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  1. Still interested! Seems someone purchased Deltora's rare toolbelt
  2. Hello. I'm looking to buy a rare toolbelt, maybe even 2-3 if possible. Thanks!
  3. Received with lightning speed! Much thanks!
  4. Hi. I'd like to order 3 70ql iron staffs please, sent to Toby. Thanks!
  5. Tree Farm Tunnel

    Now accessible by all ships! Some veins need removed, and we need reinforcements
  6. Big thanks on behalf of everyone! This will make my first slaying on WO! Yay! After half a year of tending the deed, im ready!
  7. Sent! Thanks and happy wurming!
  8. New prices! Prices have been lowered to match the current cheapest rates!
  9. Hmm I think i'll finally leave my deed and go hunting now
  10. im thinking of all the times ive casted on myself I probably never would've noticed. but she glows!
  11. Tree Farm Tunnel

    Some flattening, reinforcing and paving still needs done too if anyone wishes to help. Besides the ore veins still needing cleared
  12. Hear ye hear ye! Now open for Knarrs, Sailing Boats, and land travel! Cog, Corbita and Caravel access is still in progress! The floors still need reinforced/strongwalled too if anyone wishes to help.
  13. Tree Farm Tunnel

    Hear ye, hear ye! Now open for Knarrs, Sailing/row boats, and land travel! Corbita, Cog, and Caravel access is still in progress.
  14. Sent! Thank you for the business
  15. To place an order, please post here or message Koby in-game. Daily updated enchants - check back often! Location: Q14 Melody Deed: Zanasper Iron Blacksmithing and Imps Enchants in Stock 30 power = 10c | 40 power = 20c | 50 power = 30c | 60 power = 40c | 70 power = 50c | 80 power = 90c | 90 power = 1s 90c | 100 power = 3s 90c Custom CoC + WoA orders on your items 70 minimum CoC / WoA guaranteed for a max cost of 90c. In case of shatters, tools of normal rarity will be replaced. Ore Lumps Cloth Tailoring Sprouts
  16. Ah, a fine idea. Thank you. I'll have to put this to use myself. I heard of the website but didn't even think to utilize it like this!
  17. My friend has had trouble finding a high ql shortbow. They want to do it in game, so I'm posting for them. Name: Yukimono
  18. Apparently this bug has been happening to numerous people when I asked CA HELP. The game will work normally, then suddenly, I can't open UI windows. This includes the character window, the log out prompt, the crafting window.. its awful and so frequent im getting frustrated. Hope it gets fixed soon, I'll just keep relogging constantly
  19. I used to always use the huge axe for dps. I like the steel staff now. Faster attack speed means multiple things. One, if I happen to see bad accuracy, its less punishing if I can swing again in 3 seconds with my staff. Maybe the enemy only has 10% hp remaining, while a huge axe does 40% of their hp in damage. If you disengage combat quickly, you can land hits without retaliation with attack speed. Put LT on the staff and its attack speed is more reliable for healing. It also does enough damage to penetrate unique's armor. I just don't see damage per hit being quite so important, id rather have more reliability. EDIT: Oh yeah and it doesn't have a -80% parry modifier like huge axe and sickle.
  20. +1 Just had to question if I misspelled someone's name. EDIT: It would be sweet if we had a history log.
  21. A few times i've tried to enter a mine with a few of my characters on 1 cart. Every attempt results in all three crashing. I can do one at a time though. This is a new problem for me.
  22. Yeah I've always desired stronger incentives to hunt. This suggestion would make combat a more worthwhile skill investment.
  23. Winner: Reverent 2s for 2k wemp
  24. Starting Bid: 2s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Pickup: Q14 Melody Deed: Ascension Character Name: Koby