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  1. Praise to making rifts actually somewhat bearable \o/ Any chance the rift point rewards will be looked at? Only real worthwhile one is the shatter prot, shoulder pads are generally just looked at for cosmetics
  2. "Jadewood Inlet" 1084,287
  3. +1 but in a perfect world, we could select what we want to dispel!
  4. Definitely think it would be best if all players can receive rewards even if they're not following the god, but give followers/priests of the faith increased rates/bonuses
  5. Wow, certainly not something I was expecting, but a very cool addition! Are these sites intended to act as longer term areas, provided they're maintained by players against the corruption or will they move around often even with maintenance?
  6. The spawn should still be unannounced as it keeps the random chance of stumbling across getting chased down by a unique, and obscures the exact spawn time. The announcement should come at a random point, some time after the spawn. Anywhere from 2-7 days after?
  7. Any chance we could draw a map, bury a treasure, then give another player the map to hunt?
  8. POK 11 for all paths keeps the "problematic" bonuses out, and keeps pvpers on the pvp server grinding. Simplest solution seems to be the best, no?
  9. 2017 was a hatchling, he lives on \o/ He's probably lonely, perma penned in a cave somewhere lol
  10. Bump, big lump of scale for anyone looking to make a set