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  1. Another thing I was thinking that might promote fighting, roaming, hunting, exploration, etc would be a random roll after each creature kill to have it drop an item. example: unicorn dies-roll1(raredrop)-roll2(rareity)-roll3(item)-roll4(ql) rare drop roll: 1-95 = no item, 96-100 = item rareity roll: rare is 1-700, supreme 701-990, and 991-1000 for fantastic item: each loot table item would be given a number 1-XX quality: 1-100 roll say small anvil loot table item number is 17 ex1: Unicorn dies- rolls 97, rolls 594, rolls, 17, rolls 86 = Rare 86 ql small anvil ex2: Unicorn dies - rolls 99, rolls 803, rolls 17, rolls 4 = Supreme 4ql small anvil ex3: Unicorn dies - rolls 100, rolls 1000, rolls 17, rolls 100 = Fantastic 100ql small anvil these numbers are just an example and subject to change.
  2. I think with everyone roughly being the same makes wanting to go out looking for someone have less attraction. Remove/(reduce priest penalties) or add situational and multifaceted single use spells, these spells require components to make and the ending ql is the power. they require at least a normal staff equipped to apply (add like a special box where you can put items in and depending on the assortment of items it give you an item. you need multiple items to combine in the end to create the spell. (these would be single use spells, on a light wt paper (0.5WT) ; Power=QL). Mini unique-like random spawns require about 4-10 70+fs accounts. special loot table with repairable, but not improvable items. (saccable) Lesser unchargable artifacts that give event message 100% of the time while passing over the tile, that go back in the ground 48 hours after butchered to get people out looking/roaming. No champion pets pop tabs at 21 body control - if you can ride a horse, you can drop an affinity/pop death tabs. no deeds and reduced skill gain buff on start islands, these should be used to learn and improve basics skills, and introduce yourself to the kingdom. safe but not home, they are called starter islands for a reason. personal daily quests to kill enemy kingdom animals/tower guards that give like yellow potions, 1 use spells but can give rares, supremes etc. The main thing is you should be able to gain skill faster in lands where other players can kill you. don't nerf on deed skilling but promote off deed skilling. If you can't get a bonus for killing people off deed, you really need one for killing people on deed.
  3. its about time we get official info on how you want us to play so we can easily distinguish between an exploit and intended. it'll take awhile to get everything, so get to work.
  4. maybe try separating them with a gates
  5. I would like to add I have noticed a handful of super spawn locations. They don't appear to be spawn where other animals aren't but instead mainly at those locations. What is the north like? We still have many "dead" forests and open spaces in southern regions.
  6. that's how ours had been since the start, give it some time see if it evens out.
  7. Thanks for dealing with the creatures.