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  1. I appreciate the season event, and really would like some of those special time limited items. But I feel like we are being penalized being on Harmony since much of the special event is based on the number of hunter mobs available. I know the DEVs and Retrograde are doing everything they can but for the people on Harmony but it's not a fair playing field. When I asked in CA Help and on GL-Freedom if hunting for 3 hours was normal to find nothing and the response from two different people was if your on Harmony your doomed. How can we make this right? How do I explain to my Wife she can't get a witches hat because we used steam and joined Harmony.
  2. COD Taldrageron Meditation rug, Cotton, 56coc - 50c
  3. In game name is Taldrageron I will contact you in game after work today for a pickup time and start on your order.
  4. In game name is Taldrageron I will be on most of tomorrow but likely not when you get home from work. We can work out the details when we talk in game.
  5. Location & Delivery Taishar Manetheren is located on Harmony at M21/M22 with water access. Delivery is possible by Wagoneer to deeds connected to Harmony Bay by highway. Contact Taldrageron in game (spelling different than post name). Masonry Items (Pick up or delivery to Harmony Bay and East coast) Oven / Forge / Kiln 2S 60ql 3S 70ql Smelters 4s 50ql 5s 60ql 6s 70ql Statuettes for Casting (Gold) 20c for 10ql [ Quality does not effect casting] (Vynora, Fo, Magranon, Libila) Bulk Items Empty Large Crates 20c Mortar (300) 1.2S Crate Exchange Bricks (300) 0.6S Crate Exchange Round Bricks (300) 0.6S Crate Exchange Support Beams (150) 10s (small crate included for free) Chiibea's Stables Horses at Tai'shar Manetheren
  6. Tai'shar Manetheren 1160,686