dye with the same RGB values. These are not equivalent items, the same way that a 10QL cotton string and a 90QL cotton string with the same CoC cast are not equivalent items. If you want to dye something black then you'll either need to mix the dye you have and live with the grey shift due to the dye averaging out or you'll need to source more high quality 1,1,1 that can be mixed properly.