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  1. So i just got to a loading screen , then net work error .. thats progress.
  2. Steam resulted in the same.
  3. Ive tried the Stand alone Client, and Steam, both are crashing.
  4. That was happening with the stand alone client, im trying with steam now /fingerscrossed
  5. Thank you for clearing that up.
  6. Steam really confuses me lol, we all play together, right? its just the platform youre using to get online?
  7. ahh but the new servers wont go live till steam launches, if i understand . then ill just download the client. Thank you for replying.
  8. Oh , so youll only be able to access the new servers through steam?
  9. Thank you for replying , yes i think i would like to start on a new server. so i guess ill just download the client and wait.
  10. So recently stumbled upon this game and im excited to dive in, im a little confused with the steam launch i cant download there but as i researched when i could i found the Wurm Online offical site and looks like i can download here, ive registered for the forums and game here. im just wondering if there is a difference where i download the game, is it a preference thing?