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  1. Hey Val. 

    I have this neighbour in the alliance that goes around building infrastructure, and he's been talking about your area for months. I told him I knew you well and he's came with a request. 

    [18:25:29] <Uthgarddavies> wondering if I can get him to allow me to drop waystone on edge of his deed to get catseyes started both directions

    [18:26:31] <Uthgarddavies> need plant and paving rights

    [18:27:02] <Uthgarddavies> i'll even place a wagoneer crate there for him if he wants one at the waystone for ease of sales

    He's built numerous bridges, he's been working at the k9 bridge/region recently. Cool guy, i've known him about a year now. He does good work. Hope we can work something out :) 

  2. This is AMAZING EDIT: I will surely be drinking coffee everyday now. Noizhead would be so proud. Now I can be a grinding coffee fiend IRL and in game! /me sips coffee
  3. Hey, I'm interested. I Iive on Melody too and love mining. Perhaps we could configure a rate adjusted to the amounts mined, like 1s = 1k actions is pretty standard? Edit: whats your coords?
  4. More thanks for making this public! Super excited, I know many of us needed this one! Edit: wtb some bloods
  5. Rift 24/08/2021

    Thanks for sharing and giving us great directions
  6. You know how an item will get yellow to red text when it becomes damaged? It's very helpful at letting you know you need to repair before imping... However, if you open an inventory group into a new window, the damage text shows no color. So an interface pretty much meant for imping is hindered by having to search for damaged items not color coded.
  7. Thanks for making this public! Looking forward to it. Just let some others know!
  8. I've never used that feature before! I will now. It definitely does the job I suggested. If my suggestion is still relevant, it would be in that such a feature would remove an additional window needed on the screen. I like to keep armor in a "Group" and suddenly imp it when running between tasks. I was in the idea of optimizing that experience. "Expand All" would be a faster response, however without individualized filters. I dont always need the filters included in the "Open" feature in short periods. I suppose this isn't the most needed suggestion, just a convenient option.
  9. Inventory groups are great, lets make them better and add an "Expand All" option for convenience. Then you can keep your cluttered inventory neat and efficient for imping. Currently, if you "Expand All" to imp a bunch of items like armor sets while encumbered with other items, you may suddenly create a inventory list so obnoxiously long that you have to scroll and take time to locate the items. I know I always keep my main full of things and it gets to be bit much at times, but I wont have it any other way. This sounds like a lovely quality of life improvement that sounds easy to implement, no?
  10. Right of Spring was casted on 6-25-2021 at 4pm CST Priests and followers gain 0.2% mind logic towards 100 and 5 hours of sleep bonus through a single prayer. This benefit can be experienced up to 24 hours from the cast, by praying. Double speed for all ships on the server for 24 hours. Enjoy
  11. Allow sow to be action queued after other actions. It's silly that we can't queue sow after harvest/cultivate
  12. Silver staff - Nimb or woa? Which is better for rifts? Most use Huge Axe, but isn't staff just as good for rifts?
  13. Still interested! Seems someone purchased Deltora's rare toolbelt
  14. Hello. I'm looking to buy a rare toolbelt, maybe even 2-3 if possible. Thanks!