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  1. Thank you Enki, this has greatly restored my faith in the Gm team and I thankyou for reconsidering this one
  2. So I have just learned that Demon Helmets stuck on Defiance will not be moved to freedom. Now of course some of you will say "Hey they warned you!" well not everyone reads the announcements or forums especially the Steam Community or Casual players. Or ones that were away and only returned during the event. But what about the players that knew and tried their best to log out on the PVE side but couldn't? For me the last time I played before the update Defiance server crashed. Every single day before that I had always logged out on PVE. There are also stories I've heard of other players who had their characters moved over by a friend accidently. Some more people thought because of the wording the reward would be when "logging in" for the first time not that it would be dumped into their inventory when already logged in. Fact is there is probably a handful of players in each kingdom that would love to have their reward moved across to PVE. We all pay premium for this game so I feel like we should be entitled to the same reward as everyone else, that would be fair right? A lot of things happened in the lead up to this update that were out of some peoples hands. I also strongly believe that the method in which this reward was delivered was a very bad way to hand them out and at least for next time could the DEV's please rethink this and maybe use another way to claim rewards (like maybe at the token or typing in a redeem key or something). Then at least this problem won't happen again. I really do not understand why the GM team have choosen to say no to moving the helmets, it won't hurt anyone. It won't damage the economy if it is done now (perhaps a timeframe to move them and a cut off date). I believe that by doing this the GM team would actually be delivering good customer service. Also just to note, even more people on the steam launch had sleep powders stuck on PVE or Golden Valley and GM's were happy to move the sleep powders from one inventory to another. Everyone was really happy and felt alot of respect for the GM's that were able to help. I was one of the ones that had their sleep powder moved. It is such a small thing to ask to move a handful of helmets for a few PVP players so we can enjoy this limited edition reward on freedom (who wouldn't want to wear it at Rifts and Slayings?) and in return it would make a lot of happy players in the community and overall have a big positive impact. I would actually love to know what the reasoning was behind this decision and if the GM team could maybe re-consider their decision not just for me but others in the same position too.
  3. I would love to see a new "desert themed" patch. Where trees and bushes like Palms and Cactus can only grow on sand tiles, the introduction of camels that can have a passenger like unicorns. Maybe also some Arabian or Moroccan styled walls.
  4. Tree Farm Tunnel

    There is no more copper available at the moment, that vein was mined out just a couple of days ago. Right now we have; Iron, Zinc, Lead and Sandstone that is in the way. We also have Tin in the side wall which is not a priority but it's there. Message Pythius ingame for anyone wishing to help
  5. Tree Farm Tunnel

    Yeah, been making a lot of progress on it recently. Entrance/exit both terraformed. You can drive a cart all the way through from one end to the other. However there is still some of the rocktiles still to mine out, ceilings still need levelling in about half of it. Also about half the sidewall reinforcements are done at the moment. Not to mention there is a lot of veins - though only 1 vein needs to be mined out to turn it into a sailboat/knarr canal. About 10 more will need mining out for larger boats. I'd say the project is about halfway complete.
  6. Settlement: Groots Tree Farm [966, 1645] Bridge: Pain and Suffering Pass [914, 1369 - 914, 1384]
  7. Tree Farm Tunnel

    No access yet but it is in progress
  8. Tree Farm Tunnel

    Progress update: Tunnel work is ongoing and if you are travelling down the highway between Groots Tree Farm and Lunarsky there currently is no way through until we get the bridge up over the canal. Divet up toward Mountain Ville and head south from there if you are on a cart or wagon - sorry! If you are interested in helping please contact the project manager of the tunnel ingame: Pythius It may still be too early for this but we are also looking for help with 10 strongwalls. Currently there is Iron and Copper inside the tunnel if you are nearby and just want to mine those veins for the resources let us know for access. Support Beam donations would still be greatly appreciated
  9. Tree Farm Tunnel

    Always wanted to try to do this so here we go! Tree Farm Tunnel This is a Boat/Highway tunnel project going from r16 to the south coast at s16 between the two deeds of Groots Tree Farm and Tree Farm Tunnel. The goal is to allow ships of all sizes quick access from the South Coast to the Centre of the map. We realise this early on it is an ambitious project but we have alerted all our neighbours, have made sure nobody is currently in the path of the route. This post is more to make aware any new players that wish to settle in the area. Until a little bit more work is started off on the tunnel we are currently not looking for helpers but later on any community support would be great. However with that being said any support beam donations will never be turned away! If anyone has any questions of concerns about the project they can post here or contact Pythius ingame as he is leading the tunnel project.
  10. [CLOSE]

    Looks like I missed you I waited for over 4 hours today after you said you were sailing. If it's going to be this much hassle I'll probably just hold onto it for now honestly. Waiting 4 hours for someone isn't what I wanted. Thanks anyway.
  11. [CLOSE]

    msg me when you are close
  12. [CLOSE]

    If you manage it lmk, I don't have access to a ship at all. Just give me a heads up on here when you are about to sail to make sure i'm around.
  13. [CLOSE]

    Oh damn really? If that's the case you'll have to come collect it from melody if you still want it but if not np will cancel auction and try to sell it another time.
  14. [CLOSE]

    Will run to mailbox at starter deed in a few hours when I get on to play. Will post again when sent.
  15. [CLOSE]

    Ok need your ingame name if you want it COD or if you come to collect i'm on melody r16