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  1. The problem with this mentality is in order to get to the place you want to get, steps need to be made. Things just aren't going to magically become how you want over night. If we truly want it to the point where you are saying, then we need to encourage them when they start to head that direction rather than stomp our feet saying "IT'S NOT ENOUGH". Give them a door to enter rather than slam that door shut in their face when they try.
  2. I would be interested in 1 of the BOTD 78 grooming brushes. Please send to Yumi. Thanks!
  3. "Deed it or lose it", while I fully agree with this to an extent and have even used this phrase myself, in this case I think it's more a decoy from the actual problem at hand: the areas where you can't deed. There is a point where deeding becomes too expensive and where do we draw that line between what's deedable or not? Are we supposed to deed a 200x200 area in order to prevent anything from happening or do we hope that most people at least have a sense of ethics? Truth is, there has to be a line to where "deed it or lose it" makes sense, but then going over that line, common courtesies make more sense. We have all kinds of mentalities on the internet, from the "leet" pvpers who don't care if they make a moat around some random deed "for lols" to people who have a sense of community and want to help out every neighbour possible and everything in between. Trying to "enforce" such courtesies is really going to be nothing more than a nightmare especially when players of the types I just mentioned come and go constantly.
  4. It's mostly people on the old cluster talking in GL from what I've noticed, so I feel the extra chatroom would encourage more people on the new cluster to communicate. I do agree with making it optional though. I think all chats should be and are really. And who knows, maybe it's more well split in GL than I realise. It's mostly my observations I'm basing this on really.
  5. The idea is simple. I think we could benefit from having another Freedom chat for just the Northern Isles and one just for the Southern Isles. One could simply be called N-Freedom and the other S-Freedom. I think having that extra channel could help in communication within each cluster.
  6. I'd be interested in that brass plate set for 3s if it's still available. In game name: Yumi
  7. WMADD LatLng(266.862351, 403.75)=Fool's Fief
  8. That's fair. If I'm wrong I'm wrong and I have no issue with that. You're not being rude at all. I just didn't like the automatic "you're an idiot" responses people seem to like to dish out since apparently just saying why someone's wrong isn't enough. Even then, maybe it was my brain overreacting or misreading.
  9. Thank you for at least not attacking this time (or not as much anyway). The main issue I see with what you bring up is that sleep powder is expensive. However, (the right) high QL items are also more expensive too so perhaps it'd balance out? Also, there's a difference here between "hard crafting items" and "items that require skill" to me (and I agree with you on the hard crafting items), sometimes they overlap, sometimes they don't, but that's how I view things anyway.
  10. I didn't realise people were going to be so rude from someone having an opinion. Do you guys want a tissue? Are we able to have a conversation rather than some whinefest? Anyway, I have seen people sit on missions before so we've clearly had different experiences with this. In the past couple of years, I've seen perhaps what you guys have experienced, but before that I didn't see it as much. I view the new servers as the time before the past couple of years. Maybe I should have more faith in people, but I don't I guess.
  11. I've completed a lot of missions yes, from seal killing to making foresters hats. I very well know how they work. I've even completed some myself, making your initial comment not entirely true. The missions vary greatly as I'm sure you know. Some are really easy others are impossible. Some missions will ask for items only a 65+ fine carpenter can make for example, which are the missions I'm more specifically talking about. Even missions that require fight skill are going to be for a select few people at the moment.
  12. Then that's even more of a reason to wait probably since some missions will only be doable by a handful of people at this point. lol
  13. Pssh. If you grind 24/7 you ain't in a bed! Therefore, how are you supposed to have even more of an advantage over the casual gamers who can actually get sleep bonus!
  14. My guess is that it would depend on the missions presented. Provide the wrong missions and the missions are then only completed by a select few people who hog all of the sleep bonus of it since no one else can complete them.
  15. Here's the way I see it... Initially with this game you had Rolf and Notch. Eventually Notch of course left leaving almost everything being Rolf. Gradually more help would be brought in but it was Rolf in charge. Rolf broke a lot of things, especially when he was by himself. Cave bugs would mine in ways that messed up caves. Horses would escape pens, etc. He promised things like bridge which took pretty much 10 years from initial mention to actual implementation. A lot of obvious bugs were never fixed during this time period as well. Player deities started showing up causing an imbalance of the game. WU came out causing a lot of the player base to leave for that. Just a lot of mistakes, in my opinion, were made throughout the longest part of history of this game. Fast forward and Rolf sells CCAB. Now we have a team of players answering to another company. The experience of this team is kind of unknown but giving the benefit of the doubt at this point, it's at least a different group. However, as a result this group has been working on "fixing" a lot of the mistakes made when Rolf was in charge. The real problem I see here is this game has some fundamental flaws from gameplay issues to bugs and exploits. I get wanting new and shiny stuff but I think there needs to be a balance with that. Fix bugs as well as add new ideas. Unfortunately, with the new ideas, not everyone's going to like it (for example, the fishing) and no matter what, someone's going to complain. Simply put, it's not easy being a developer, especially in a 15+ year old game.