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  1. Okay, so here is a small issue today. New foal and you can tell from original examine who the parents are. However, on "Inspect Animal" the parents are labeled backwards. Fortunately, with the mother's name this is apparent, pun intended.
  2. It looks unusually strong and healthy. = Misc It has a certain spark in its eyes. = Misc Below quote is all "Negative"
  3. Not sure if I will remember, but if my village is going, I will try to be there.
  4. shovel QL 71 BOTD 64 - 1s 14c (iron) saw QL 52 BOTD 56 - 45c (iron) stone chisel QL 53 BOTD 57 - 46c (iron) trowel QL 51 BOTD 59 - 48c (iron) Would love if you had a ql 51 carving knife to complete my alts set. CoD to Griffy please
  5. Griffin's Rest is no longer an active deed. Please remove. Thank you. 2515, 2966
  6. I am curious if you would make some ropes and halter ropes for Dunkey on Xan to CoD.
  7. Cloudheart is still on the listing.
  8. Flashyoana, F, Ebony Black - FF, TB, CM, SL 2.5s Cloudheart, F, White - TB, LM, CM, SL 2.5s Are these available for pickup?
  9. On Hiatus

    @BleuDid you happen to see I ordered the rake?
  10. On Hiatus

    2.81QL rake, iron BoTD59 - 63 copper ~1ql sickle blade, iron CoC60 - 55 copper CoD Griffy pls and ty