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  1. haha, implying they're actually working on something get ripped by performing 20k physical digging actions
  2. The big jerk also made invisible items to try to prevent us from trapping him! Kill the witch Kyklops!
  3. Switch gaming

    Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are easy recommendations for anyone really, if you haven't played them yet somehow. Can second No More Heroes, as well as Spyro Trilogy if you want some nostalgia. No Straight Roads was decent, but being part rhythm game you'll want earbuds in to play on the go. Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Golf Super Rush are easy to kill 10 minutes with. Octopath Traveler and Xenoblade Chronicles are great too
  4. Don't worry guys Game Chest is investing Wurm's income in more Roblox companion apps! We're in great hands!
  5. So ya did nothing for the 1 year anniversary of the steam cluster Could we at least get the map dumps now?
  6. Yes, all of those players quit because wurm lacks microgames. Lmao No wonder people don't take your "suggestions" seriously. You're basically walking into a small, established business, exclaiming to its patrons that it sucks and should be some other thing entirely, then acting confused when they tell you to go elsewhere. Wurm is a laid back, barely-engaging sandbox mmo. That isn't going to change. As others have said before, you clearly don't like that, so go elsewhere.
  7. they were spoonfed the idea of holding a celebration event for ingame year 1100 and still missed it demona went out of her way to hold a trivia contest herself which was nice, but it's clear those in charge have no interest or ability to reinvest and develop this game further.
  8. parent company is just milking and maintaining the game as cheaply as they can to fund their next failed gambling venture never getting another dollar out of me lol
  9. Perhaps star gems could be used to store faith up to their max ql, then be used to restore a toon to that faith at a later time. make them untradeable/nodrop of course (when they have any amount of faith stored)
  10. add a dunce cap too pls its for me not the donkeys don't worry
  11. Nim for sure. woa is wasted on a staff, especially if you're in aggressive.
  12. Likely a private test server for devs/staff, not the one we can access occasionally.
  13. Demona did provide some great information regarding horse speeds in GL earlier. "[23:36:44] <Demonanightshade> 55 gets you all speed traits." 55 points, which is 55 AH, is enough to fit all speed traits onto an animal. The rare speed trait doesn't cost any points. "[00:00:08] <Demonanightshade> So, I went onto test. Recreated my exact horse gear on an identical horse to mine in game except with the new speed traits, made sure my inventory was the same weight, etc. In game I reached 35.29kmh on my horse. On test, with the speed traits there, got up to 42.49kmh, all flat ground, no slopes. That DOES include the rare speed trait, and even without that it reaches the same speed because the rare trait just makes it so all speed traits are always active (like hell horses.)" Of course, I'm unsure what speeds her original horse was seeing prior to the update, however I imagine a permanent 42kmh speed on flat terrain is an upgrade. This may suggest carts/wagons will also go back up to, or even exceed pre-patch speeds once we begin fitting them with the appropriate animals/traits. Thanks for the info Demona, definitely glad to see we can achieve faster speeds to make up for the extra effort!