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  1. No. I have been playing for about two months now, I do not have access to Mag spells. I presume that is to try and extend the area away from the protection of the waystone, so that I can tunnel. Sounds like a lot more work than bashing a few waggoneer containers.
  2. Milkable to the brave. I also agree. it is reather easy to see when a dairy animal is ready to be milked. Their teets give it away.
  3. Nope, I have tried from both sides, same message. The tile in question is north of Thule on Xanadu, and Thule is west of Greymead. The containers do decay, there was one I could move. I just want to assist the decay rate of the other two. Lastly, being misunderstood is not something that bothers me I am perfectly fine with explaining it further as required. Well, clearly in this instance I decided it was unneeded and I had that confirmed by other players. I imagine it would be circumstantial with regard to the rest of waggoneer containers that are around. Placing a deed and all of that is certainly one way of doing it, the other is making a suggestion thread and seeing what happens!
  4. Hello, Shydow. I was more than happy to keep our interactions under wraps as I did not feel it was going to be proper for me to open up with "shydow told me to." Well it is not a pile in the literal sense, but there were three of them all stacked on top of each other on top of the waystone. I did not try to contact them, but I did talk to their neighbor and she came out to help too. She had informed me that they stopped playing just shy of a year ago and she also told me to start with the support system. To answer your question; a hook, in writing, is something that grabs the readers attention and compels them to continue reading. In this case the hook of this thread is the allusion that Waggoneers are take jobs from wurmians and we have to fight for those jobs.
  5. Actually the pile of waggoneer containers on top of a waystone is the issue. I cannot remove the waystone and reopen a tunnel that has collapsed. The tunnel shares a border with the waystone and it under the highway protection. So there should be an alternative to waiting until the containers reach 75 damage so I can move them then tear out the waystone. You are descending into madness as the hook of the post was waggoneers stealing jobs, the argument is they meddle with altering the highway system. Right now, at least one does.
  6. RIght now, there are waggoneers, taking jobs from lowly wurmians just trying to eek out a living. The only skills these poor peasants have is a heartbeat the the ability to drive a large cart. So I say take it to the waggoneers! We should be able to bash their containers! It is made of wood, gets in the way and can be secured. We should be able to hack them into pieces and fuel the fire that is our rage. I suggest we allow players to bash wagoner containers, as they can meddle with the highway system.
  7. Done, thank you. Please close this post.
  8. I would like to buy passage from Exodus to Xanadu. Message me here or in game under Tythiss. Or discord (Tythiss#0007). Thank you.