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  1. The 03/JUN/2021 patch notes included the following information which would be nice to have on these pages: New: Added examine messages for creatures eating out of pet bowls and searching the area for food Examining a creature in an enclosure will show what containers it will eat from. Change: Creatures will now only eat out of selected containers Current containers that creatures can eat from when in an enclosure: Feeding Trough, Hitching Post, Small Bucket, Pet Bowl, Pottery Bowl Creatures not in an enclosure can eat from an outdoor pet bowl, but will not eat from the others listed above Bugfix: Animals will now travel a maximum of 5 tiles for food. Animals will only travel for food if inside an enclosure, or in range of an outdoor pet bowl.
  2. Pick up some dirt, right click on it. Map the 'as pile' option to a key. I have ctrl-d mapped to 'as pile' (this functions as drop on ground for most things) and alt-d mapped to drink. I occasionally make the mistake of using the wrong (ctl vs alt) one when trying to drink. This results in the liquid being poured on the ground.
  3. 'Goodies of Bliss' on Independence at L21 on the map or 35y 50x (Intersection of Crystal Mountain Express and East Crystal Hwy) on the Albia map. Horses, veggies, and enchanted items.
  4. Same here, playing multiclient with 2 characters. Each time one character enters then leaves the mine, the client for the one (who is outside) crashes. Backtraces are identical each time: [23:40:35] Execution aborted at connection 1, iteration 179858 [23:40:35] Run time 1h 41m, local time Tue Oct 27 23:40:35 CDT 2020 [23:40:35] Destroying game window [23:40:36] ====== CLIENT CRASH ====== [23:40:36] Unexpected crash while playing [23:40:36] java.lang.NullPointerException [23:40:36] at class.Z4qnGtGM6r.fgtPPuD8uC(SourceFile:5825) [23:40:36] at class.eGS5OUCxBY.iHOS3zg1KL(SourceFile:918) [23:40:36] at class.r0noDXaeyh.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:243) [23:40:36] at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.hzBVpzQFBz(SourceFile:11430) [23:40:36] at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.run(SourceFile:36321) [23:40:36] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  5. Did you by any chance use the wurmpedia option on something in the game and spawn a new instance of a web browser? If so, try closing the browser that was spawned, count to 10 and see if you can then launch the game. This is a common problem with the WU client on steam.