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  1. Oh ok so instead of improving the armor when it drops down in quality, you wait for it to almost be destroyed, smelt it/cut it up and re-make the armor? That totally makes sense and would enhance the game so much! I hope the devs spend their time on quality ideas like this one! +1
  2. I mean - check page 2... 24 out of 25 threads are Darnok + 10 on the 1st page, and 4 on the 3rd page, lol. Anyways +1
  3. Ok so basically screw the entire loyal playerbase because noobs don't see a difference. Cool
  4. Well his last post on the forums was almost 2 months ago too, doesnt seem like he's managing the product tbh
  5. Yeah, that's one of the problems. Not everybody has the time to search through random posts on the forums to find little bits of information, which for a casual player makes it seem like nothing is happening.
  6. Agreed, we're getting nothing from the developers - like they're not even there. The last few posts from the community manager, spanning pretty much 2 months boil down to "sorry for the delay", "there will be a post from the devs soon", "sorry for the delay", "we're working on something", and the said community manager being frustrated at people complaining about a rushed horse update, which made a lot of people quit the game because there doesnt seem to be a fix in sight. I never thought I'll ever say that but I actually miss Retro. At least when he was the community manager we had some idea about whats going on. We still have pretty serious bugs, animals are randomly dying, horse breeding is still broken, we got exploits going on with tickets being on hold for a month with no response, hell - my tickets are on hold since may! Not to mention smaller bugs which even if not gamebreaking, are surely a deterrent for the new players. Nobody knows what's going on, what's being worked on and the last patch notes were posted two months ago. The Wurm Steam anniversary went by without any mention, and all we're getting each month is a skin while the wurm population continues to dwindle. To me it seems like the next valrei international (are we even getting those anymore?) is gonna be a "Goodbye" post, announcing the closing of the Wurm Servers.
  7. Panda/TC offline raiding - thats how the game is supposed to be played, boasting about offline drains and digging down empty deeds Panda getting offline raided - game bad plz change -1