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  1. @Hilo UPDATED: MeditateMod Enabled guaranteed skill success (no more "You fail to relax" or not getting a path question you qualify for) No delay between first 5 skill gains of the day No difference in delay requirements after the first 5 meditations (no delay requirements for meditation skill gain at all) Disabled distance requirements for meditation skill gains
  2. Added forums: Mods added: Bounties Bounty Burn One Tile Mining Bulk Storage Repair Towers Vote Mod "Features" added": Vote reward (/vote) Server Info chat tab TimerFix
  3. Will be added. Created Discord also:
  4. Roger. I'll install it with the next server reset/backup.
  5. LIVEMAP The Isles of Vindr are a vast, virgin wilderness that have gone untouched by the hands of man for thousands of years, and now it is up to those lost souls of the ether that find their way here to make it their own. The god Sigi created Vindr to give over a land wholly to wandering souls, to see what they could make of themselves and shape the world as they see fit, without his hand guiding them. He would welcome them into the world at the Axis Mundi, the center of the world so that they may spread to where they wish. This is your world to inherit. ================= =Server Information= ================= IP: Port: 15000 Free Deed/Upkeep Max Deed Size = 41x41 (DeedMod) World Size: 8192 FORUM: Discord: ***Server is backed up and reset at 03:00am EST everyday*** ((RP is encouraged, but will not be enforced)) ============= =Modifications= ============= *Announcer - Server-wide player login announcement *Bag of holding - magicaly increase the size of containers *Creatures age mod - Animals grow up faster *Crop mod - Prevent crops from overgrowing *Harvesthelper - Get exact season start times *Inbreed warnings - Receive a warning when breeding related animals *Spellmod - Gives priests all spells and removes priest restrictions *DeedMod - Up´╗┐date to the previous DeedMod written by Keenan to allow a maximum Spirit Templar count *Better Digging - some usefull features to bring dirt into a vehicle or on ground instead of player inventory and much more *Hitching Post *Taxidermy *Bounties *Bounty Burn *One Tile Mining *Bulk Storage *Repair Towers *Vote Mod(/vote)