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  1. Mallet - 49QL - BOTD 89 - 2s, COD to Deimo please
  2. 1 x 70's WoA - 1 Silver a set of four. horse shoes COD to Deimo please
  3. Can I get another 10 x Small CCFP single, COD to Deimo
  4. 1 x 20kg CCFP pizza please to Freimo COD
  5. Thanks, You think the fried meat might give you more of an insight about longsword! Can I get one aff pizza for body strength, cod Neimo
  6. Please send a test meal to Neimo, would like a body strength aff pizza
  7. Hi, 1 x ql90 plain leather set please, cod Freimo (Pristine)
  8. Got it thanks [13:20:48] The items are now available and you have been charged 50 silver and 1 copper.
  9. cod Supreme Pickaxe Head - Steel - 50s to Neimo on Chaos thanks
  10. File 64coc - 65c please, COD to Deimo, thanks