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  1. Alota good ideas, keeping them strong,but making them rarer sound like the best option. Wana make it even better, add a special forge of mag midmap that is the only one capable of heating up moonmetal to forge and imp it. So you have to risk it for the biscuit to get the metal, and shape the metal, and Everytime you want to imp the metal. Could be a mobile event or a permanent structure.
  2. I just wish there was a way to vote for it without people abusing just making alts
  3. The king selection mechanic kinda sucks tbh. I have talked to folks and it's hard to find a good one that will work, and be balanced so I understand why it is the way it is, but even the replace king selection is rough. Is their an alternative in the works? I do like the voting system but it is prone to alt abuse. Making a weekend tourney event to pick is also kinda lame. My best idea would to try and get all the groups for a faction into a discord to choose a king and have a gm voila it, but it may be hard to get a cohesive agreement that way, even if the gms would consider it. Anyone have any good ideas for this/are the devs work on an alternative?
  4. Is it easy to code a fix for people putting on and taking off armor almost instantly? Its kinda silly tbh, and frustrating when you fight someone whos obviously using a macro to instantly remove all their armor and bail
  5. Put jk on the south middle island (they are lowest pop group atm right?) And move bl to top right, then it solves issue of island being to small for the big group, and spreads the kingdoms out fairly. @Darklords
  6. Can we get an indication of which kingdom starter town is where? Doesn't have to be exact just roughly where @Retrograde