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  1. Year of 1100

    A nice goodie bag!
  2. pretty sure that one is only for the leather adventurer hat
  3. Could you clarify; is there plans to adjust combat further in an effort to make it less random? Streamlining combat encounters, in a way? Also, is there any chance dual wielding could be looked at as well? Best piece of news here, I'd say. Once acquainted and settled, it'd be awesome to know a little about them as well as what they'll be focused working on!
  4. Always fast, great work and extremely helpful Will be back time and time again
  5. Definitely some solid ideas. Would be great if rare+ arrows were unbreakable or at least had a much greater resistance to breaking Archery needs some love overall, honestly
  6. This wasn't a change done to attract new players, no one comes into this game and thinks "damn, i'd love that prayer skill if it weren't so hard to grind." This change was necessary as the grind was absolutely ridiculous, not a "challenge." As long as they don't start touching every skill that gets complained a bit about like weaponsmithing, this is fine. Fix skills that can really only be trained through creation, too.
  7. I've had a lunchbox around 40ql explode a freshly made breakfast with salt in like 5 hours. There's likely something wrong with 'em, they're a total waste even if you just consider these situations unlucky.