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  1. Can confirm, happens to myself and a few others I've spoken with as well. Same thing happens with setting the inventory to Tab. Not sure if it's related to the specific binding or more so the keybind UI itself.
  2. I was hoping they did as well and can confirm, it's been 3 days and mine is still gone.
  3. The "2 days" comment came from a community assistant yesterday: I'm sry this happened to you guys as well
  4. They have patched the Steam client and removed the button. Hopefully this wont happen to anyone else now so thanks for taking care of that so quickly. However, I'm struggling a bit. I'm so incredibly bummed that this happened and I'm not sure what to do. Do I wait 2 days and miss out on everything so I can get the account/name that I originally wanted? Is there anything a mod or GM could do to help me?
  5. O ok! Had no idea. That's some good news at least, thanks a ton for the info! Any idea on how long it takes for the account to get deleted? And yea, I can foresee many other people making the same mistake I did in the future
  6. I'm so bummed this happened Why is the register button on the Steam launcher if it's not supposed to be used? Now my name is gone and I have an account that won't even be used.
  7. Hello! After installing the Steam version and having trouble logging in, I clicked the register button at the top and registered on thinking that is what I needed to do. However I was informed later that you don't need to register with the Steam version (which is confusing because the register button is on the launcher) and now my name is taken. Is there any way I can delete my account I registered with or change the name to something else at least? I made an account on the Steam launcher that I cant even use. So far two of my friends have also done the same thing by mistake. Please help. EDIT: I have been informed that as long as you don't login, your account will be deleted in 2 days. I assume this will also open up the character name. So I suppose my solution is to use a different character name on the Steam launcher for now, then after 2 days I could swap the character name back to the original one I wanted. I am also assuming that it really does mean "character name" on the launcher and not "character". That would be unfortunate.
  8. 11/10 video! The sort of trailer Wurm has deserved for years. Well done @Malenaand all involved!!! Couldn't be more excited to hop back in after all this time.