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  1. buyout, to Synjor please
  2. I noticed a long while ago, the in-game map for Melody has a tiny, tiny dot at K21 labelled "Broccoli Hills." At first I thought this was an alliance annotation, but after disabling them it remained. I then checked alts and the annotation was there for them, too. My assumption is that "Broccoli Hills" was originally going to be an alternate (or the only?) Starter Town on Melody. Maybe the GM's changed their minds after they realized how terrible of a spot it was due to the horrendous terrain, but the marker remains. Or is it the only remaining evidence of GM's dealing highly addictive Sleep Powders to the young population of the Northern Freedom Isles? Any staff have an answer to sate my curiosity?
  3. Ideal solution in my eyes would be to just make it so pets aren't instantly targeted by mobs at all, but that's been asked for who knows how many times and hasn't been touched. Would maintain the requirement for taming, which is a good point when it comes to champs. Would be way too strong to not have to tame them to ride. Unicorns should be adjusted to work as a middle ground between horses and hellies
  4. Their biggest issue is their requirement to be tamed to ride. Any mob that would normally target you instead targets your mount, and unicorns can get dunked quick; and no option for barding really sucks. Should just make it so bred unicorns don't have to be tamed to be ridden. And let them wear bardings?
  5. Can see in the above picture, the tiles are displaying sand along the outside edge despite it filling the tile in with grass. Still displays with different tile types and different graphical settings
  6.,7076 should be here
  7. The ballistae skill was removed, with cartography taking its place in terms of food affinities.