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  1. Some of the best services out there. Very quick and friendly, 100% recommend
  2. I was told they want to do it but they want to find a way to do so without destroying the resale market. Personally, I feel the skins should be looked at for their value in player customization, rather than their extremely inflated value in a very very small market; a market so small, you ask yourself "are there even any tokens left out there?!" There's also the issue of NFI players seeing the skin in the growing list on the wiki, looking to buy it, only to then find out that it was never available to anyone on their cluster. The only other suggestion I can think of to eliminate the market impact of a rerun, would be to render a reran skin untradeable. But that seems highly unnecessary to me, considering skins would still maintain a solid value after they've become unavailable for purchase again, and could even be bumped up to 1.5x cost. But again, why are we so concerned with maintaining a cosmetic skins value in a currency that it wasn't even sold for to begin with
  3. Aaaand another bump Randomly select a skin older than 1 year and sell it for 1.5x the original value alongside that months new skin!
  4. Quite early for me too, sorry mate D;