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  1. Noticed a little typo in the game when dyeing a stack of multiple carpets. [22:27:26] After you finish dying you will start dying again. This should actually be spelled "dyeing" though it was kinda funny.
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  5. WurmNode

    All good now. Thanks so much!
  6. WurmNode

    I was just looking at my character page and noticed there is some redundancy under the "deeds" and "mission structures" sections. I thought maybe it was a loading issue, reloaded, same result. Checked the page of a friend I know also has a deed and had completed structures and encountered the same thing there. According to this record, I have deeded 10 times, rather than 5, and did the same mission structure 2x rather than once. edit: I also notice that this does not record my one guard tower.
  7. I have a few skills I could put to use. Carp and basic blacksmithing as well as masonry and some stonecutting.
  8. I can confirm this happens. In my case, I right clicked a line of text in the combat log and immediately crashed to desktop.
  9. Normal prices have been lowered and Clearance prices adjusted to reflect the new normal. Rundown: 4S/4D horses were 40c for all colors except ebony, while ebonies were 50c. 4S/4D horses are now 30c for all colors except ebony, while ebonies are 45c. \ 4D Bison were 40c. 4D Bison are now 30c. Mules remain unchanged as breeding them takes away from breeding 4D horses and is not always a success. Hell horses are unchanged as I already offer low market prices there. Cattle remain unchanged at 15c per.
  10. Statue of Hell Horse - 52 - 10s40c Total = 10s 40c c.o.d. to Griffy If you can combine again to send, I'd appreciate it.
  11. Markdowns on Aged Stock! Half Price on anything Aged or older.
  12. As a hellie breeder, I would absolutely love this. I could see a future change in my sales pitch based on if you prefer good or hellie...err evil.