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  1. Already reported and apparently fixed for next update Also experiencing it however there doesn't seem to be any actual effect
  2. Hit 1 hour left on fatigue and was met with this message "[23:19:24] The influence of caffeine vanishes as your fatigue overpowers you." which seemed to instantly remove my caffeine effect. I'm assuming this is an intended limit to how much fatigue you can blow through under the effects of caffeine, however it's bypassed by simply drinking again allowing you to regain the effects of caffeine while still being below 1 hour fatigue. Very minor bug, if anything.
  3. Status report

    my number no go up ;(
  4. Halloween 2021

    We've gotta be able to go back for them to get their revenge
  5. Those are some damn fine patch notes Thank you!
  6. More titles, more cosmetics, and even more reason for people to get on Defiance and actually engage in PvP? Hell yeah +1 Tabard, flag, and wagon skins for NFI freedom would be great
  7. I will say, while there may be a good few around spawns, that's not the only places they show up. Found 4 chests on remote mountains months after they were spawned. Perhaps give one of the items as a login reward, and the rest must be hunted for?
  8. nope unless you're on a chad toon vs a crappy toon, dual wielding will get you laughed at and dunked on. Even more so with dual swords afaik only time dual wielding is ever a reasonable idea is if you're high body strength using sickles in a prolonged fight (uniques) shields are invaluable in pvp
  9. Rather than applying the dye to the entire wall as seen here It'd be really nice to be able to only dye the white paneling between the frames, by adding the option to dye them separately similar to ships with their sails. I'm sure there's plenty of other items that suffer a similar issue. Suggested here years ago as well, seems it'd be do-able from Retro's initial response.
  10. Neat. I assume it's imp-able? 10s
  11. +1 Should also be able to adjust height with concrete
  12. Closed

    cod to synjor please
  13. Addy lump to synjor, please
  14. Congrats Keenan! You've done amazing things for Wurm for years, hope to see even more in the ones to come
  15. From what's been said, it seems they want to potentially release map dumps more often than once a year. I imagine next time we see them, they'll all be released together.
  16. Well, the mayor may have ditched the deed but that doesn't mean the villagers couldn't pay upkeep if they were so interested in sticking around. And while they're not alliance-mates anymore, they can still be friends until they have a chance to rejoin.