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  1. Since the first time premium bundle was fixed now, could this be looked into as well? This has been showing players misleading information for two years now. Needed fixes: 1) Change 10 silver price comparison from 1.1 € per silver to 1.3 € per silver. 2) Lower the price of the 1 month premium & 5 silver coins bundle to less than 14,48 €.
  2. I have seen a similar system in another game I played and it was fantastic and not abused that I heard of, however that game does not have combat/dying. You pose a very valid point that I didn't consider, since I haven't really encountered any trolls in Wurm, everyone I've met has been friendly and helpful. Perhaps the portal on Haven could check the exit portal for aggressive mobs, if the exit area is fenced in, contains thorn bushes etc. (other people would know what would be needed better than I do)? Alternatively, the part about new players being able to teleport to portals instead of starter towns could be omitted, since the important part of this suggestion is about getting helpful mentors to Haven in an accessible way. As for people going to Haven to misinform or mislead new players, if people are around regularly hopefully there would be more than one mentor on the server. However, for times when there aren't, perhaps any established player who goes to Haven (and so gets the title of 'Mentor') also gets access to the Haven chat channel at all times, even when not on the island. It might feel nicer for new players to have mentors' characters on Haven as well when going through the tutorial, so the mentor can see what they're doing and guide them better, but having access to the chat at all times is a good idea. This channel could perhaps also show a chat line (in a different colour) to notify mentors outside of Haven when a new player enters Haven, so they know when they might be needed. [Updated main post to add some of this]
  3. When new players start in the tutorial they might sometimes get confused, misunderstand something or just feel alone. This suggestion aims to allow experienced players to help new players in an accessible way and help new players feel like they're welcome and valued. Haven Portal With this idea any established (premium?) player would get the option to build a Haven Portal (not costing too many materials). This is a new portal structure, like a PvP portal, that can be built on/off deed and that can by default be used by anyone. When you use the portal you will be transported to Haven (the tutorial server) in a spirit form, without any items (maybe armour could be allowed). Mentor status In this spirit form you can only move around Haven and chat, you cannot pick anything up, nor drop anything, nor interact with anything (except passing through gates, doors etc.). You will also have an additional title "Mentor" while on the tutorial server (maybe it could become an title you can use also outside of the tutorial server after you've visited Haven in spirit form at least once, to let other players know you're open to help after the tutorial as well). When you want to go back you can use a portal on Haven and you will be returned to the portal you used to go there (or the location where it was, in case it has decayed). Being on the tutorial server means you can help out new players with any questions they might have and optionally the new player could get the option of going to a mentor's portal instead of to a starter town when they leave Haven (not sure about the implementation details about this option, but maybe it would show options on the portal for any mentors that have been on Haven at the same time as the player?). This option could help people to spread out to find more of the "wild" areas to settle in or find settlements to join. The portal would have an option to disallow new players from entering the server at this portal (thanks, DaletheGood). If there are dangers outside of the exit portal (aggressive mobs, thorns, fenced in area) the option could be disabled for that exit with a message showing the reason (and maybe reporting the issue automatically to the mods in some cases, if it is obviously malicious). The option for new players to teleport to Haven portals instead of starter towns could of course also be excluded, as the focus of this suggestion is to bring mentors to new players. Haven chat channel When an established player goes to Haven (and so gets the title of 'Mentor') they also get access to the Haven chat channel at all times, even when not on the island. It might feel nicer for new players to have mentors' characters on Haven as well when going through the tutorial, so the mentor can see what they're doing and guide them better, but having access to the chat at all times could be helpful for monitoring and answering questions that mentors on Haven might not have an answer for. This channel could also show a chat line (in a different colour) to notify mentors outside of Haven when a new player enters Haven, so they know when they might be needed. Reward I think many players would volunteer their time without any additional reward, but optionally new players could (when going premium?) note who helped them the most and that mentor would get mentor points, that could, when accrued, be used to purchase cosmetic rewards (or something else that would not be necessary for anyone to get and would not affect gameplay). Edited to include DaletheGood's proposal below, as well as additions in response to other good feedback in the thread.
  4. Leveling (hot food) cooking skill is currently very click-drag-intensive and very dull, requiring you to make the same dish over and over. This suggestion is about adding an additional way to gain skill that trades simple, dull work for complicated, interesting gameplay. With this change, when you discover a new cooking recipe, you get a guaranteed skill tick which is a lot bigger than normal (how big would be up to the devs, but I'm thinking it should be considerable). The idea is that if you'd rather gather lots of different ingredients and experiment with cooking to find different recipes you should be rewarded for it and at the same time lessening the pain-staking cooking grind (saving everyone's fingers). If the food you discover gives baking, beverages skill etc. then the bonus would be towards that skill, of course. Since you can only discover each recipe once I feel like this should not make leveling cooking skills too easy.
  5. Thank you very much for the extremely quick delivery!
  6. Pickaxe CoC 90 WoA 60 Please send CoD to Naeri on Harmony, thank you!
  7. Just another update, as it's almost another year since my last update comment. Both of these issues still persist in the store. Are they very difficult to fix? It could be seen as quite misleading as both of these issues make people think the options in question are cheaper than they are.
  8. It seems harvesting from trees/bushes doesn't progress the "Search via Farming or Harvesting" step, but maybe it's only supposed to work for crops harvesting? How about herbs harvesting, from pottery planters? Are we able to get maps from these or only from crops?
  9. So many great QoL fixes alongside this exciting new update! Especially the following changes make me very happy: Also love the changes that make it easier for new players to get started and the updates to the journal system! Now it's time to try out some treasure hunting!
  10. With regards to new players leaving and not coming back, I feel it would be very valuable for the devs to get as much feedback as possible from people who stop playing and I hope they got at least some from the many new players who joined with the Steam release. If not, then maybe after a player has not logged in for several months, send them an email with a link to a survey about the reasons they have not logged in for a while (perhaps this is already done, though)? Personally, what I feel is Wurm's strongest attraction value is the depth and detail and the sandbox freedom the game allows, where it really excels compared to many other MMOs out there. However, I feel that where Wurm is lagging behind is mostly in easy-of-use and new players being able to naturally understand how to do things (at least if they've played other sandbox games before). Some of these are easier to change than others (like being able to ride a horse without leading it first) while others might require a bigger overhaul. The tricky thing is that we of course want to keep actions easily accessible, but I'm sure there is a way to have both. Adding the crafting window and making keyboard shortcuts easier were great changes in this regard, but I feel like we need an even more intuitive interface (maybe switchable in the settings for those that prefer the old ways). Obviously things like better character animations and an overhaul of sounds could help, but I feel like the graphics of Wurm are not that bad right now and I don't know what the data says about it either. One feature that might help in this regard is something that was very helpful in another game with some similarities to Wurm is established players being able to easily mentor new players that wanted help and would be rewarded for it. How to naturally bring in mentoring into a game where players are so far apart I don't know (in the other game mentors could teleport to the tutorial server and when the new player were ready to leave the tutorial they could choose to start near where their mentor lived), but I feel like new players who have other players to ask about the less intuitive parts of Wurm are more likely to stay longer.
  11. Hello, everyone! I am Naeri in-game (would have been Limewood, but there was a mishap at Steam launch) and am situated on the coast of Eastern Island, in Laevendell (around J23), where I've made myself a small, cosy homestead, focusing mostly on farming and forestry, to support my cooking. I love to try and find new recipes, but strongly dislike grinding cooking, in fact, I kind of dislike most grinding in general, so I tend to let my skills increase naturally as I do things, at least as long as it allows me to do what I want right now. Previously I had two friends who had never played before set up near me, but one of them left long ago and the other plays very rarely (mostly when we record Wurm videos together). Since I am thus usually alone on my deed, I have to do a little of this and a little of that, but apart from the cooking I mostly enjoy building and woodworking and my current project is a Knarr, to complete the next step of my journal (I'm very happy to see a journal rework, btw). Before the Steam launch I've played Wurm now and then for a long time (I think when I first started you had to choose a kingdom and there might only have been one server), but I never played for more than a few months. With the Steam launch I decided to give it another go and finally got much farther than previously, which made the experience so much more pleasant. It was also very nice to have frequent Twitch streams to watch, to discuss Wurm things and find out about what other people were doing in other places. Feel free to come visit if you're in the neighbourhood (I play in EU time zone times) and I'll make you an affinity pizza for lunch! If I'm not around, I also have a small Inn with free food in the larder.
  12. Really nice changes, looking forward to all the exploration updates! Especially the journal redesign, as I've been working on the goals lately and have found it very restrictive and forcing me to grind things I would never do otherwise for way too long. Being able to skip some tasks in a journal goal was the obvious solution I thought of, so I'm happy to see you're considering this, though I would perhaps suggest either being able to skip at least 2 tasks and have more of them in each goal (e.g. more farming/woodworking/nature-skill related tasks) or remove/rework some of the tasks. In one goal you e.g. need to both get a very high mining skill and a very high armour smithing skill, which discourages anyone who isn't focusing on metalworking-related skills to work on this goal. More flexibility would make the journal a more pleasurable experience, allowing players who want to pursue the journal goals to specialize rather than all become jacks-of-all-trades and I like the path you have planned. If possible, it would also be great to have a UI redesign of the journal system, as currently it feels hidden and inaccessible, just because of the UI and the journal feels like a feature where a better UI could easily make it so much more attractive for players to take part in (and find in the first place). Displaying the goals in a more modern way (with graphical depictions etc.) would help, but also something as simple as displaying progress on the tasks that require an amount of something to be completed (e.g. 12/15). But of course a more balanced journal would be more important first. Thank you for the update and I'm happy to see the new approach of more frequent smaller updates, both for the dev team and the health of the game!
  13. Update: This problem still exists, with the same numbers as in my previous posts above.
  14. Holy Crop Rdy

    Holy Crop is being cast on the big eastern island on Harmony today (in an hour or so), at Laevendell (JK23). Please let Leaflife or me know in game (Naeri) or on Discord (Limewood) if you're joining.