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  1. that's a good thing. keep any new players wurm gets off the dead cluster
  2. Overall, going about making maps, combining, and customizing them feels great. I can see a lot of people having fun with this mapping out their local areas, as well as some aiming to map out greater portions of servers and selling the copied maps to others. Just a few things I noticed and thoughts I had as I tried things out. The ability to hang maps on walls looks great. It'd be even better if we could make simple decorative frames for maps using shafts. Having a plain wooden border would help with them looking a bit out of place on some wall types. Another cool item would be a "Map Sign" to place maps inside of, and have them display in the world like they do on walls, the ground, and the cartography table. These would be great to have on a deed for any visitors to quickly orient themselves, as well as alongside highways. They should be protected from decay on deed and highway, with normal sign decay speeds elsewhere. Quick example here: I did notice that placing a map on the edge of a wall corner, then walking behind it causes it to be invisible. Not a huge problem, though. The cartography table is really quite cool, nice touch being able to see the ink brush and pot on the model alongside the map when they're inside. Is it possible to have some stamps appear on the model as well, or have more space for stamps inside? Any chance the table could be dyed, too? A bit off topic but a similar table for archaeology would be awesome. Could store a chisel, metal brush, and journal along with a small container for fragments. Think it was already mentioned, but it would be great if the indicator from "Find survey location" lasted just a bit longer. Seems to stay for 30 seconds, perhaps 45 would be a reasonable increase. Or have the indicator lifetime increase with skill?
  3. +1 spent well over an hour a while back with a map, ended up 15 some tiles away from the mark
  4. Down the line, expand on the Camp system with other mob types like Trolls, Giants, Hell and Valrei Creatures, etc. With Goblin Camps, include a low chance for a Goblin Leader to spawn, a chance for the Troll King in Troll Camps, while Kyklops and Forest Giants could bring a small creature expansion for their own versions. Dragons could be done too, spawning them in caves with a hoard with whelps or kobolds fighting alongside them. These would be looked at as expansions to the Camp system, offering more diversity, difficulty, and stylized rewards (decorations, skins) down the line. The various camps having a chance to spawn a unique among them would also give players an additional opportunity to engage with one outside of partaking in the hunt with the current system. Or, a Unique spawned in our current system could eventually setup a camp if it's alive on the surface long enough. Should these camp uniques offer the same loot as the current ones, any potential tome/bone could be rewarded in full (or divided as fragments) based on whatever participation metric is being used, whether it be damage dealt, kill count, etc. Each camp that spawns wouldn't be guaranteed to house a unique, but a small chance to further spice up the encounters would drive more players to participate and gather others to help.
  5. Glad to see this, hope some good stuff comes out of it!
  6. I don't believe this was ever specifically stated somewhere, unless I somehow missed it. They just have far more important things to focus on, as opposed to fixing the issues Jackal faced and running it again.
  7. Praise to making rifts actually somewhat bearable \o/ Any chance the rift point rewards will be looked at? Only real worthwhile one is the shatter prot, shoulder pads are generally just looked at for cosmetics
  8. "Jadewood Inlet" 1084,287
  9. +1 but in a perfect world, we could select what we want to dispel!
  10. Definitely think it would be best if all players can receive rewards even if they're not following the god, but give followers/priests of the faith increased rates/bonuses
  11. Wow, certainly not something I was expecting, but a very cool addition! Are these sites intended to act as longer term areas, provided they're maintained by players against the corruption or will they move around often even with maintenance?
  12. The spawn should still be unannounced as it keeps the random chance of stumbling across getting chased down by a unique, and obscures the exact spawn time. The announcement should come at a random point, some time after the spawn. Anywhere from 2-7 days after?
  13. Any chance we could draw a map, bury a treasure, then give another player the map to hunt?
  14. POK 11 for all paths keeps the "problematic" bonuses out, and keeps pvpers on the pvp server grinding. Simplest solution seems to be the best, no?