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  1. I was thinking for towards starter buffs but hey who hates foot traffic
  2. No like farm heroes mobile addicting games everyone likes!!!
  3. Add random events that happen ondeed like the water runs out or the cart everyone uses wheel breaks.Then require based on village size a village mission or group prayer to solve.
  4. Why not have weak versions of mobs wander around a nest and only around a nest(so people can wander around). Once engaged stronger and stronger versions come out that give more fight skill(that return inside the nest on inactivity). Once you beat the last remaining thing in the nest you can destroy it(or leave it there to repopulate). And if that seems boring add rogues like it is now but are stronger versions of normal creatures but are slow or only attack if attacked. Uniques being the exception which give lots of loot. edit: Also make creatures feed their young the bodies and the loot gets stored in the "nest".
  5. Just curious the 2018 post by enki about weather affecting armor and needing campfires is that going to be in when steam launches?