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  1. Update: This problem still exists, with the same numbers as in my previous posts above.
  2. Holy Crop Rdy

    Holy Crop is being cast on the big eastern island on Harmony today (in an hour or so), at Laevendell (JK23). Please let Leaflife or me know in game (Naeri) or on Discord (Limewood) if you're joining.
  3. WMADD LatLng(343.622471, 630.25)=Laevendell ; Mailbox, Path of Love tile
  4. I recently came upon a specific problem in Wurm - the white dye does not make things white, instead it's pretty much transparent. I'm not sure why it works this way, but I guess it's for a technical reason, to make other colours work better. To solve this issue perhaps whitewash could be used specifically for very white dye (on house walls, at least). Whitewash could be made with ground limestone plus water. Limestone could either be a new vein type (perhaps with new building options from limestone as well) or something you could get occasionally from rock tiles, like flint.
  5. Have you seen this?
  6. I also found now that a bad trait (and the only trait) - unmotivated - on one of my horses was not removed with the previous Holy Crop cast and I live on the north-west coast of the big eastern island on Harmony (J-K23), north part of the map (I get green grapes). The horse was checked by KatsPurr with 41+ animal husbandry before the cast, noting that the horse only had the unmotivated trait and I was today able to check it again with 31 AH and found that it is still there. The pen is generously covered by the influence of Fo and the altar (wooden) is above ground. Will a bad trait be removed on the animals that were unaffected by the last Holy Crop (if that can even be tracked down) or will we have to wait for the next Holy Crop (they are not that far between on Harmony, after all)?
  7. Could I order the following, please? The mailbox that needs to be enchanted is at Laevendell, top of K23, on the east island by the coast. Message Naeri when you're getting near (online at CEST times). Maybe the priest can bring the horse and the toolbelt when they come over? Otherwise I'll be up to collect them at a different time. Horse: Callgrey, Young Foal, Female, Strong and Healthy, Certain Spark - 60c Toolbelt: 50ql - 1s Fo service: Courier - 1s for a successful cast (East Coast Harmony Only)
  8. It's also cheaper to buy 5 silver (€6,49) and 1 month of premium (€7,99) separately (total of €14,48), rather than buy the bundle with the same (€15,49). I'm not sure this was intended.
  9. I created a secondary low graphics settings profile on my laptop, as I want it to run cooler in the current heat, but the selected settings profile is not persisted in the launcher, so it's very easy to get the wrong profile selected. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create a new settings profile from inside the client (mine is called 'low') and save it. 2) Quit the game and start the launcher (not changing the profile). 3) Check which settings profile is set in the launcher. Expected: The last selected settings profile from inside the client should be selected in the launcher. Actual: The profile previously selected in the launcher is selected. EDIT: I noticed that if the problem was different from what I initially thought. The problem is actually that the launcher does not remember (or get notified of) a change in settings profile that you do in the client. If you select the profile in the launcher, it is correctly set in the client and persisted in the launcher as well. This is of course a very minor problem, even more minor than what I thought the issue was before.
  10. Decided to try installing Ubuntu 19.10 instead to see if it made a difference and the launcher works without problems. The client also seems to work fine, so it was probably a problem with the libstdc++6 library version (version 10-20200411 for 20.04 and 9.2.1 in 19.10). Not sure what can be done about it in the client/launcher, but at least Ubuntu users can know to avoid updating to 20.04 until it works.
  11. Installing the game in /opt instead of the normal Steam location (in my home folder), yielded a crash report notification with the following information (among other things): Title: WurmLauncher crashed with SIGSEGV in LauncherApp::OnInit() SegvAnalysis: Segfault happened at: 0x1641a60: add %al,0x64(%rdx) PC (0x01641a60) in non-executable VMA region: 0x0153b000-0x01751000 rw-p [heap] source "%al" ok destination "0x64(%rdx)" (0x7f00546eb754) in non-writable VMA region: 0x7f00546e3000-0x7f00546ee000 r--p /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ SegvReason: executing writable VMA [heap] writing VMA /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ Signal: 11 StacktraceTop: ?? () LauncherApp:OnInit (this=0x1588dd0) at ../LauncherApp.cpp:216 wxEntry(int&, wchar_t**) () main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at ../LauncherApp.cpp:62
  12. I'm also having this problem, both with the standalone launcher and the Steam launcher, they both crash with a segmentation fault. If I run the Wurmlauncher executable with sudo, it starts a download, but for the Steam version it can't find the Steam API (which makes sense) and the standalone launcher complains about not finding a file with no name. Also on Ubuntu 20.04. Works fine on another computer running 19.10.
  13. Tried reinstalling Steam as well as the game again, still the same issue. Updated the graphics drivers to version 450, still crashes. Found out some more info using valgrind on the Wurm Online launcher from the website (just launching it causes the same crash as the Steam launcher): After a download progress bar dialog, I get a dialog with the error: "can't open file '' (error 2: No such file or directory)". The first time I got another dialog as well that says "Failed to update Java runtime. Check your internet connection and firewall settings, or try downloading the game again at".
  14. I'm connected to a residential fiber network (over WiFi), via an AP extender, but I also tried connecting directly to the network and had the same issue. The firewall is set up to accept on all ports. I can't find any logs and since I can't log in, as the game crashes before the launcher shows up, the local install doesn't know about my character. I'm using this computer in a different location and I'm unsure about which ISP the network belongs to, but I haven't changed the DNS, it should be the default ISP DNS. I'm not using a remote desktop connection. I did found out something new at least - when I tried to run the WurmLauncher executable with sudo (root privileges), it started an update, but after the update was complete, I got the error that Steam was not found (as I was running it outside of Steam). Thank you so much for your help! Due to the update working with sudo, I'm thinking it may have something to do with file permissions, but I installed Steam the regular way and Wurm Unlimited works fine. Wurm Online still crashes before the launcher shows up if I try to launch it through Steam.